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Found 9 results

  1. hello I had an interview with a health care professional ( HCP) When I arrived the HCP said he had 'not' read my questionnaire form This bothered me inside because i was hoping the HCP would be up to date with my condition and i could then just reaffirm what i had said in the form and add a bit here and there. On one of my first questions he asked me, i decided to elaborate a bit, to inform the HCP that my condition varies due to my depression and sleeping issues.. .but he interrupted and said "i only want short answers such as yes or no." I had no proper
  2. Some help and guidance required if possible, bit of a story behind it all so I'll keep it as brief any more info needed and I'll follow it up. Nearly two years ago I had a Brain Haemorrhage , A large bleed and had Coiling done, Salford Royal Hospital are amazing and saved my life. I had worked in the building trade for 30 years and after the Haemorrr than othershage I was left with the symptoms of a stroke. Down one side , speech mental issues, memory etc. I decided to go down the route of Naturally treating the conditions I was left with and am doing a lot better than hoped.
  3. 2 or 3 days ago I sent back my questionaire with supporting evidence to the benefit office. I have just contacted them this afternoon and they have said they have sent a report off to the DWP and I do not need to have an actual assessment. I am in the Support Group since 2013 and was due for renewal is this a good sign I am not being made to have a F2F???
  4. Hello, enquiring for a friend - just noticed this thread - what is the best email for Stratford BDC, Nine Elms Lane, London SW95 9AB in connection with WCA-appointments?
  5. ltd500

    Atos HCP

    Hello, Had a home visit for DLA. First letter was postmarked a Friday with a 2nd class stamp for an appointment on the following Tuesday so only got the letter a few hours prior to the appointment. therefore rearranged it as no notice given, have kept envelope and letter Atos said they do not need to give any notice and they posted in plenty of time! Can anyone advise a link to guidelines were ATOS state the notice period that they have to or should give? Dr that turned up introduced himself as a current GP. However he is not on the GP or specialist register. When confront
  6. Does anyone know if it is possible to refuse an assessment by a specific person, e.g. if you feel there would be a conflict of interest? How about if you have had a previous dispute with the doctor where DWP have effectively accepted that the doctor was severely mistaken in their version of events - i.e. it was an out and out fabrication? This may be giving away my identity if ATOS read these threads, but is it reasonable to give a 4 hour time slot where the HCP might arrive for a home assessment? This means that both myself and my carer have to be ready for the assessment to start f
  7. I just got my esa 85 this morning, the report from my medical. I was put into the support group again for another 6 months. In my assessment I saw a nice doctor who said he was sympathetic to my condition but that the way the wca is set out made it very difficult for him but he did say his wife had the same condition as me and he knew how ill I must be. I left thinking I would not get ESA but I did and sent away for my esa 85. I was surprised to read in the report that the hcp had put down information he had gained from examining me which I don't think is true. I believe he did this to en
  8. Given that face to face assessments have now been conducted for some 3 years does anybody have a typical list of the questions asked by an ATOS HCP to determine points scoring re descriptors for part2 of the ESA 50 ie mental health and cognitive function.....or a link thereto. Questions asked post 3/11 would be of particular interest given that descriptors changed at that time. Such information should assist members to better prepare for the ATOS medical assessment, and moreover, be forewarned of the likely trick questions etc
  9. zydec

    Dr who

    Hi there I am new to this and i guess i have been quiet for far too long but today just took the biscuit. i applied for DLA in march due to a couple of conditions i suffer from (pachyonychia congenita, cataplexy with narcolepsy) My welfare advisor helped me fill out the DLA form and all seemed to be going smoothly with the usual letters of request for information from doctors and specialists, even the we are taking our time letter. then i got a home visit from the medical services, nothing out of the ordinary. today was the day of the home visit and all seemed to go well the
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