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  1. Just got off the phone to them, they cannot find anything wrong ! are returning the car to me and asked me to book it in at a local dealer or specialists ! also offered to increase the warranty from 6 months to a year! going to put it all in an email to me so I will update later i do have a video of the car and have shown it to a senior mechanic at the garage by work and he says it’s certainly not as it should be !
  2. Yes once the car is back I will be getting it inspected at the garage attached to my work . the dealer group is beechwood in derby main agents for Mazda and Suzuki I purchased a bmw under there approved scheme
  3. Thank you bank fodder that’s exactly what I wanted to hear after lots of searching last night I found a letter template on which site that I will be sending them today at this point I don’t want to name and Shame but will in due course. they are a family business that trade on there reputation and really don’t like negative feedback been left. i am confident that if they did repair the car it would be to a good standard as they are main dealers for Mazda and Suzuki
  4. This is a new car with a different finance company just want a car that works as it should and is reliable I don’t even mind if they use the warranty they put on the car to cover some of the costs
  5. Do you have any thing in law that I can use to force them to repair ! the other plus point is I have one if there brand new courtesy cars here !
  6. Hi, I recently purchased a used bmw from a franchises main dealer two days after I took delivery of it I noticed smoke coming from the exhaust on start up, informed the garage and they arranged to collect the car and repair it . They have called this evening and said they don’t want to repair but buy it back from me! they believe the turbo has gone ! the car on question cost £11000 and is on finance , it’s a2013 model and they sold it with a 6 month warranty since having the car I have spent a few quid on it having a few things changed and properly cleaned / polished i want them to repair the car as it took me along time to find one in such condition body wise ! it only has 50k on the clock aby advise please
  7. he never had any checks done on the car at the time didn't drive it just looked at the mot history. I have spoken with trading standards and they want to be kept informed of the developments.
  8. and if he goes down the money claim route as he is threatening? is there a bit of legislation etc I can point him towards to prevent legal proceedings. yes my wife loves the car, but would love it more if it had all the options it was sold with
  9. Hi Guys, I have recently purchased a car and it turns out the car was not as described on the advert but the finance company are dealing with the garage regarding that.(under the consumer act 2015, false advertising, there asset is not worth as much as they would like now) how ever as soon as we started complaining about the purchased car the dealer is now threating all sorts of legal against me. this is a largish garage in the midlands that advertises on all the usual places including the used approved AA website which is where I ultimately purchased it from the car I part exchanged had a 2 day old MOT issued from a main car dealership, nothing was said about the car on the day. a few weeks later he sends me an email saying the car is costing him money to be sat in the corner of his yard and that it needs in excess of £500 work to bring it up to scratch and saleable now I drove 70 miles with my two children in the car, no warning lights on dash, no strange noises etc. where do I stand and what can I say to him to avoid a court case.
  10. is there anything I can quote to them to back up a complaint.
  11. need a bit more help. I recently VT a car with advantage, left the car at a local dealer where it sat for nearly two weeks, despite me chasing them and advising that my next payment day was due soon and I wasn't in a position to make the payment. the day before payment was due I got an email from one of their staff saying they had got the car and no further sums were required. last Friday I received a rather formal letter from them, demanding £177 to bring the car up to scratch and failure to pay would result in marks against my credit file etc. this caused a fair amount of stress over the weekend and a lot of loss of sleep . can I complain to them or the ombudsman over this? they are now saying the letter was sent in error, but I wonder how many people would just of paid it.
  12. ,y wife and myself recently purchased a used car. we should of checked the car a lot better than we did, but we had a very distinct specification in mind we checked the parts we really wanted. once home we looked more closely at the car and compared it to the description that was on the adverts on line, and it was missing quiet a lot of the items described. although these items were not ones we set out to look for they are one that will alter the cost significantly come resale time. the garage in question wants nothing to do with it. whats my best way forward?
  13. we are allowed a union and they are allowed to attend with us but I dont know of any one in the company that is a member
  14. no not yet, company policy says it should be same day except in exceptional circumstances. the review was completed by 230pm yesterday but he says he wont have an outcome until some point on friday.
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