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  1. I do not have a printer to scan the letter is there a way I can send via my iPhone photos? Also I wanted to know about my data being share amongst users and potential employers which they've told me that my data will be held for 6years by the coi will that be affecting my application for visa renewal? Will the home office be searching and pin pointing this at me? Will I have to write about it on my renewal application? Please help I'm worried about that.
  2. Debts I mean the money that retail prevention loss will send me which God know how much will amount up to -. -' I do not work also I do not what anything to affect me with finding a job in childcare sector. I have lost the links to where I've read them but definitely I've read lots of theft threads at tk maxx on this website. That's the reason I'm scared also the letters will keep coming through I do not want my partner to see them. Shall I pay it off and finish with and not have the hassle of receiving tonnes of letters and what if it escalates to court.
  3. I've seen others posts. Some police have turned up at their doors and some have lost their jobs due to tk maxx calling their work place and issuing a police report straight to their work place. I'm scared if I travel it comes onto my records as they've told me that as soon as my passport is scanned it will show up if I haven't paid my debts and also shows that I've committed a crime. I'm quite scared to tell my partner he will be very upset at me for that : / and I do not know what he will be thinking and it's sometimes something that will stay in his mind li
  4. Yes I am totally ashamed of what I've done They've told me if I do not pay police will show up at my doors and the amount will escalate to high courts. Also they've told me anywhere I travel around the world will know that I have committed a crime if I do not pay and I cannot travel as they will arrest me right away!! Is that true?? I'm scared. Also police wasn't contacted but will it be on my enhanced DBS check as I have one currently being done so I can't find a job in work sector with children. I'm so stupid but what's done is done now
  5. I was caught stealing at tk maxx today. It was a very foolish thing of me I admit. Something that costed £7.99 and I didn't want to pay for it as I had already purchase worth £70.01 at tk maxx and didn't have enough money for what I wanted. I took of the security plastic tag off the box and put the item in my bag while I got busy with my daughter as she was crying and kicking a fuss. I continued to checkout with all my other items amounting to £70! Then left the premises. A security came running down the stairs and spoke to me saying I believe you have some
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