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Found 14 results

  1. Hi everyone, im new here and i have a problem with a used car that i bought from an independent car garage which located in Manchester and I live in London by the way. the car was described as a fully loaded with parking sensors and AC, and park assist, and more. I took and drove the car from Manchester to London on the 27th December 2017, and I found out that the AC and the parking sensors are not working. I returned it back to the dealer on the 18th January. He refused to fix these problems as he said he gave me just engine and gearbox warranty My question is: does he has the right to refuse fixing these problems? do i have the right to ask him to fix these problems? if yes how can i force him to do so if he refuse? Thank you for your time and help. hope to hear from you Guys
  2. ,y wife and myself recently purchased a used car. we should of checked the car a lot better than we did, but we had a very distinct specification in mind we checked the parts we really wanted. once home we looked more closely at the car and compared it to the description that was on the adverts on line, and it was missing quiet a lot of the items described. although these items were not ones we set out to look for they are one that will alter the cost significantly come resale time. the garage in question wants nothing to do with it. whats my best way forward?
  3. We have just returned from a long weekend in Amsterdam. We booked the hotel through an agency (Amoma) who seem to be based in Switzerland and paid by credit card, just under £500. Link to the web page describing the hotel (Hotel Omega) is here https://www.amoma.com/hotel.php?id=98575&key=2017020520170206120500002050000205000000000672&page_num=0&sessionKey=LSEtZE1DbzR4cFJWNU1INldVdSsrWUtENGdwWTZzUzFPaUc1UElMdlhwSDMrNFhhLzdaK3ZuQWIyczdJUVIwOFdISTBaYnpzRGhub3RiUXliSXlFQUczSklyQmM0SE1YZGh2&hotelname=omega&f_ref=&tar=00000&price_ranges=0000&districtId= We made the booking based on the hotel being described as wheelchair accessible (also checked with the agency by phone before booking) and having accessible rooms as described on the webpage, specifically asked for an accessible room and also asked for the second room we booked for a carer to be at least fairly close. There is of course a specific item in their terms and conditions stating that they can't be held responsible for inaccuracies etc. Very fortunately as it turned out, the wheelchair user is able to walk a short distance. The hotel is not accessible. There is a small step up to the only entrance, followed by 5 quite steep steps down. There are 5 more steep steps down to the breakfast room. They do not have any wheelchair accessible rooms. The wheelchair user was allocated a room on the ground floor at the rear of the hotel, however the wheelchair wouldn't even go through the door and there was certainly no room inside to move around. The bathroom was barely a metre deep and 3 metres long, so also totally inaccessible. In any case the shower door couldn't be opened more than halfway before hitting the sink and even the able-bodied carer wasn't able to actually get in it. The shower also had a step up of just over 30cm. The carer had been allocated a room on the first floor at the front so every time the disabled person needed assistance he had to go back and forth quite a distance between the two rooms. On arrival, the hotel receptionist stated categorically that they were full and there were no alternative rooms available and also that any issues regarding the booking had to be taken up with the agency as 'it's not our problem'. Given the time, we felt we had no choice but to stay there for at least one night. The following day whilst in the city centre we asked the tourist office to see if they could find us an alternative hotel. The only ones not completely full and with accessible rooms were unfortunately way beyond our price range given that we'd already paid for accommodation. As a result, we had no choice but to stay where we were. Because of the lack of accessibility, the disabled person was caused considerable pain and discomfort by having to go up and down the steps at the entrance. In fact, to avoid having to do this too often, we stayed out all day and only returned to the hotel after dinner, whereas we would normally have returned to the hotel mid to late afternoon to rest before going out again for dinner. As well as skipping rests which are normally essential, we spent rather more time than intended in cafes etc, which of course also incurred extra costs. The disabled person was also unable to shower for the entire 4 days and after the first day didn't bother having breakfast due to the additional pain of going up and down those stairs. The carer spent considerable energy going back and forth between the rooms and also had to haul the wheelchair up and down all the steps every day. Whilst we didn't let this spoil our weekend, we're not prepared to just let it go. At the very least, they need to correct the information on their website. I'm a bit unsure how to proceed because the agency seem to be based in Switzerland, and I've never done a charge back on a credit card before. I'm also unsure as to how much to ask for - we did use the rooms even if they weren't ideal, so a full refund would maybe be unreasonable?
  4. Hi Just wondered if anyone had any information of time limitations when an item is not as described? I purchased a chocolate faux leather bed frame from Argos in Jan 15 it was delivered in 2 boxes in March 15. For various reasons we have only today opened the boxes and have found that while box 2 of 2 contains a chocolate coloured headboard, box 1 of 2 contains the side and bottom panels in black! I called Argos Customer Services today and the young lad (following a script) said there was nothing they could do as it was 5 months past the 12 months guarantee. After refusing to accept that, I was promised a manager call within 4 hours but surprise surprise no call has materialised. I know I should have checked the contents and lesson learned for future but both boxes are marked Chocolate. Any advice/ideas welcome. Thanks in advance
  5. Hi. I would like some advice please, what can I do? About a year ago I purchased the Curve Nursery Furniture set from Argos for a lot of money. It was fine and never had any problems until recently when we turned it into a toddler bed. The bed is full of holes where the screws were for the original cot design, if you look at Argos' image (attached) the item is portrayed with no holes at all - obviously a photo shopped image). Also the under bed storage drawer no longer fits under the bed, meaning I have lost a large storage area and have a huge drawer I now have to find somewhere to store. I have contacted Argos, who say that due to the length of the time I have had the product they are not willing to do anything. But, to be fair it wasn't a problem till I turned it into a toddler bed, How many other parents checked out the toddler bed upon purchase, I can't imagine anyone, but I may be wrong. What can I do to get Argos to sort my problem out. Any ideas? I'm very disappointed with the bed, it now looks
  6. I wonder if any one can help me I recently purchased a nearly new Giant road bike off ebay. It was advertised as in very good condition. They did not mention any thing about any problems with bike. I paid by paypal using money already in in my PayPal account. Bike was shipped to me already built sent by specialit courier. When recieved bike it was not as described. Brakes dont work gears don't change properly, parts of gear system are bent and back wheel is bent. I contacted seller to complain and there reply was these problems where not present when tested bike before sending. They refused point blank to take bike back or refund my money. I contacted ebay and paypal and opened a duspute but despite providing proof they saw in sellers favor. Ebay wont tell me why and are refusing to look in to it any more. Is there any way to get my money back. I have copies of payment I made to seller, I have photos of problems with bike and have taken to my local bike shop and have a report from them. Report lists all problems. Brake Cables need replacing, wheel needs fixing or replacing and gear system needs fixing. I have been quoted £150-£200 to repair. This is including labour. Could I take seller to small claims court to claim costs of getting bike repaired or to get a refund for bike. And If I did would I have enough evidence to back up my claim. Would I have a good case Any advice would be much appreciated, Thanks in advance
  7. I bought a used car from a dealer back in December 2014. the car was advertised with features which were later not found in the car such as parking assists, start stop technology. I found this a week after purchasing the car when I tried to use them. I contacted the garage and they refused to take responsibility stating their t's&c's - they have a 'please note' section at the bottom of the advertisement stating 'garage is not responsible for any missing specifications as there is always some variations with the models, it’s the buyers responsibility to check features prior to buying’ , which I was not informed of at the time of the purchase. As i made part payment thorough a credit card, I raised a section 75 claim, but this was rejected on the grounds that I visited the car and should have checked these features prior to purchase and the please note section. Could anyone advise my rights in accordance with sale of goods act? is it worthwhile pursuing this further by getting a solicitor on board?
  8. Recently we had our bathroom done and ordered some glass splashbacks from an on-line company called Cameo Glass to fit round our wash basin. When we ordered custom made white glass splashbacks (for some £200), we (reasonably, I hope), expected something made from opaque white glass. Nothing on their website suggests otherwise, though we now know competitor websites do make it plain that this is not the case. What turned up was white back-painted "clear" glass. This wouldn't in itself be a big problem if they had actually used truly clear glass. What we got has a distinct blue tint to it. On the left is what we've now used in our bathroom... [ATTACH=CONFIG]56336[/ATTACH] We tried to get a refund, and were simply told "that's what it's like". We are in the process of putting a chargeback request through Nationwide but they're being useless and have twice written to us first saying that this doesn't fall within the bounds of a chargeback, yet confirming in the same letter that "goods not as described" is one of the categories, then latterly saying that it's our problem for misinterpreting what we were buying. I have now asked them to show me where it explains on Cameo Glass' website that "white glass" is in fact white painted, slightly blue-tinted clear glass. I think the mistake we made was complaining about it not being white glass, but back-painted, rather than placing emphasis on it not actually being white (though this was stated in the original complaint). What do you think?
  9. Hello, I am new here but have referred to the site quite often for advice. Unfortunately I now have my own problem. I have a Fashion World Online Account and have ordered without problem since 2013. Recently I ordered a Tutti Bambini Cot Bed for my new grandson. I have copies (screenshots) of all details in the advert and do this as a matter of course now. My son advised me that the bed was delivered this morning but without a mattress. This cotbed was £199 plus a delivery charge from FW of another £10 plus their £3.50 on top......fine. I looked at the advert again and nowhere does it state that the cotbed doesn't come with a mattress. I started live chat with a chap called Samuel who, after I told of the problem, advised me that the cotbed doesn't come with a mattress. I asked him whereabouts in the ad it stated that and he advised me, for the price, it's not included. That's all well and good but that was not stated anywhere in the ad. Do I have any recourse with this situation at all? Do I just take Samuel's word that it's not included in the price and buy another? I can post attachments of the ads description if anyone needs this. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you May
  10. Just a general question I ordered a banner to be made up, sent the design etc. Company emailed saying that they will have to change a few things to fit all the words on the banner. Banner was to be deliverd by xyz date by a private courier. Company stated that on receipt i had 24 hours to proof read the banner or it will accepted that i have no complaints. Banner did not arrive on agreed date but the following day. Company is blaming the courier company for putting the wrong postage label on the parcel. The day it was delivered i was in a meeting 200 miles away so no way was i able to proof read within 24 hours. The banner has Trade protected Intellectual property faults on them. we have an order that was delivered a day later than agreed with a 24 hour window to reject the goods if a fault is detected. This company instructed their own courier company who i paid for to get the goods delivered to me by the agreed date. They are stating that they are not responsible as to this 24 hour clause, i see it as a breach of contract, comments please
  11. Hi, I've just bought an item of furniture from an ebay private seller. It was advertised as "used but as good as new with no marks". I got a friend to collect it as it was a 6 hour round trip and I just couldn't get there. I was horrified when I saw the state of the table - clearly scratched & marked. I expected some wear & tear as its vintage, however because of the distance, I only bought it because of the way she described it. It was paid cash on collection. I understand by ebay that they can only ask her to refund me but they can't make her. I'm also supposed to be responsible for the return costs. Is this really the case? is there anything I can do outside of ebay, like small claims court (providing I can obtain her surname - I do have her address & mobile telephone number). I'm rather angry that she has tried to blame the condition of the table on my friend who collected it and hasn't offered me a refund. I've opened a case with ebay but wanted to get some advice/tips on dealing with this. Thanks
  12. Hi, Looking for some advice/input/opinions on this little brain twister of a problem. Looked at a vehicle on autotrader that was quite a distance from us, at the time transport that far was an issue. When i spoke to the dealer over the phone i waa told that the vehicle was 'mechanically perfect'. It was this statement that convinced me to buy the car. I paid a deposit by debit card, a large amount by credit card and the remainder by bank transfer. I then paid for the vehicle to be taxed with the credit card. I arranged transport and paid for it to be delivered by a third party. The vehcile arrived the next day and it was dropped off. Upon inspection it was far from perfect, several mechanical problems with the worst being the brakes, the discs were so thin they were almost not there, the vehicle was unfit for safe use. I contacte dthe dealer and started to tell him the problems hoping to have it repaired under the warranty locally. He stopped me, told me to send it back and he would refund as soon as it was in his possession. I phoned the transport and arranged the return of the vehicle. He arrived the next day to take it back and said that the dealer phoned him too and told him he would pay for the return costs. However i had a bad feeling this guy would get messed around so i paid him cash. The vehicle was delivered back by 10am. No refund or contact for the day, or the next. I contacted the dealer and he promised a refund first thing, his associate phoned me late in the afternoon and the various refunds were returned to the cards. However he refused point blank to refund the tax and the return transport costs at £225 because the vehicle was 'mechanically perfect', he put the phone down on me. After failed contact and three letters no joy. ontacted consumer direct who said i have a case and that he owes me the tax without doubt, they have also said i can claim consequential losses under section 75 of the sale of goods act. After reading, i see this refers to credit card payments only, does this mean i cannot claim the transport cost as a 'consequential loss'? Also as a direct result of him taking 3 days to refund us we had to hire a car at cost, this is by nature must surely be a 'consequential loss'? Couls someone please clarify if a consequential loss claim can only be made against the actual item purchased, or can it be claimed from the associated costs arising from the purchase of that item? Thank you.
  13. I recently bought an expensive guitar from a store online (it has a physical shop as well). The store was selling a limited edition fender guitar £50 cheaper than its competitor. It was wrongly described as having a special set of pickups which was the reason i wanted this guitar. When it arrived it did not have these pickups. (they sold me a cheaper guitar with lower specified pickups) The store has offered me a full refund but it will now cost me another £100 to buy the correct guitar (which has the correct pickups). I also entered into a credit arrangement with the stores credit agency to buy the guitar so cancelling the contact and then taking out another credit arrangement will leave a nasty credit trail on my account. Am i only entitled to a refund or could i push for something else. I did ask the store for a discount so that i could keep the guitar and buy a set of pickups and fit those to the guitar making it identical to the one that was described but they have refused.
  14. Hi, I bought a focus st from a car dealer described as "cat d due to wheels and interior being stolen while it was on a forecourt" It turns out it has been in a collision and that is why its was a cat d. I can prove this to be true+ there is only 1 entry on insurance register.When i took car in local ford dealer for a slight misfire problem they told me airbag light wasnt working and airbag module was full of crash data,module was repaired and light still didnt come on.....A car electrician had a look and found airbag led- bulb was missing,old airbags have been reused i think too as airbag cover has crack in it. Also when i polished the car in bright sunlight i saw primer showing through the paint on both doors,you had to be at a certain angle to see it. Have i got a case as dealer refuses to refund me and take car back. I have sent a recorded letter rejecting car,and i have stopped using it now,letter was sent after 4 weeks of ownership.
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