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  1. Thank you Andy, Well when I realised that the parking sensors, the parking assist and the AC not working I sent a letter asking him to fix these features. On the phone he said just drive it back to his garage (from London to Manchester)and he'll fix them. when I got there his story changed he claim that he gave me just engine and gearbox warranty. Even he checked the issues by himself, he though I didn't press the parking sensors button. Well as you advised I contact the trading standards and they asked me to write the last warning letter before I can go to small claim court. I tried to find an ADR meanwhile but he is not member of any trading association. Thank you all for your help. I'll keep you updated. Bye for now
  2. Thank you for your replies. So would you please tell me the steps to get my full refund from the dealer? Thank you in advance.
  3. Well I spoke to the dealer and he said he'll accept the car back but not for a full refund. I bought the car for £4600 and he' welling to give me £4000 back. He said that he's taking the £600 coz I used from the 27th December till the 18th of January. So is it his right to take for £600? Thank you.
  4. Hi DX100UK, do mean I can get a full refund even I was driving it ? And for the record, I want him to fix the car. So what can I do to force him to fix the car? Thank you
  5. Hi, well I did drove the car which was good, but I didn't really test the parking sensors or the AC, and yes it was advertised as that car fully loaded with these features. As I said he refused to fix them coz he said his warranty is just cover engine and gearbox only. He is a garage and he has a business card and stump also. Thank you
  6. Thanks for your reply. Well I saw the car in Gumtree website where his name was Noor. When I bought the car from him he gave me his business card where it mention that his business's name is NU Motors. The same business name he used it for the warranty. The car is VW touran 1.9 tdi match 2010. Plz feel free to ask me anything else you need. Thank you again.
  7. Hi everyone, im new here and i have a problem with a used car that i bought from an independent car garage which located in Manchester and I live in London by the way. the car was described as a fully loaded with parking sensors and AC, and park assist, and more. I took and drove the car from Manchester to London on the 27th December 2017, and I found out that the AC and the parking sensors are not working. I returned it back to the dealer on the 18th January. He refused to fix these problems as he said he gave me just engine and gearbox warranty My question is: does he has the right to refuse fixing these problems? do i have the right to ask him to fix these problems? if yes how can i force him to do so if he refuse? Thank you for your time and help. hope to hear from you Guys
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