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  1. So I take care of Gas/Electricity switching for my grandmother, so her account is linked to my e-mail address as I submit meter readings online for her and such since she's basically a technophobe for anything more than a TV, and when I checked my e-mails this morning I had one from EDF saying "Thanks for booking an appointment to have Smart Meters installed" I hadn't made any such appointment online, and my grandmother had made no such appointment on the phone either, so EDF had simply taken it upon themselves to book a Smart Meter installation for her in 2 weeks time. Fortunately I wa
  2. It's obvious that the government is making it so difficult with benefits they are hoping that everyone will just give up claiming but I didn't know whether to laugh, cry or head butt the wall with this situation and just wondering if anyone has had similar problems because apparently the people in front and behind me in the cashiers queue had the same issue!! Had a medical appointment in London yesterday for my ongoing vertigo issue and am on UC at the moment (although haven't received anything as yet due to my last pay packet back in July!). However I can't remember where but someone tol
  3. Hi all, > I am trying to put together a letter to Lenovo due to an issue I had with my laptop. We paid an extra amount (£68.40 for a 3 year two business day repair, which actually turned out to be response (ie: an engineer contacts us in 2 business days to resolve the issue). Timeline: Raised issue 18/7 Chased 20/7 Chased 23/7 at which point it was escalated. No idea who to as they still won't tell me. 24/7 finally get a call to make an appointment for 26/7. 26/7 - No show. Called to find out what was going on, and the engineer was ill. New appt made 1/8. 1/8 - No
  4. Hi all Has anyone ever had the JC all and state that youve missed an appointment, even though you never had notifcation of the said appointment......... Back in April I attended one of these work focus interviews with one them work coaches, so to cover my own back I took the wife along to be a witness more than anything and the way it was left I was handed an action plan and told me he'd see me in approx 6 months On Friday I get a call from this work coach at the JC claiming I have missed an appointment that morning...after listening to the message on the answer phone my other h
  5. I started claiming in December and from 23-12-15 I wa given an 82 sanction (dismissal from work) and 2 weeks ago I had a back to work appointment but couldn't attend due to me having a doctors appointment at the roughly same time. I called up universal credit and there was a problem getting me a new appointment so they said my local job centre would call me with s new app intent which they didn't (didn't bother me I understand they're busy) I didn't get a call so called up this morning and was given a new appointment for this Thursday morning with the same advisor that spoke to me like **** pr
  6. Hi-I was just wondering if anyone knows how far they can actually make you travel to these appointments, at the moment they are making me travel 30 miles just to do job searches on the computer etc. its an hours drive at least cos the traffic is awful or 2hours on public transport. Also, am currently on a sanction because my wonderful "advisor" sent me an email telling me to attend the wrong office for my appointment so obviously I missed it (they have one 12 miles away from me as well but she reckons they only see esa people there...?) so obviously I have no money whatsoever until my ha
  7. Hi,hope someone can help,last oct(2012) i missed an apointment for a medical assesment because i got my dates mixed up.April(2013) I attended my reschedulled appointment but the medical asseser said she wasnt qualified to give a decision on my condition and i would have to attend again and see someone who could I got an appointment for 10am 24/10/2013 about a month/6 weeks before the date,then i think it was about the 6/10/2013 I recieved what i thought was the same appointment,and a "cancellation of app" letter,but the app was for 20 mins later,now because i misread the letter and didnt att
  8. I am presently claiming ESA, and have been told in a letter that it will cease in March this year. An appointment for an assessment was made by DWP for 21st December, but I couldn't attend due to being away, and I told them that on the phone . So I was then told I had to come on the Sunday 20th December at 3.00pm, but I couldn't make that one either and finally got another appointment for 28th December. I attended that one, but after waiting for over 30 minutes, I was told that because there was not a neurologist to assess me, another appointment would be made for me with a neurologist.
  9. Hi there. My son and his partner are joint claiming Jobseeker's Allowance. I hope someone who has Jobcentre experience can help me out. We have a two part question - first part is relating to appointment scheduling, and the second is about funding for training. I'll stick to the question about scheduling in this post. Their normal signing day is on a Tuesday in the a.m. However, at their last appointment 2 weeks ago, their Jobcentre adviser told them that he was going to be absent from their next scheduled fortnightly appointment due to a training course he had to attend. So, he said
  10. Good Afternoon. A colleague of mine is 9 weeks pregnant(unplanned but happy) and has used up all her holiday for this year. Unfortunately, due to her having 3 miscarriage's in the past the doctor's are ensuring she goes in for more appointments then a standard pregnancy up until 13 weeks. Our employer has now said that for any appointments she's required to attend, she won't get her standard pay and only statutory sick pay will be recieved. This will be the case even if she is only out of the office for a 2-3hours. The company may have covered themselves in the employee
  11. I have advisor appointments over the phone - only they are never at set times and the advisor never calls when we agree a time. I have stupidly not gotten the confirmation in writing so i can't make a complaint about it. Its causing me stress because: 1) the calls are not at regular intervals 2) i am caught off guard, one time she called when i told her i was away at a wedding that day - she called me when i was out and was quite cross with me. 3) today she was meant to call and hasn't 4) she claims my phone has been unavailable - even to the point she could not reach my voicemail
  12. Can someone advise me if it is legal for your employers to make you take time off in lieu for hospital appointments. My husband had a hospital appointment today, he gave his boss a copy of the appointment letter from the hospital 2weeks ago. Today when he went in and reminded them about his appointment he was told he could not go as he should have taken a lieu day or swapped his shift with someone. He did attend the appointment as he has been waiting a long time. He did not expect to be paid for the time off. When he asked to see the copy of the letter he had given them as they denied
  13. Hi, I am looking for some advice regarding my advicer at the work programme as she made me 2 appointments but I don't know which 1 to attended I am worried and confused. 1) The first appointment she made me is Attend drop in session for Job search on 14/01/2013 at 09.00 and it says on the letter this is mandatory Appointment which I recived on 05/01/2013. 2) She sent me a email on tuesday as she book me the appointment for the cleaning course on the same day but at 09.30 Which 1 do I attended? I am worried as the 1st one is Mandatory and if I don't attended this then I a
  14. Complicated situation. A relative of mine has a sick neonate. Baby needs to travel to London for a liver biopsy and the hospital have told them they must arrange transport. They don't have a car. Baby is not currently an inpatient but is going into hospital for tests and check ups daily, he was in neonatal intensive care for 3 weeks after his birth and has only been home a week or so. The boyfriend works at a fast food restaurant but is off because of the baby being poorly and is not entitled to sick pay there so they are living on child tax credits, working tax credits and child benefit
  15. Hi there, To be brief I have been informed by my HR department that if my antenatal appointments fall on days where I'm working "overtime", I would not be entitled to reasonable paid time off to attend my appointments. I use the word "overtime" loosely because it doesn't really fit the legal description of overtime pay-I get paid overtime pay but I do not work more hours then a full time employee. I am contracted to work 8 hours a week-my contract is for 8 hours flexi-time so my shifts will vary week to week to suit the needs of the buisness but for at least the last 6 months I hav
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