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  1. Just got my decision over the phone staying in the Support Group until 25th January 2017 so happy wish it was a 2 year award for a better piece of mind but overall I can't complain thanks everyone on this forum for there advice and help
  2. Luckily I didn't have to attend a WCA for this reassessment as I submitted enough evidence and the questionnaire they've asked me to ring on Monday to check for an update and if nothing has changed they will escalate it and chase it up asap
  3. My file was sent back to the DWP on the 15th of January still they haven't received it according to there systems... Surely thats odd nearly 2 weeks since its been sent off
  4. Rang this morning just wanted to see if they have received the medical paper based report from Maximus but they said it could take weeks to show up on the system then there's a problem of backlogs with the decision maker
  5. It literally took them less than 24 hours to create the Maximus report and send my file back to the DWP stating I do not need a medical. I did send in alot of evidence with my ESA50 and this is a reassessment, surely it must be good news if I'm not having a F2F
  6. Is it true you cannot be found fit for work unless you attend a F2F I must be so lucky not to have to go through one
  7. 2 or 3 days ago I sent back my questionaire with supporting evidence to the benefit office. I have just contacted them this afternoon and they have said they have sent a report off to the DWP and I do not need to have an actual assessment. I am in the Support Group since 2013 and was due for renewal is this a good sign I am not being made to have a F2F???
  8. Well my conditions diagnosed by my GP and CPN are Agoraphobia, Social Anxiety, Depression, Self-harm been housebound since late 2013 more or less unless I had doctor/hospital appointments. I had a home visit for my first ever WCA just not very confident about filling in another ESA50 and getting my point across.
  9. Thought I'd post an update on this thread seeing as its recovered from the death Still currently in the Support Group for ESA and my review date is supposedly the 17th of December 2015. Not received a ESA50 yet hopefully there are still backlogs. Was just wondering I am housebound due to my conditions for questions regarding mobility etc... Does being housebound count to not being able to travel said distance?
  10. I've looked into it already my local CAB only do drop in visits.. I'd have to go to them and far as I know we dont have welfare rights around here either =[
  11. Pretty hard to do :/ I've been housebound more or less for 2 years and the only situations I've left the house for is medical surgery at the hospital or emergency doctors appointments
  12. I've never thought to keep a diary, I haven't recieved the form yet no I rang up the DWP office earlier this month and they said it could be December/January before it comes. Just want to be best prepared evidence wise and explaining myself properly on the form.
  13. Thanks for your help reallymadwoman, still worrying to death about filling in the ESA50 and making sure I give as much detailed information as I can about how my condition affects my day to day life
  14. Another question if you dont mind answering guys, I will probably be having a home visit when I have my reassessment if a F2F is needed should I have someone in the room with me when the assessment is carried out? Also should I ask for it to be recorded?
  15. Is the significantly worsen your physical/mental health a special descriptor? How could I prove that other than it would cause me to self harm more? :/
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