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  1. I am hoping I can get some advice on my Xercise4Less membership. I signed up with them in 2014 and did attend the gym for 2 years. When i signed up the person who i spoke with told me that there would be no contract and that i could cancel my membership whenever i wanted which seemed to me like a good reason to join just incase i needed to cancel. i finally cancelled the membership May last year due to me and the wife having a baby and not being able to attend anymore so i didn't step foot in there for 2 years. I called in at my local gym and spoke with girl at the front desk
  2. Hello all Just looking for a bit of advice please. I own and live in a house which I bought in 2003 on a 25 year mortgage. Since that time I have been paying a tiny ground rent (it’s about £4 semi-annually) to a property management company. I have received an inheritance recently and decided I would try to find out how much it would cost to obtain the freehold on the land my house is built on and how long is left on the lease. This weekend I sent two separate enquiry emails to the property management firm. The first reply I received contained a letter saying they want £90 t
  3. In our contacts, it says we must give access to our properties when required. The Housing Act 1988 states "In accordance with the Housing Act 1988, your landlord or letting agent must notify you in writing at least 24 hours before they wish to enter your home". They're not giving notice and are sending people without notice and then sending tenants letters when the tenants turn them away due to it being a bad time. I'm guessing the law overrules the landlord?
  4. This is a new one. Send Letter of Caim to defendant. All sorts of details in the Letter of Claim.... Defendant's response is to demand that I attend their London headquarters, at my own expense, to prove my identity. I have never encountered such a response ever. They demand I bring passport, utility bills, etc... because I wouldn't want to be a victim of identity theft (!) They then conflate this with ADR saying that as I have agreed to ADR I should do this, even though it isn't ADR. Oh and to top it all off, they ask for my bank details already even though I haven't co
  5. I am hoping I can get some advice on my xercise4less membership. Summary of my story: Signed up at my University campus October 2015. I thought the payments would start after an induction at the gym and I never attended. Noticed I was paying and put a cancellation request in in march 2016, as I still had not attended the gym. Cancellation was rejected as I was in a 12 month contract. Forgot about this and was reminded when I noticed a payment on the 2/1/17. Gave notice again on 3/1/17. Cancelled DD as payments are made in advance. As my notice fell into a new billin
  6. ‘Where are my contributions?!’ Pensioner TAKES DOWN Government over £42,000 shortfall A BRITISH pensioner has taken the internet by storm after she demanded the Government reinstates her pension. http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/793599/Pension-contributions-WASPI-Election-2017-payments-foreign-aid
  7. Please would someone kindly offer me some advice. I bought a flat in a converted house about 9 years ago. I have never lived in it as I married shortly afterwards but I rented the flat to an older gentleman who has lived there since, for about 9 years now. When I bought the flat I was responsible for maintaining my part of the building as there was no management company in place, so I took out buildings insurance for my flat. There are five other flats in the buildings. All the other residents are owner occupiers. About two years ago, one of the residents contacted my husband to say they
  8. i have been dealing with housing options as well. this is about my landlord misleading me from the start with fraudulent tenancies. ie 1 making me pay a bond and months total £600 for my own tenancy in a two tenancy house 2 making me sign and witness the other tenants tenancy and £600 when, in actual fact, he had not paid a bond or months rent at all. i was told this three months later by the landlord in a recorded meeting 3 the landlord did not protect my bond and as a result of this, I am in a horrendous position 4 the landlord returned my bond 2 months after i paid it and then c
  9. Hello. I am currently getting income based JSA for about 1 year now. I stay with my mum, But all of a sudden my mum is saying i need to pay £27 towards to rent as the council will only pay £109. So why now do i need to pay. I have a brother who gets ESA, and my mum gets income support. What are causing the housing benefit deduction, My brother only started claiming ESA this year in march, And all of a sudden the housing benefit is cut. So could someone help me because i am getting the impression the cut is because of me but i have been getting jsa for around a year and
  10. Hi, Can anybody advise on the time limits imposed by the courts relating to statutory demand. I have read somewhere it might be 4 months and then it laspes, but can someone direct me to CPR rules or insolvency rules covering the actual period and the rules that apply. Thanks Stevie.
  11. hi. i've read the various threads on champion soccer threatening letters, including one where they did go through with their threat with county court judgement. however, in my case, i have not actually signed the application form, although it is otherwise all filled out including the 'print name' and 'date'. where do i stand with the £142 they insist that i owe them and the threat of court action?
  12. hello peeps, this is my first post - hello! I have a question: I drove my wife to a specialist doctor in London. 5 weeks after her consultation, we had a letter with an invoice for £290. The initial consultation lasted about 25 minutes. At no time was it explained to us that the initial consultation would be chargeable - so , of course, there was no mention of the price of the talk. We would not have driven to London if we had been informed of the price. Now the invoice has been followed by demanding emails and a call from a medical debtor agency - not answered by me . Since there
  13. Mrs L.C.writes: I bought my house in 1999. Previous tenants left owing money to everyone possible. Their children went to university but have not repaid student loans, and every few months I have received demands, which I have returned, saying they are no longer at my address. Erudio Student Loans Limited has now taken over this debt. I told it that the family left over 15 years ago, but Erudio said it would keep sending demands. I protested and was told they would stop, but after two weeks another has arrived. Read more: http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/experts/article-2904618/T
  14. Can anyone please advise. I have defaulted on a 'grant of time to pay' and have now received a notice of enforcement from (dated 02/09/2014) a firm of HCEO's I defaulted because I had to pay a family loan for money I had borrowed for legal help during the trial, but the court don't recognize family loans as priority debt. This is now paid and I can start to pay the order. We have a baby due in a matter of weeks and now the bailiffs are threatening The debt is for £2880, to stop them acting I have arranged to pay £800 tomorrow and they then gave me 6 weeks to pay
  15. Is it just me or are Lowell's still serving Statuary Demands on a large scale? I Ask as I saw the sticky on them issuing Statuary Demands and looked at the London Gazette and there are still loads being issued! Some as most recent as the end of August!
  16. I would be grateful for some advice. I occasionally buy childrens clothes online from the US. I always spend less than £100 including shipping and all clothes are for under 14 year olds so should be VAT exempt. From time to time Fed Ex demand payment of VAT + a handling fee after delivery of the shipment but so far they have always backed off when I point out the commercial invoice identifies the shipment contained only VAT exempt children's clothes. Last month I got a demand for payment of import taxes on Fed Ex's behalf from Controlaccount plc. The 'charge
  17. I am also with SIMARC and recently moved house. I notified them online that I'd moved house and got a bill for double the amount owed (£140 - I sent a cheque for the original amount (£70) we owed and they returned it. They said it was not accepted and if we wanted to resolve the matter to send double. I wrote another cheque keeping the returned one, and their letter and that has just been returned also. This has gone on now for months and is stressing me out. Are they not obliged to take the money? What do i do now? Please can you help? kindest regards Karen
  18. Hi CAG this is my first post. My wife received a letter today regarding £532 which the Tax credits says she is due them because of an overpayment. When we first got together in 2011 I signed on to JSA which we did as a joint claim etc, everything above board and we specifically asked if we needed to tell CTC about it and they said that no, the info goes on the computer and all agencies get to know so that was fine. 5 weeks later we get a letter from CTC saying that there had been a change in circumstances and that we needed to get in touch to continue to receive entitlement, so
  19. Dear All We have recently been hit with a back dated demand for Gas of £9500!!!!!!!! As you can imagine we were absolutely go smacked. It all started when we transferred our energy supplier five years ago. Every time we transfer our electric transfers but not our gas. We constantly tried to resolve this with SSE, to no avail, by constant telephone calls but it was never sorted. 18 months passed and they suddenly picked up the supply. We were quite happy with this, as their rates were good, and moved our electric supply to them as well. We sen
  20. A stunned mum was ordered to put her six-month-old BABY on the phone to speak to a telephone banking operator. Jenny Nicholls, 31, had called the Halifax to talk to customer services about an error on her baby son's savings account. But the operator insisted he could only deal with the account holder – in this case, six-month-old Harry. "We waited in the queue and entered all the account security information then the man came on the line and said 'Is that Mr Harry Nicholls?'," Jenny told the Mirror. "I said no. He asked if he could talk to Harry but I said he's a baby, he can'
  21. Hi all, This is my first post of this nature. I have done some reading on the internet for help and from what I can see this forum offers some excellent advice, of which I hope to receive. I have several debts outstanding from the last few years, of which I do really want to resolve to clear things from my credit profile etc as I hope to maybe start a family in the next year or two and look to buy my own home. I do not dispute the majority of these debts, just the way I am being chased on them, I am not going to say that I know nothing about them, I just want to be honest to rec
  22. This is to do with the Bedroom Tax but more importantly the Discretionary Housing Payment allocation to councils. From The Evening Times this is the link: http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/news/city-demands-answers-over-bedroom-tax-cash-134331n.21946342 Where the article mentions COSLA they are the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities and their link is: http://www.cosla.gov.uk/ if you want more information on them.
  23. Hi, I recall that a creditor can pursue a borrower for sums allegedly due under an agreement that has been lost/destroyed, as a judge decided that was acceptable. My question is, if an agreement has not been lost/destroyed but has been clearly and concisely shown to be an unenforceable document. And a claim has been issued, defended and then discontinued, can the claimant (legally or lawfully) continue to demand payment? If so, then I shall file said demands in the appropriate place, if not then would these demands constitute harassment? Thanks for your responses, Bill.
  24. Hi Guys and girls. Just after a bit of guidance about rossendales. Cutting a long story short, myself and my partner last year both lost our jobs, we fell behind with council tax and ended up with a £900 + bill. We have paid some off and this now stands at £710.38 In the last 12 months, between us we have only eraned £6300. We are under the guidance of STEPCHANGE, who have gone through our spending and advised us that we can offer them a payment plan over 11 months meaning £64.58 per month. Our outgoings exceed our incomings even after the spending review and hav
  25. I can't remember seeing anyone recently make a new post saying that they have been issued with a statutory demand on behalf of Lowells ? They are still continuing with bankruptcy petitions according to reports in the London Gazette. Have they stopped doing this, just paused or reduced the number they are issuing ? Going by what is reported via CAG, there does appear to have been a change.
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