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Found 5 results

  1. Senior ministers now believe the rules should be reviewed in order to reduce the “huge” numbers of people who are declared unfit for work due to mental health problems.- The Sunday Telegraph http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/conservative/10964125/Tories-discuss-stripping-benefits-claimants-who-refuse-treatment-for-depression.html
  2. Hi Everyone. I would like some legal advice about letter i recivd from my work. I'm working from almost 9 years in waerhouse for big internation company. The rulase about offsick is that you can take up to 4 times in one year off sick and still get paid. Fifth time will be unpaid and process to verbal warning. Couple months ago i find our that apparently my company change rules and now you still can get 4 times off in a year and get paid but verbal warning will be after second off. To clear that warning you need to not taking off for more than one year becouse every warning stays for hole year in your records. I'm not sure if thats clear so i will write my exaple. I was off one day in may2013 (me my kid and wife had stomach flu) then i was off 2 days in october2013(I had very stong cold which is easy to get when you work in cold warehouse) after this off i get verbal warning Then i was off for 2 days in february 2014 and i get letter about hearing for written warning. Can they change rules without telling me about that?How now i should defence my self? I did not signed anything about those changes. Now i'm scared that if in hole year me or my family will get sick i can lose job. Can you help me with some advice? thank you
  3. A stunned mum was ordered to put her six-month-old BABY on the phone to speak to a telephone banking operator. Jenny Nicholls, 31, had called the Halifax to talk to customer services about an error on her baby son's savings account. But the operator insisted he could only deal with the account holder – in this case, six-month-old Harry. "We waited in the queue and entered all the account security information then the man came on the line and said 'Is that Mr Harry Nicholls?'," Jenny told the Mirror. "I said no. He asked if he could talk to Harry but I said he's a baby, he can't talk." The staggered mum said she was then told that the matter could not be discussed with her - only with Harry. "I said I'm his mum but he just said he was sorry but he couldn't talk to me over the phone, only to the account holder," Jenny said. "I said 'are you being serious?' I thought it was a joke at first and then he would notice it was a child's account, but he was being serious." http://www.parentdish.co.uk/2013/10/07/bank-demands-mum-put-baby-on-phone-to-discuss-halifax-account/
  4. Hello Can anyone advise . I am trying to help a friend. Its regarding an old fine at a midlands magistrates court that has just shown up out of the blue A bailiff turned up this morning with a distress warrant for an old fine of approx £600 plus £ 300 charges that are not detailed. The bailiff says he will not discuss the matter and will turn up in the morning with the police and a locksmith to enforce the warrant. I have phoned him on my friends behalf to try to make an offer of payment but he was not interested at all. My friend lives with a partner in a rented house [ partner only is the tenant ] and has very few worldly goods and no vehicle of his own. The bailliff stated to me that he is an ' enforcement bailiff' subcontracted to Marstons. That I would not be able to phone Marstons and that they would just refer me back to himself. I explained my friends circumstances and said could an arrangement to pay be made. He said no only full payment because ' its gone past the stage where arrangements can be made' I have checked on the Bailliffs register and cant find the name on his card. Please can anyone help. I think he wants to attend and try to enforce even though the circumstances have been explained just so he can add more charges. What can my friend do ?
  5. The voluntary lending code is “too open” to interpretation to be followed closely, according to senior executives from several debt collection agencies (DCAs). At Sopra Group’s Debt Collection Summit 2013, compliance with the lending code was identified as one of the main challenges facing DCAs. The discussion at the roundtable event highlighted that the voluntary code, which sets standards for financial institutions when lending to personal and small business customers, often appears “vague and subjective”.The group of 10 chief operating officers, chief executives, directors and heads of compliance admitted that they struggle to follow the recommendations. They suggested that the code be re-drafted to detail exactly what outcomes DCAs should aim to achieve and to give practical examples. One example given in the discussion is that the code contains a commitment to “act sympathetically and positively” when considering financial difficulties, but DCAs often disagree over what that means in practice. One head of legal said: “We have the same problem …. in interpreting the rules and working with a number of companies – each [of ] which interprets them in different ways. We’ve found that we need to get groups together to try and understand things and implement solutions.” Elliot Howard, director of software solutions for Sopra Group UK, added: “Compliance is still clearly a huge concern for DCAs as heavier and continually evolving oversight has placed a significant and increasing burden on the industry.” The panellists also agreed that the DCA industry needs to be better at educating consumers about how the industry works. They acknowledged that the perception of DCAs as the “bad guy” will be difficult to overcome though. Link: http://www.credittoday.co.uk/article/14962/online-news/dcas-discuss-vague-lending-code
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