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  1. Hi guys, I hope someone can point me in the right direction or help with a Barclays / Alibaba issue I made a first time purchase through Alibaba 3 months ago - checked with Alibaba if my purchase is covered by their trust assurance guarantee ( and was assured it was covered ) Because it was my first time using Alibaba - I used my Barclays credit card hoping that if anything went wrong I would be covered. I paid for the machine (3k) and received a tracking number - a week later I was contacted by the seller saying TNT had change the tracking number - they then gave me a new number. 2 weeks later I was contacted by TNT saying that the shipment was damaged - but is still on route for delivery, they were unable to tell me how damaged it was at that point but to mark the shipment down as damaged as soon as it arrives. Shipment was delivered completely damaged (its a machine, and the lid to the crate was smashed in half) On opening the crate, the machine was NOT in there - just some parts to the machine, I contacted Alibaba - who told me to contact the buyer, buyer then does not respond. So I contacted Barclays - who put the claim in over the phone and told me to wait for documents in the post, 2 weeks later the documents in the post then arrived confirming the claim, but nothing asking me for more information. I then chased this up weekly with Barclays, and every time I called them or contacted them through their in account messenger service I was told. To be patient someone will be in contact. By that time I had then received an email from Alibaba saying that since I have not raised any queries - they will now release the money to the seller (why would I worry since my claim was already in with Barclays) In the 4th week on my claim and still not being contacted by Barclays - I called them again, and asked to speak to the UK team - I then got put through to the UK disputes team, and the woman I spoke to was quite surprised that my issue had not been dealt with yet - I explained to her that because you (Barclays) had taken so long to deal with this Alibaba have now release the money to the seller. She then asked me to provide all the evidence of purchase including the email from TNT confirming damaged to the shipment. I sent all this through, and got a prompt lets back from them 3 days later saying that are crediting the money to my account - but Alibaba could still dispute this. In the mean time I have had to purchase a much more expensive machine from somewhere else which has promptly arrived. 2 days ago I have now received a letter from Barclays stating that they will not be able to pursue my claim - as Alibaba have come back, and said that I did not raise the issue with them - and that I should go back to TNT and raise the issue with TNT. Barclays have now also stated that they will be unable to pursue as this is a 3rd party site, and the 3k they have credited to my account will now be debited in 14 days. I have since gone back to Alibaba - who have said their is nothing they can do as the money has been released to the seller, if Barclays had not dragged their feet in responding to this window would have not lapsed. What are my rights regarding this charged back ? I am a very small start up business and seems I may have to close before I have even started. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you so much
  2. I had over £400 of unathorized transactions on my PS online account involving the fortnite game. These were regular weekly amounts of £19.99 and £7.99 every week. I contacted Halifax bank and they chargebacked all the amounts-so far. Sony told me the transactions were made from the serial number of my PS console (after i supplied the number , i should have given a friends serial number to test their claims) However, even it was my machine (i am 99.99% convinced it was not) a friend claimed a remote hack can access the account and console. PS banned me from their network as they dont like chargebacks - and apparently their rules insist that users must contact them first for any unauthorized transactions. There rules are saying if there are unauthorized transactions you must not contact your bank until you contact PS first -surely that can't be right legally and goes against consumer law ?
  3. About eight weeks ago I paid for admission for my wife and young daughter to a Zoo which, as we found out, was shutting for the day about 30 minutes after we arrived, even though I had specifically asked this and was reassured at the gate. I rang FD a few days later and asked to perform a chargeback but they refused because they said that I had no proof. Is this correct?
  4. Good evening, I need some advice as I am having trouble with a charge back via PayPal for an item I sold back in early January. I sold an Samsung Galaxy S8+ in early January 2018 via Gumtree, I got an offer from a user (who's name on Gumtree did not match the one on his PayPal, this was an alias apparently) and we agreed to an offer so I sent him my PayPal details etc and he sent me his address. I sent the phone via Yodel 48 which was booked via Parcel2Go and it was delivered the next day with a signature, however, I got some very abusive emails from the buyer claiming I never sent the phone and that I was ripping him off when I simply asked him if the phone had arrived ok. A couple of days later I got an email from PayPal saying the buyer has submitted a charge back via his credit card company claiming the item never arrived and that my PayPal balance was now -£455. I sent in all the evidence to the PayPal charge back team, copies of everything including the signature Yodel got on delivery but tonight I got an email back saying the charge back has been decided in the buyers favour which I find baffling. I reported this to the Police a couple of weeks ago I sent them the same information, all the emails etc and they decided to investigate it, I was asked to fill out a form on Action Fraud to get a crime number, a couple of days later (Saturday just gone) I got a call from the investigatory officer saying they had interviewed the buyer and he still claimed that the phone never arrived and denied everything even though there is a signature (I can't see Yodel delivering to someone random). I was told by the officer that she had spoken to the forces fraud department, however, due to reasonable doubt they would not be able to take this any further, she said to me 'someone could have been sat on the side of the road waiting for the van and then signed for the item' which again I find baffling and I was advised to take it to a small claims court but if I can't get the support from PayPal and the Police, what chance do I have in the County Court? I have had the phone blocked but I am still down £455 plus a £14 charge back fee. Does any one have any advice for me, I could really do with some. Many thanks in advance.
  5. A few days ago I completed a few transaction over LocalBitcoins.com to a buyer named Muumbis (currently blocked) who seemed to be a trusted user, had good feedback and 2 months of multiple transactions. The buyer sent me the funds through a PayPal transfer, and then I proceeded to send/release the bitcoins to his account once the money hit my account. These transactions were very profitable to me, amounting to about 40% of profit over the then exchange price of bitcoin. Only after 6 PayPal transactions amounting to a total of around £11000, I noticed that the person’s details included in the PayPal account used to forward all these payments differed greatly from the personal information of this LocalBitcoins.com user. For comparison sake, the owner of the PayPal account is a Canadian, while this person seems to be based in Netherlands (Proxy, likely) and has a verified phone number from Kenya, as well as, beginning of a different gender. As of now PayPal as yet to contact me about any irregularities in these transactions and I made sure I transferred all my PayPal balance to my savings account. However I’m confident I got [problem]med and it’s just a matter of time until these payments are flagged as unauthorized transactions and the owner of the PayPal account files a chargeback against me leaving me empty of bitcoins and about 5000£ of negative PayPal balance, which I have no means to payback as I’m student and I already have some debt going. Summary, I sold some bitcoins at 40-50% in profit to a guy who used a hijacked PayPal account to pay me. It’s just a matter of time until the victim of the hijacked account files a PayPal unauthorised transaction/ chargeback against me. PayPal then reverses the transaction and the [problem]mer gets the bitcoins while I’m left to pay around 5000£ of debt due to the profit margin. I’m divested by this, as I’m a victim too just like the affect PayPal account owner, plus I have no means to payback if these transactions are found to be unauthorized. Perhaps, in the end, all I could do is payback the some of the money to the victim excluding the profit/debt margin that was employed in this [problem]. God, I can’t believe a fell for it, I’m aware of this sort of thing yet due to my own stupidity or being a student with no income I just went for it….Never felt so dumb. I know I’m making assumptions on what if…however, I just need to a little guidance on what to do next or who to turn to, basically a course of action to reduce all the possible damage. Thank you all
  6. hey all, thank you so much for reading, i recently designed a game map for a guy i met, i finished and sent the map of, he paid me several weeks ago and has now charged me back, i am in -£167.99, i am a student who has no money as i had to use that money for rent, previously on my account i had sent the money to another paypal account, before withdrawing from my personal account which has the bank account attached. My personal account has my bank connected, name, phone number etc, whereas my negative one has a fake name, fake address, fake number and no bank, as i didnt want anyone online to know my real information. As far as i know this negative account has not had my real names, number, address and bank account for over 6 months. Thats as far back as i can remember having fake names on it. So possibly before 6 months it may have had my real name address, but defiantly not connected to my bank. I am in trouble now, as they want the funds fixed by February 3rd 2018 (15ish days) this is impossible. I am scared this may not work out well for me as i have no way to get money to payback, so please what can i do? i am 100% certain that paypal will support the buyer as they always do, so there is no way to dispute it. £170 might not be noticeable to a billion dollar company, is it likely they will call up a debt collector? Maybe if they took the balance out of the account i sent it to(linked to bank) please help me, any input would be helpful, thank you:)
  7. Hi Everyone Hi want to get some help for a close friend of mine who will I suspect follow this thread as a guest, i hope! I have posted this as result of the monthly CAG email article about civil recovery, great news btw! Anyway.... Brief synopsis: 2 years ago, TKMAxx, swapped price tags, caught, taken in a room and police called (?), they both went out of the room twice throughout the discussison, let off (we think), unsure if cautioned, could have been PCSO. Banned, they took her mobile number and debit card details [removed] and RLP have been paid something like £250!!! My friend needs to have an enhanced CRB check done for something and is obviously very worried. This was a one off incident totally not in character for them in a moment at a time of great stress. I have given my friend the chat about not being paranoid now about being followed and they have have probably forgotten about it now, etc. So, as result of this article and bunch of the threads in this section where I have this new eye opening knowledge!. Firstly, we are trying to find out from the police exactly what happened at the time and what was "archived" and what may come out on a CRB check, this will hopefully let us know if it was a PCSO and they went over the 30 mins detainment, the details if any. What can we do, if anything, about the £250 that was paid to RLP? Does anyone here have any accurate info about whether this can be charged back from her debit card (after 2 years)? Does anyone have any accurate knowledge of enhanced CRB checks and what might be on it as result of this. I know this may be difficult to comment on now as we need more info and the memory is a blur for my friend and details sketchy of what was exactly said at the time? Last thought, £250 for nothing taken, speechless!!!! Thanks Steve
  8. New to site, but im desperate for help.* I sold a brand new iphone 7 on 02/12/16. Buyer paid through paypal straight away, no problem. I withdrew funds to my bank account,* and got item ready for dispatch. Received follow on email from buyer stating that they forgot to update their details, and could i send to their alternative address? I said ok, as it wasnt initially suspicious as they had already paid, and it is something ive requested myself in the past, when i bought tyres for my car, but asked for them to be delivered to my local for fitting. sent phone to address requested 1st class next day track & traced, and signed for. All good, or so i thought! On 17/12/16 i received email from paypal to inform me that buyer had initiated a "chargeback" and my paypal account had been debited £759 and sent back to buyers card company for "unauthorised use" i was furious! I provided paypal with all the information they requested, proof of postage tracking number, even a copy of signature from buyer. They told me they would investigate on my behalf, and inform me of their decision, I told them I have been with ebay/paypal since 06 and in over 300 transactions in have NEVER HAD A SINGLE NEGATIVE FEEDBACK! I have received a email from paypal today 30/12/16 saying that I've lost my money, and that's the end, case closed! I'm absolutely staggered by this, and would appreciate some advice, from any kind people of what I can do about this? I cannot afford to lose this money, as I have a low income, but of course paypal font care. Thanks
  9. Can any knowledgeable Cagger tell me if it is possible to initiate a chargeback on a Euro bank transfer from a UK bank account to one in the Euro zone? This is because of a retail transaction that went pear shaped and the seller is refusing to communicate.
  10. Does anyone have a link to the UK Visa chargeback policy? I am trying to do a chargeback on my visa debit card and Nationwide are dragging their heels, stating that I am out of time (120 days). However it is my understanding that if a service/goods is purchased in the future then there is a 540 day limit to claim. Also, the 120 day limit can start on the day that the problem is known about. Its a bit confusing cos moneysavingexpert states that the 540 day limit can be used if there is services are brought for a future date e.g. concert tickets. Which? states that the 120 day time limit starts from the day the problem is recognised, upto a max of 540 days. Who is right?
  11. Hi All, I strongly believe I am a victim of fraud and I have been cheated, and HSBC is doing nothing to help me. Chrono of events: Jan 13 - Placed order for one (1) iPad Air – Space Grey 32GB WIFI & Cellular, Paid £406.91, via VISA Debit card on HSBC website. Jan 27 - Cancelled order due to non delivery of the Ipad. Jan 30 - Refund was to be issued within 24 hours. Feb 12- Still no refund. Company said refund being processed. Feb 18 - Received Email notification that Company has ceased to trade Feb 19, 20, 21, 24, 25, 27, 28 and Mar 3rd - Company has been informing me that funds have been released to them, my refund has been 'processed' and I should receive confirmation. Repeated empty promises after empty promises - but I have yet to receive anything until today. I called HSBC and they said because I had authorised the payment as a BILL PAYMENT on HSBC website, they will NOT issue a refund to me, and there is NOTHING they can do. I have complained to the FOS and lodged a complain with Action Fraud. I am running out of ideas. Please Help??? I really feel exasperated. I can't get a refund from this Company, and nor can I get a refund from my Bank. I am left empty pocket
  12. Hi Guys Can someone remind me the rules on charge back in relation to MAstercard and Capital One? Wont classify under Section 75 due to amount (£81) Arent you supposed to get a full and immediate refund while they do the investigation? I thought the FCA set out rules in relation to this?
  13. Hi, Hopefully you can give advise on my next step regards my complaint. I am trying to be fair with my bank and only asking for my original payment of £120 to be reimbursed, I am not asking for payment for the time and effort I have put in to writing these letters and sending these recorded delivery, the 8% interest, and the added stress this has caused me as a pensioner and full time carer for my son who has severe mental health issues and trying to make sure he isn't sectioned again by making sure he is taking his medication. I really could do without all this on top. I feel if I don't get a satisfactory response this time I feel I will make a claim for the stress caused etc, the whole process has been shambolic from start to finish. Here is the time frame at the moment from start to finish and where I am currently at with my complaint :- 26/11/2014 - Item bought for £120 as a Christmas present for my grandson 5/01/2015 Item broken after just over a week, Emailed seller with no joy, so sent item off for repair, told it was unrepairable by a reputable company. 20/02/2015 (86 days after purchase) - sent letter recorded delivery to my bank asking to inititate a chargeback. 28/02/2015 (94 days after purchase) - Received letter from Fife office saying they needed proof that I had returned item, or at least tried all avenues to try and return item. 09/03/2015 (103 days after purchase) - After giving seller time to supply said information to return item and receiving no reply, I sent another letter recorded delivery with all information of trying to return item, I also sent photographic evidence of the damage to the item I got from the reputable company I sent the item to be repaired at. This letter was signed for at the Halifax office in Fife on the 10/03/2015. I received a text asking to ring the Fife office on the 16/03/2015 (110 days after purchase) I rang and they were unsure of why I was ringing, I explained the situation and the reference number of my complaint, They checked the system and were adamant that the letter I sent recorded delivery had never arrived I gave the tracking number and name of the person who signed for it. at the Fife office. They said it wasn't on the system so couldn't have been received, Not wanting to argue I said can I email all the information which I did on the 16/03/2015 (110 days after purchase) 07/04/2015 (132 days after purchase) I received a letter from head of debit card disputes saying I was now out of the time limits that Visa International set for disputing a debit card payment so therefore they would not be able to claim a chargeback for me and that is the end of the matter as far as they are concerned. I have sent a letter today giving them 14 days to rectify the situation, I keep all receipts and copies of information I send including tracking numbers which I have sent to her, which shows I was well inside the 120 day Visa International limit. I am unsure of my next step? Do I go to customer services, or go to the financial ombudsman? I am pretty certain Halifax debit card disputes will refuse to reimburse me as they can't now initiate a chargeback as it is over 120 days which Visa set, I just don't feel it is fair me being punished for shoddy administration practices which has happened in this case. They had the information well within the 120 day limit. Thanks, Rosemary
  14. Recently we had our bathroom done and ordered some glass splashbacks from an on-line company called Cameo Glass to fit round our wash basin. When we ordered custom made white glass splashbacks (for some £200), we (reasonably, I hope), expected something made from opaque white glass. Nothing on their website suggests otherwise, though we now know competitor websites do make it plain that this is not the case. What turned up was white back-painted "clear" glass. This wouldn't in itself be a big problem if they had actually used truly clear glass. What we got has a distinct blue tint to it. On the left is what we've now used in our bathroom... [ATTACH=CONFIG]56336[/ATTACH] We tried to get a refund, and were simply told "that's what it's like". We are in the process of putting a chargeback request through Nationwide but they're being useless and have twice written to us first saying that this doesn't fall within the bounds of a chargeback, yet confirming in the same letter that "goods not as described" is one of the categories, then latterly saying that it's our problem for misinterpreting what we were buying. I have now asked them to show me where it explains on Cameo Glass' website that "white glass" is in fact white painted, slightly blue-tinted clear glass. I think the mistake we made was complaining about it not being white glass, but back-painted, rather than placing emphasis on it not actually being white (though this was stated in the original complaint). What do you think?
  15. Hello Can someone please tell me how many days you have to make a chargeback from the time of the transaction? Many thanks
  16. hello all, long story short - just came back from a holiday from hell... .paid for a week on a caravan holiday park with my post office credit card (mastercard),.. . the caravans roof leaked and caused a flood - had to be put in a different caravan which the heating didnt work and the oven didnt work. Not a nice holiday for the kids and a few other things that wasnt as advertised like the outdoor pool was shut for the whole week we was there (no mention of this at booking) so couldnt use that and some other facilities. I've emailed the company requesting a partial refund but no reply ...hardly surprising .. ..virtually the same response to our complaints whilst at the park. ...so I contacted my credit card company and they said to do a chargeback first as it is more likely and quicker that i'll get money back.... Is this true or just being fobbed off by the credit card staff? I just really need to know whether to do chargeback or go for the section 75? Whats best and which one will give better results? thanks all.
  17. Hi all, Not sure if this is the right section, but I need some advice. My card was recently debited by a place calling itself QuidFinder. When I disputed this with the bank, [HSBC] they immediately refunded the money, and said they would investigate. Some time later, they claim they have been in contact with this place, and accept that the charge is correct and that the refund will now be reversed! I am spitting feathers!!! Any advice as to what I can do about it? Thanks.
  18. Hello Everybody I'm one of the fools that trusted a friend who got me to bite my tongue and join Banners Broker even though I had my doubts about the company. I put in no small amount and of through being online found out it was indeed my worst fears and it was a spoof Now I've been in a fight to get my money back from this seriously depressing experience for over 9 months now and I'm not giving up, there's a liquidator appointed now and there's the charge back service or at least I thought there was a chargeback service. My latest fight has been with my Natwest asking them to pursue visas 540 day chargeback service under the section " Goods not received" And a lot of other affiliates have been successful with this. Natwest is playing hardball though this is the response I got off them today. The latest one I've been hit with and I'm trying to get my head around is this "You've used part of this company's service by them creating an account allowing you to deposit money into it and the possibility to make withdrawals. I responded by saying I'm disputing the terms and conditions where it says they will pay affiliates commissions and that all liquidation request will be honoured etc, so I've not received their service. They're saying "That withdrawals is only a partial service they are providing to you and as we can't ascertain what the value of that service is we can't pursue a chargeback." They went on to say that "The terms and conditions under section C only provide remit for a legal chargeback not through visa's chargeback service." This is section C from Banners Broker Section C (Affiliate & Client) Payment Conditions I adhere to the following: All liquidation requests made shall be honored within fifteen business days for standard subscribers and seven business days for premium subscribers to the payment amount noted in your back office. All commissions and bonuses are paid in the name of the applicant on the affiliate/client agreement. I don't know what to do I know there are successful affiliates who have claimed their money back through their banks. I just don't know what to say to my bank and I'm really not sure why they're hung up on the possibility of a withdrawal only being a partial service and that I had some service by the company creating an account etc. What's really baffling me is that I've sent them the liquidation letter from the court 2 times already and this is the latest in a series of excuses to not follow the charge back request. I'm fighting both banners broker and my bank how am I the one who looses and what's worse is this banks ethos is going above and beyond in customer service. I know I'm idiot for getting involved I've been living with that for the 1 year and a few months. Do I have a leg to stand on or do I wait the long wait and put all my eggs in the liquidator basket? Plz If you guys have anything that could help I'd really love to hear from you.
  19. Hi all. We moved into our new house last Friday and we had zero furniture as we were buying new. I saw a great suite deal on www.galaxystores.co.uk (£747 for a matching 3 seater sofa, 2 seater sofa and foot rest) ordered it Monday evening. It was meant to be 1-2 day free delivery but heard nothing tried to log into my account on their site to try and track my order but couldnt, clicked for a password reminder - it never came emailed Galaxy who said it would arrive Friday before 5pm. Friday 5pm came and went and tried to contact Galaxy Stores only to find they have NO telephone number had to email them, they seemed to want to stall me for time by asking me if Id received a text from the courier - I hadnt, I asked twice for some kind of tracking number which they wouldnt/couldnt give me and was just told they would sort it out and arrange another delivery day. I looked up on Galaxy Stores (yes, I should have done this first but their site looked really good) and have only seen bad reviews for them, how they dont send orders and then dont refund. I am in desperate need for a sofa and cant really wait as we are all sat on the floor and have been for a week. My question is, under these circumstances, can I get a chargeback now rather than waiting a certain amount of time so I can buy a sofa from somewhere else and tell the people at Galaxy Stores to kindly cancel the order that may never come anyway? Ive checked my bank account and the money was taken out on the 24th. Im with Barclays and used a VISA Debit card on Galaxy Stores site using Sagepay. ETA: Correction, the money has been taken out of my account.
  20. Hello I took out a loan with CFO years ago but had problems paying them back. After a while, they stopped trying to take payments but, a year ago after quite some time, they decided to take money from me again of £120. Ive had nothing taken from them since till 2 days ago where they took £32. and this morning they took £86 and £28 and tried to take a further £72 but the £72 failed as I didn't have enough money left for them to take Just called the bank. I asked about a charge back but the person I was speaking about, kinda ignored my question and she said that, they will write to CFO and ask them to stop further payments. As I told her, I never authorized the payments. She will also send me a letter and I have to fill it in and they will investigate the £32 but I have to wait till next week before I can ask them to investigate the £86 and £28 and AGAIN, they will send me letters to fill in She then told me to also speak to CFO, I told her, I can not find a website for them. She then said she has a phone number for them and put me through to them. However, the girl who answered the phone said "good morning loan bob or good morning loan boob" i just said oh sorry and hanged up I read on here that, the bank can do an instant charge back, so why do i have to wait to get letters through my door before i can start appealing the amounts? Thanks
  21. Hi everyone, I bought an item from a Play.com seller (Playtrade) around mid-February for about £30 (an office machine). The Playtrade seller said he despatched the item the same day I ordered it but it turned out to be false. I contacted the seller several times by email and no reply. I filed a Missing Item Claim and a Fairplay Guarantee Claim but Play.com didn't reply to the latter. So I filed a chargeback with my credit card company (Capital One) and they refunded me the money. Today I received a letter from Capital One saying that they will give the seller 45 days to resolve the dispute. I called them up, telling them that I already purchased the goods from another retailer and that the seller is in breach of contract. I also asked them what would happen if the seller sends the goods, and they said they will reverse the chargeback. This is unfair. So the seller gets a whopping 75 days to send me the goods AND I end up paying for the goods twice because I bought it from another supplier. I told Capital One this, and they said I need to contact the seller and tell him I no longer want the order. So I sent the seller a message saying I'm cancelling the order, but Play.com give the seller 3 working days to reply. What would happen if the seller sends the item within this 3 working day period? Wouldn't that mean Capital One would reject my chargeback claim? Also I noticed that whenever someone writes the words "breach of contract" in the contact seller text box, Play.com automatically reject it and say "Your message contains inappropriate content". When I removed these words the message was sent! Unbelievable.
  22. Hi all, A while back I took out a payday loan, and paid it back on the day it was due. No problems, I was aware of the charges and the interest etc. It was a week ago that I paid the whole amount off and got a text from them to confirm this. Today I noticed that they've taken two payments of £25 from my Barclays debit card yesterday! My question is, can Barclays reverse these transactions? How do I do this? As a side note please no negative comments about payday loans, I was well aware of what I was doing and I had a genuine reason for taking it out. Thank you.
  23. Hi everyone, good afternoon. Apologies if this is the wrong section to post this. Ok, me and my sister have been working hard over the past 1year to get our online shop open, we are a value added reseller and purchase our goods from 2 distributors. We got the shop ready to go live in October this year and ensured that we had all facilities to accept card payments, virtual terminal and online payments through our stores checkout. Everything was going fine for the first month or so until some larger orders came in. These orders were taken over the phone and we carried out all the fraud checks we could do and sagepay (payment gateway) has cleared the name and address of fraud. Now, as the first larger order was £1,600.00 i had borrowed money from a friend to fund the purchase, so we ordered the goods from the distributor and posted them out to the customer. On the day the funds had been sent to our business account from Natwest Streamline, i had paid my friend back leaving the company with the profit. Second order from the same person, taken over the phone, we repeated the process above and all was ok. Third order was from another person, taken over the phone - this time it was slightly higher of £2,500.00, so we took the payment and it went through perfectly, name, address CSV matches aswell as the delivery address - this time we got a phone call from in on the day of delivery and asked if it can be delivered to his "Mums" address, so we agreed and arranged it to be sent there. At this time when all orders had been dispatched we started to get telephone calls from the banks saynig the cardholder does not know any of the transactions....then it hit! Oh no, this is fraud. Now, i am thank ful so far that i have managed to pay my friend back all of the money, Worldpay emptied everything i had in the account bringing me to £0.00 so i argued that with no outcome. Thinking it was over, i had a letter from natwest streamline saying they will deduct £2,500 within 10 days but thi letter arrived only 2 days ago and the money came out of the account today! I'm now in an unarranged overdraft, no funds left to run the company and completely stuck on what to do next! I mentioned to Streamline and my bank that this will cause the business to close down. I also do a lot of computer installation work and are waiting for payments to come into this account to i can pay creditors and subcontractors off, but any money that comes into the account will just deduct from the minus balance. All deliveries have been signed for at the addresses provided and the police have investigated it all and cant find any trace of the fraudsters. One thing popped into mind is to check the couriers policies on delivering goods that require a signature, DPD is one of them and they have said that the delivery address has had 7 previous fraudulant deliveries and had been signed throughout the 7 previous by the same person! they also mentioned the driver did not actually deliver to the door but handed it over to the person waiting outside without asking for ID! My questions to you guys: 1. Can i do anything about the charge back being that i can prove that we carried out as many fraud checks as possible? 2. If i close my business account and re-open another one does the bank still chase me for this money? 3. Should DPD be held liable for this? so i can at least try and claim the money back from them? I appreciate any reply. Many thanks.
  24. Hi, I bank with Halifax and upon looking through my Internet banking statements this morning I noticed a charge for £32.00 from the website aliexpress. The site is Chinese and I have never made a purchase from here or signed up. I am unable to get in contact with anyone from this aliexpress, will my bank be able to help?
  25. Hello. I am new here and didnt know where else to ask to be quite honest. I have made a right mess of managing my bank account and need some advice. Back in August, I began saving money every week for my electric/gas bill which was due on the 1st September. I get charged quarterly and it is usually around £250. The £253.17 that the bill actually was was in my bank on time (to my knowledge). Now here is where it gets a bit tricky. I checked my bank a few days after the bill was due and sure enough, the balance was about £20, which meant the bill had been taken. I thought nothing more of it, until this month. I received a letter from EDF informing me that my account is in arrears. It appears they never took the payment (mind I don't know why its taken them 2 months to contact me about it ) I don't understand much about banks, I asked my son to check my online banking. He went back to my august/september statement and it appears an online gambling company have taken 25 payments of £10 over the course of 3 weeks. The funny thing is, I used to actually use this company, but I self excluded in November of last year. I have NOT used their sites since then, partly because I don't think I could (self-exclusion means your accounts are closed and you cant open more) and partly because I self excluded as I thought the site was dodgy. .so why would I put any more money into it. this other company took my gas bill money. I don't know if it was actually the company, or someone accessing my account (that should have been closed according to the companies policy) but something strange has gone on here, and I definitely did not authorize any payments to that site. I have tried speaking to the site in question but have pretty much been palmed off with 'it was an error on our side not closing your account, and the money was spent by someone.. so you aren't getting refunded' I told them as they are unwilling to investigate, I will raise the issue with my bank I am aware of something called chargebacks as I did one a few years back when I was double billed for something (the company who doublebilled me actually advised I chargeback as it would have taken 7 days to get a refund from them, whereas chargeback is in a few hours) My question is can I actually charge back 25 transactions in one go?! They are all to the same company, all for the same amount too. I have checked and I am still within the 120day limit. Just..its going to be fun explaining to my bank why it has taken this long to actually realize there were fraudulent transactions. I seriously need to keep an eye on my fiances from now on, I realise its partly my fault for not checking statements and such
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