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  1. Would that be on the loan documentation?
  2. They've sent me some paperwork confirming the total balance and that I have increased my minimum monthly payments to £25/m. Originally I was paying Hitachi £97/m and Tesco £185/m. My intention has always been to repay the debt. However my conditions are extremely prevalent, and the stress of dealing with my debt on top of the conditions has been too much. So I just cannot envisage a way of paying it all back short of winning the lottery. One good thing: receiving treatment for my conditions has definitely helped me to bring my spending under control. Without treatment, I am no more capable of stopping it than I am of stopping blinking or breathing.
  3. I was advised to create a new bank account and I am currently with Co-Operative Bank. My HSBC account is still live though. HSBC have frozen interest/overdraft charges. EDIT: No CCJS. I am considering bankruptcy though. If my creditors won't accept the settlement offers I am considering paying them anyway and declaring bankruptcy.
  4. Hi, ok, thank you. I owe: £7900 to Tesco Finance. They have been absolutely amazing with me. £3900 to Hitachi Finance. They claim I missed 3 months token payments (to my knowledge this is not true) and have passed me onto cabot Financial. Cabot have also been brilliant. £6500 to my parents for bailing me out of debt, helping me to pay for treatment etc. £1500 to HSBC Bank for overdraft, fees, charges etc. My debts to Tesco and Hitachi have entered pre-default despite me making minimum payments. EDIT: My debts accrued over years of untreated illness. I have various complaints against the NHS as I and my parents begged them for help over the course of my life. These complaints have gone to the Health Ombudsman and my MP.
  5. Hi all. I have a number of conditions which have led to excessive debt that I cannot possibly repay in full. I am now receiving the treatment and some of the support I need for my conditions; however the vast debt is preventing me from moving forward with my life, and my credit rating is in ruins. My total debt: £20,000 My total income: Disability benefits (which I'm having to fight for in court) Part of my ADHD is reckless and impulsive behaviour which cannot be controlled. This has led to me accruing ridiculous debt without having anything apart from an eight year old computer to show for it. My conditions were only diagnosed aged 35. Their impact has been so devastating that I am simply incapable of taking on a job at this time. My doctors and therapists have also warned me to avoid jobs, relationships etc while I heal. I *may* be awarded a large backpayment of PIP on Monday. If this happens, I was planning to write to my creditors offering them a one-off lump sum. They are all aware of my conditions and have generally treated me extremely well (although I am now in pre-default status on my loans). Can anyone suggest the wording for this? How can I word it to show that they either accept the reduced offer, or I pay it anyway then declare myself bankrupt? Thanks to anyone who actually read all this!
  6. I'm going to speak to the union staff about occupational health tomorrow. I'm also going to try to arrange something with my doctor re a diagnosis. I am increasingly coming to dislike the job. I don't get any enjoyment or satisfaction from working there any more because I have realised that the job and the company are inherently negative. I also want to use my intelligence and problem-solving skills. They have chosen to employ brand new staff for the department I wanted to move to rather than take advantage of my 3 years' experience. You're probably suspecting they are punishing me for my absences, but they don't work like that. I'm getting a pay rise based on my performance and last year I won a huge performance bonus. This is about what exists and what doesn't exist. The company is run by "machine men, with machine hearts and machine minds". It's about ones and zeros. Being in my current role is a one. Changing my current role based on MY needs as an individual, as opposed to their needs as a company, is a zero. Zeros are oblivion - they don't exist and there is no possibility of their existing. Being able to conceive a zero idea is something they cannot do.
  7. Hi, It was a Subaru bought from an independent dealer who imports performance Japanese cars. I do not have a copy of the advert. They took the advert down when I paid my deposit. I did not save a screenshot of the advert as I did not know I would need to. I had a limited test drive due to the dealer telling me the car had had an engine rebuild so I could not "floor it" and there was no way to detect any of the more serious issues since we were in a city centre driving in traffic. The price I paid reflected a car of this type in excellent condition. I had to sell it to a scrap merchant 7 months later for less than a tenth of its purchase price. The car's condition continued to deteriorate from the first day of ownership and must have had significant problems before I bought it. If needed I will post an exhaustive (and trust me, that is a good word to use) list of all the faults. I would basically have needed to drive up the ramp of a car transporter, fly over the top of the transporter and hit the ground in order to inflict the kind of suspension damage found during the inspection. EDIT: It may put things into perspective when I tell you I bought this from Bradford. When I told my sister (who works for the police) where I bought it from she was horrified.
  8. Hi, let's call it a day on this thread. The problem with my employer is not going to go away so I will need to find another job. Now that I am aware of my own strengths and limitations, I know which jobs I will be suited to and which to avoid. Thanks to everyone for their assistance. I have learned a lot from this discussion.
  9. I've been going with the advice of GPs for 20 years. I saw my history on the doctor's computer screen last time I was there. It's full of "behavioural problems", "anxiety", "depression". Nobody ever offered any kind of solution, just pills. No therapy, no insights, no attempts to find out the cause of all these problems. Should I wait another 20 years, or do I take positive and affirmative action? The way I see it, a patient has the right to get to the bottom of their problems and should ask for further support when their GP draws a blank. I don't make boasts about being right to show off. That's just the way things work with my doctors. I wouldn't have a problem with doctors if this was not the case.
  10. Hi, until I met this therapist I have never had support. Getting through life has been like wading through waist-deep snow while everyone else is on skis. There aren't any support groups for adults in my area. I have been asked to help set one up. I am the only member of the team who meets the criteria for aspergers. Therefore my team cannot really help me either - I will only make progress when I start meeting other aspies.
  11. There are many, many things a GP cannot diagnose. In this case I need to be referred by my GP to an autism specialist. Unless I try to get a doctor in another city, in which case I will probably need to go private, I am not sure how I am going to get away from this one. The idea of making a complaint is not something I've explored since I have no recourse to another GP, but I will actually explore this option tomorrow. You made three assumptions there. 1. Self-diagnosis: I was advised to read up on aspergers by the therapist and I meet nearly all the symptoms, including the advantageous ones that are not commonly known. My condition has drastically improved in the last few months since I started behavioural therapy for aspergers. I went to my current doctor with that information: "I've agreed with my therapist that I have all the major and most of the minor symptoms of aspergers. It explains everything I have been through and has helped me to get my life on track. Will you refer me to...?" 2. My previous GP: I actually went to a doctor's practice where there were a number of doctors. One told me I was borderline psychotic, which I certainly am not, and this has never been suggested since. Another was so insulting to my aunt she made a formal complaint. A third left me feeling suicidal, the only time in my life I ever felt like that. A fourth doctor had such a heavy Indian accent he was legendary for people not understanding him. Ironic, as he was actually a decent man and listened to people most of the time. 3. Doctors not being happy about self-diagnosis: My current doctor doesn't like it when I think ahead of him, but that is how my brain works. No doctor has ever actually said they don't appreciate me thinking ahead. My current doctor is very quick to shoot me down, but time consistently proves me right.
  12. As previously stated, I went to him to get away from the previous doctors. I'm not sure how switching back would be good judgement.
  13. Hi all, thanks for your advice. The reason I am unhappy about going through my GP is because, as previously stated, he has consistently been unhelpful and is frequently rude. He has not provided me with any useful advice and gets quite negative when I suggest things. Yes, I have to research and suggest things to my GP. Even the reception staff don't like him - the practice manager actually said that to me. I moved to this doctor a few years ago to get away from the previous doctors who were actually worse! However, as people have correctly stated, I can only get this referral by standing tall, walking into his office and asking. It's worth the stress that confrontation (and it probably will be a confrontation) causes. Finally, just so people don't get the wrong idea, I do not go around seeking arguments or conflict. I ask for things that I want, I do not storm in and demand them or start being belligerent when I am refused. Whether or not I am actually diagnosed with aspergers or something else that I haven't heard of yet, I cannot see my employer working with me at all and that's why I feel squeezed out. By the way, my apologies to those who find all this personal stuff uncomfortable, I just don't know how to explain the situation without getting into it.
  14. Hi everyone. An "unofficial diagnosis" means that all the tests we took, which includes one I took in my own time on aspergers.com, show I display most of the traits of aspergers and am highly likely to have it. If I don't get diagnosed with it, then in lieu of any other suggestions I will still need to manage myself as though I am aspergers. My therapist has asked me to be a member of staff on a new adult aspergers support group. Of 8 staff, I am the only one who could qualify as aspergers. Our group hasn't finished setting up yet. I'm dreading speaking to the incompetent, rude, Elmer Fudd lookalike who calls himself my doctor. He won't refer me to a specialist unit for a formal diagnosis. He wants to refer me to a doctor he knows who specialises in aspergers. God only knows what adventures await - maybe he's referring me to Yosemite Sam. I texted my team leader to thank her for the moral support. (It's not her fault my employers are machine men with machine hearts.) I told her I don't want to let her down and I appreciate what she had done for me, even if I don't always think to stop and say thank you.
  15. Hi, I did post it for your benefit. You seem way more savvy than the average manager. You're probably well thought-of by staff. The ones who don't like you, if any, are probably the ones who shouldn't be working there. These conditions are really common so hopefully it will help someone who hasn't done as much research as we have. Introspection still takes up an inordinate amount of time for me. That's why I am very interested in learning about other people as you mentioned earlier. It must be tough for my team leader to be caught between someone who wants to move up and a company that is always pressing down.
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