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Found 23 results

  1. Hi, My other half received a PCN from Civil Enforcement Ltd following her picking up a prescription at the local doctor's surgery. She has a letter from the surgery confirming that this was the case on the same date on which the PCN says. My wife decided to inform Civil Enforcement Ltd directly that this was the case, along with the letter, and surprisingly enough these cowboys rejected her appeal. She then informed me of this and I am now trying to sort it out. In their letter to her they said their internal appeals process has been exhausted and if she wishes to continue her a
  2. I had my ESA stopped which is now pending an appeal, I have had to do a joint claim to claim UC, what a nightmare this has been. My original claim was from the the 23rd June and they have in therefore paid me four weeks instead of five, 23/06/17 - 22/07/17 that will be paid on 29/07/17. so in other words they are paying me four weeks but not paying me until the 5th week but not paying for the 5th week. As I have come straight over from ESA the seven day waiting period and as I understand it cannot be used by the DWP so why has a week been deducted and why if my claim started on the 2
  3. Hi I wonder if someone could help me? I've had a wart on my finger for quite sometime, my NHS doctors tried freezing it with a nitrogen gun on a few occasions which didn't work & I tried various ointments I purchased at the chemist or online plus various alternative methods but the wart just got bigger. My last visit to the doctor I was told that I would have to go private because the NHS didn't cover the removal of warts. I paid to see a private consultant who prescribed me a stronger acid treatment the prescription of which has been referred to my NHS doctor who apparently can pre
  4. My employer is telling me I need to go to see the doctor (I agree due to stress related migraines). He is also saying I need to show them a note to say I am fit for work, as in his own words (in email), he doesn't feel I am fit to work. 1. Do doctors even issue a fit to work note after a couple of half day absences? 2. If my employer is telling me he thinks I am unfit to work, should I be going to work? (He thinks I should ) 3. Can my employer force me to present a fit to work note from my doctor? Thanks
  5. Just shows how ill informed people still are...
  6. Hi everyone, A new week and a completely different problem but another battle with my Jobcentre. Last Friday I was signed off by my doctor for 4 weeks with anxiety. Things came to a head when I actually hid under the table in my living room because my advisor had called and was leaving me a message. The sound of their voice sent me into a complete panic, shaking, crying and nothing was calming me down. My doctor has signed me off as well as referring me for counselling and I have been perscribed anti-depressants. He made it clear it would be a couple of months before he would eve
  7. Injured my shoulder at work 2 months back. Visited occupational health who as it was the end of the shift on a Friday done nothing but request my boss to refer me for physio. I went to my own docs who told me to take anti-inflammatories. Nothing happened, and I was not booked for physio at work, and this shoulder continued to bother me. On Friday, I visited my doctor who has referred me for a scan, and has signed me off as not fit for work for 1 week to rest it as my job is shoulder heavy. My job has been timed by an Industrial Engineer as being 'overloaded', meaning that the
  8. I wanted the NHS to disclose to me any complaints that may of been made against a Doctor that worked at a particular hospital, as I had concerns about their performance etc. I was told that releasing details of any complaints against any doctor is in breach of the Data Protection Act 1998 under, exemption s40 (personal information). Any thoughts or other processes that may be of help? Thanks
  9. hello peeps, this is my first post - hello! I have a question: I drove my wife to a specialist doctor in London. 5 weeks after her consultation, we had a letter with an invoice for £290. The initial consultation lasted about 25 minutes. At no time was it explained to us that the initial consultation would be chargeable - so , of course, there was no mention of the price of the talk. We would not have driven to London if we had been informed of the price. Now the invoice has been followed by demanding emails and a call from a medical debtor agency - not answered by me . Since there
  10. Hello, I got a phone call at work last night from my distraught mother telling me that one of our lovely neighbors had contacted the local council housing officer to complain that she has been exposing herself to one of the local children. The council worker phoned my mums doctor who then phoned my mum up. We have contacted the police over the malicious complaint and they are coming around later today, and apparently the doctor is going to phone back later as she wants to talk to me as well. I was wondering though, are the council allowed to contact my mums doctor behind her bac
  11. Hi, Firstly sorry for the long winded post but just trying to summarise our problem and will get to the point eventually lol, hopefully someone can help with my fiances problem, My Fiance moved in with me in July 2014 and she has some serious medical conditions that have been going on for 9 years and aren't going to get any better, She moved from the south to join me up north and we both new it was important to become registered with a local GP as soon as possible with her requiring constant repeat prescriptions for controlled drugs. She approached the local GP surgery and requ
  12. Hi guys on the 22nd/10/2014 i sustained an injury at work hurting my shoulder and knee, i have carried on working due to the fact i have no holidays to take to get to my gp,, i completed an accident form then 1 week later emailed my manager to see if he had seen it, at which he replied no, ( no further discussion has been made ) until today i worked all day through my breaks to then travel the 45 miles back home and make my late appointment with my gp. He wants me to go back next week drain the blood from my knee administer a cortisone injection in it and also put cortisone in my shoulder. i
  13. As predicted they did it again. I don;t know why my advisor just didn't say from the beginning that he had no intention of allowing me to go on the new enterprise allowance scheme. Here's what happened today. After raising this with the manager of the site last week I was supposed to go in today to fill in the paper work. Only I had this job interview, and as part of my JSA deal I had to go along with it even though the intention was to go on this scheme. I rearranged the interview for after today, and filled in the application form they sent me. I suspected all along it was a set u
  14. Good Afternoon. A colleague of mine is 9 weeks pregnant(unplanned but happy) and has used up all her holiday for this year. Unfortunately, due to her having 3 miscarriage's in the past the doctor's are ensuring she goes in for more appointments then a standard pregnancy up until 13 weeks. Our employer has now said that for any appointments she's required to attend, she won't get her standard pay and only statutory sick pay will be recieved. This will be the case even if she is only out of the office for a 2-3hours. The company may have covered themselves in the employee
  15. Hello everyone. I have a doctor visit on Saturday about a DLA claim. Does anyone have any experience or advice regarding this. I have heard people say don't sign things but surely they will need some kind of signature at some point. I'm really looking for what to expect and what to look out for. So any help at all would be really appreciated.
  16. Can anyone explain in relatively simple terms the status of a doctor who is registered with GMC and has a licence to practise but is not on the specialist or gp registers?
  17. Does anyone know if it is possible to refuse an assessment by a specific person, e.g. if you feel there would be a conflict of interest? How about if you have had a previous dispute with the doctor where DWP have effectively accepted that the doctor was severely mistaken in their version of events - i.e. it was an out and out fabrication? This may be giving away my identity if ATOS read these threads, but is it reasonable to give a 4 hour time slot where the HCP might arrive for a home assessment? This means that both myself and my carer have to be ready for the assessment to start f
  18. Document Source: http://disabilitynewsservice.com/201...mant-requests/ A senior doctor working for Atos Healthcare told colleagues he was “sickened” that disabled benefit claimants can now demand to have their “fitness for work” assessments recorded, according to a leaked email seen by Disability News Service (DNS). Geoff Douglas, who has been assessing disabled people for their eligibility for disability benefits for more than 10 years, sent the email in reply to an Atos manager who had complained that colleagues were refusing to carry out audio-recorded work capability assessment
  19. Document Source: http://disabilitynewsservice.com/2013/06/atos-doctor-sickened-by-claimant-requests/ A senior doctor working for Atos Healthcare told colleagues he was “sickened” that disabled benefit claimants can now demand to have their “fitness for work” assessments recorded, according to a leaked email seen by Disability News Service (DNS). Geoff Douglas, who has been assessing disabled people for their eligibility for disability benefits for more than 10 years, sent the email in reply to an Atos manager who had complained that colleagues were refusing to carry out audio-record
  20. Hi all, I am going to be completely honest here. I work at a call centre which was recently taken over by a bigger company. Since then, the sickness policy has become tougher. I have aspergers, which was only recently diagnosed (unofficially), which explains the days where I was just too burnt out and fed up to go to work. This is regarded as "skiving" by others and, secretly, myself - someone who doesn't have aspergers will never understand this. (Of course, there are odd occasions in the past where I was basically skiving.) I have had so much genuine sickness lately - including ve
  21. Read more : http://uk.lifestyle.yahoo.com/doctor-shocked-benefits-system-004300362.html
  22. Hi, I am having a visit on Monday 13/8/12 from a Doctor about my DLA claim I suffer from Fybromyalgia and depression. I have been unable to get out of the house for about 3 months now as I am unable to walk without being in severe pain and if I travel on a bus I am in agony and then the day after I can not move. My Fybromyalgia causes me to be tried continuously and in severe pain from head to foot. I need my hubby to help me make meals and everyday task. I forget where I am going and I have once or twice stopped in the middle of the road (full of traffic) because I have forgot which
  23. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2186522/Womans-itchy-ear-caused-spider-living-FIVE-days.html
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