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Found 8 results

  1. Roche CoaguChek device producing inaccurate results READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/roche-coaguchek-device-producing-inaccurate-results
  2. We recently made a request to our housing association to be re-housed due to health problems and my wife suffers with mobility issues. My wife's doctor also provided a supporting letter to the housing association to verify that there were health problems. The housing association arranged for their own independent occupational therapist to assess my wife's mobility issues and to provide a report to the housing association. The housing association agreed that there was an urgent need to be re-housed although the property must have a number of major adaptions in place and the housing association has very limited stock of adapted properties and a very long wait is expected. We could not understand why the assessment outcome was for all of these adaptions to be in place. The housing association provided me with a copy of the occupational therapist report and most of the information is inaccurate and way over the top. I have complained to the housing association that the occupational therapist report is inaccurate which has resulted in us unlikely ever to be re-housed. I have contacted the occupational therapist's firm to see why they have made so many errors on their report and they will not comment. My legal question is that I wish to challenge the findings of the occupational therapist's assessment (which was organised by the housing association by their independent OT). Do I challenge the housing association who arranged the assessment or the occupational therapist's firm? Thank you
  3. Hi, just wanted some advice regarding a would-have-been purchase for me. I saw a listing on a national building centers website ( a section for trade members specifically ) for a deal on an in-store collection item which had a ladder for sale at £24.00 inc VAT however the ladder you would actually be given at the till is not the ladder that they list the specifications for online. as this would result in me making a trip to the store ( a 35 min drive ) to find out that the online page was not correct, where would I stand? I do hope this makes sense. Many thanks
  4. I was caught driving in my HGV not wearing a seat belt. Caught red handed and have no excuse. I received a summons to attend my local Justice of the Peace court with police statement attached. The statement is very inaccurate. Officer states he was sitting observing traffic when he noticed my driving without a belt. The officer actually passed me while I was stationary on a roundabout, he was driving round the roundabout and doubled back to pull me over. Whislt I do not contest the charge at the time, why can an officer make up the situation and put it in writing. If I was to obtain video evidence from his camera that he was driving and not sitting stationary observing traffic, and had to divert his course to pull me over........ Is it worth a challenge.
  5. I just got my esa 85 this morning, the report from my medical. I was put into the support group again for another 6 months. In my assessment I saw a nice doctor who said he was sympathetic to my condition but that the way the wca is set out made it very difficult for him but he did say his wife had the same condition as me and he knew how ill I must be. I left thinking I would not get ESA but I did and sent away for my esa 85. I was surprised to read in the report that the hcp had put down information he had gained from examining me which I don't think is true. I believe he did this to ensure I recieved esa even though I don't strictly fit the catagory. I am pleased but worry if this inaccuracy will cause problems in the future?
  6. Having had several debt collection companies make contact about a Barclaycard account of which I have no knowledge, and having seen them off with letters from the CAG library, I thought I'd better check my credit report which I have just done via Noddle. I have found to my astonishment that there was a default placed on my credit file for a non-existent account with Barclaycard in July 2012 and have no idea how it got there. Bizarrely it is showing payments as being up to date on this non existent account from March 2007 until January 2012 when they started being recorded as late. I have no such account, have lived at this address for 7+ years and the first I became aware of ann issue was a letter from Capquest last August which alluded to an Egg card outstanding balance. I used to have an Egg card account which was closed before I moved to my present address and I have heard nothing from Egg ever since. I'm not sure I even still have the paperwork as it was closed so long ago. Since I have had no need for additional credit, I haven't bothered checking my credit report until now and have raised a dispute via Noddle but don't know what to do next. I have certainly made no payment to any such Barclaycard account ever, and have only paid my MBNA credit card since moving to this address in 2005. It is up to date, as is my joint mortgage. Even if it has something to do with the old Egg account, it would have to be statute barred by now and therefore 'extinguished' as I live in Scotland and have made no payment or acknowledgment for 7+ years. Can someone please advise as it is clearly an inaccurate default and I want it removed. Thank you.
  7. Hi All, I'm new to the site, so apologies if this is posted in the wrong place. I've just checked my credit file with Equifax, and I've noticed that a default has been added onto there that doesn't belong to me from BT. I've just moved out of my father's house into my own place (he has the first inital and surname as me), and it would appear that his defaulted BT account has made it's way onto my credit file! The entry shows "Mr J XXXX" and the date of birth field is blank. The amount is only small, at £50 but this has absolutely destroyed my credit score! I've spoken to my Dad and he has said he got into BT a while ago and refused to pay their bill, the account has since been passed on many times and he has no idea who it is with now. Can somebody advise the best way to get this off my file?!
  8. I am reporting the exceptionally poor customer service from play.com which I have received since first attempting to purchase a product from them in time for Christmas. Their latest so-called communication adds insult to injury by suggesting that we fill in some form in order to return a product to them. We have never received the product we ordered on 6/12/2010 and 56 days later, we are still waiting for an adequate explanation and a refund from play.com. They have delayed again and again in dealing with this issue which has caused us considerable inconvenience. It is clear that play.com do not care one little bit about their customer, inconvenience to the customer, loss to the customer, providing inaccurate information about stock/product availability and the dates when product was despatched. I will never use play.com again for any purchase. I am lookign to have the full amount paid refunded immediately and the order cancelled.
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