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Found 22 results

  1. I have an Aviva small self-administered pension scheme and now wish to encash in full. Should be straightforward? Not with this bunch of cowboys. Here are my experiences:- Calling 'customer services' takes ages to answer When they do answer, the person cannot offer any meaningful help without putting you in another 30 minute call queue Aviva confirmed all paperwork was in order, but would take 10 business days to 'process' Called Aviva on the 11th business day having heard nothing When questioned on the reason for inaction, their reply was "your address has changed". No at
  2. Final resting place of a Yorkshire born WW2 soldier killed in the 'Bridge too far' Battle of Arnhem is finally marked after almost 73 years READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/final-resting-place-of-a-yorkshire-born-ww2-soldier-killed-in-the-bridge-too-far-battle-of-arnhem-is-finally-marked-after-almost-73-years
  3. My wife was previously in receipt of DLA with the higher rate of the mobility element, and had to apply for PIP. My wife has arthritis, particularly evident in the left knee, and has great difficulty walking any distance. We put on the application pack that she is unable to walk 20 Metres. What that means in reality is that she is unable to walk 20 metres without stopping to rest to relieve the pain. Anyway, we had to go to the Truro Assessment Centre in Cornwall for a "Face to Face" assessment. In order to qualify for the "Enhanced Rate" of the Mobility element under PIP, you have to claim a
  4. Hi all, This is a speculative question because I'm not on the dole yet, but who knows! Either in the process of claiming benefits or during a compliance check, one may be asked to produce evidence of capital, e. g. bank statements. Is there a rule that determines a minimum or maximum period for which this evidence must be reported? I've searched extensively on Google and I've also read the DM guide about capital but I haven't found anything. Some people have been asked 3 months worth of statements; others 6 months; some other one year. Any clue? Thanks.
  5. Ofgem's proposals to shake up the energy market put "too much onus" on the customer and "do not go far enough", says one energy company boss. The energy regulator said four million pre-pay customers would be protected by an interim price cap from next April. It added it would work with suppliers to help "disengaged" customers to search for cheaper deals. But First Utility's managing director, Ed Kamm, told the BBC the plans were in danger of helping the wrong people. "Ofgem itself admits that consumers who are already engaged in the market will see the first benefits," he said
  6. Ofgem's proposals to shake up the energy market put "too much onus" on the customer and "do not go far enough", says one energy company boss. The energy regulator said four million pre-pay customers would be protected by an interim price cap from next April. It added it would work with suppliers to help "disengaged" customers to search for cheaper deals. But First Utility's managing director, Ed Kamm, told the BBC the plans were in danger of helping the wrong people. "Ofgem itself admits that consumers who are already engaged in the market will see the first benefits," he said
  7. Hi, Thanks to all those who post such great advice. I am currently in the process of claiming for irresponsible lending. I have had a great number of payday loans due to a gambling problem. I have had an offer from Quickquid via the FOS to repay interest on the last two loans made in October. I am just after some advice as to have far I could reasonably claim back for to see if it is worth shortening the fight. I have outlined the dates and amounts below. I have already had a judgment from the adjudicator that one in August was irresponsibly lent so I am working on the basis that everything
  8. Hi-I was just wondering if anyone knows how far they can actually make you travel to these appointments, at the moment they are making me travel 30 miles just to do job searches on the computer etc. its an hours drive at least cos the traffic is awful or 2hours on public transport. Also, am currently on a sanction because my wonderful "advisor" sent me an email telling me to attend the wrong office for my appointment so obviously I missed it (they have one 12 miles away from me as well but she reckons they only see esa people there...?) so obviously I have no money whatsoever until my ha
  9. I posted here a while ago with my npower problems...just two post, one had too much info and the other not enough lol. Anyway... The ombudsman came up with a final solution I did not agree with...so I declined it. There is no appeal process. Last week I was told on the phone my account was one of the lucky 1000 but this week it is not. I Have so Today I have: installed a phonecall recording app on my tablet. Sent of my £10 cheque and letter requesting data Sent off a letter (from Which?) giving notice of taking them to court. MY QUESTIONS are this...
  10. Hi there, I had a bank account with Halifax from 2002 to 2006, could i potentially claim back bank charges on an account so old? kind regards
  11. http://www.itv.com/news/calendar/2015-06-10/i-feared-for-my-life-says-vulnerable-man-detained-by-supermarket-workers/
  12. I have been offered a full-time freelance role with a creative company in a field I want to work in. But as I'll need to make major sacrifices for it I want to be careful. So would anyone mind clarifying what effect these clauses could have in future, and whether or not they are standard/acceptable? Thanks so much in advance if you can advise (Omissions have been made to keep this brief) [The Contractor] waives their Moral Rights ... in respect of any acts of [the business] or any acts of third parties done with [the business]'s authority in relation to any copyright works produced who
  13. Hi In 2005 I got the following: Together Mortgage £113000, Picture Loan £33000, Welcome Loan £21000, RBS Debt totaling £25000 credit card debt totaling £ 9,000. PAYDAY LOANS total £1200. I was in great despair as I was going through a divorce had an ectopic pregnancy and lived in a house half built. I was off work due to ectopic pregnancy and was losing money fast. On top of this my step daughter came to live with me and I was trying to help her through college etc. My ex husband was very nasty and he was due to leave the army and I go
  14. Hi People. I am wanting to know if you fail to let Perfect Home know of your new address how far to they go in searching for you and tracking you down and what will happened when they find you. I am asking as I am worried about a family member because she can longer afford payments and is moving to a smaller property but says she is not giving the items back as they are a rip off. will they contact police bah bah. Thanks
  15. Hi Guys, Looking for a bit of info for myself this time. Back in the 90's, I was stuck in the endless cycle of charges upon charges which ate very heavily into my wages at the time. I recall one instance of sitting in a managers office refusing to pay £35-00 for going a whole two pence overdrawn... These charges really had a serious adverse effect on my life at the time, and I ended up using the CCCS, as they were then, to help get me out of the mire. I still remember the account number, as it is ingrained into my head. As I said, this was the nineties onwards, un
  16. Ok firstly hi, this is my 1st post on here. I have however been reading endless posts and in part this has made me and my wife make the final decision to stop trying to deny our dept and hit it head on. We are about £32000 in dept between us and although I haven't done a full budget plan yet I have roughly calculated at this point we can spare £800 per month to go to our creditors. The first thing that worries me is they will just refuse a monthly payment once they are defaulted and the second issue is getting them to stop or reduce the interest.
  17. Good morning. Our local hospital has woefully inadequate parking resulting in the disabled spaces being placed quite a distance from the entrance. The remedy for this is that benches have been placed so that disabled people can rest during the long walk. However my wife finds it impossible to complete the distance on foot and so parked her car in a "drop off only" space (displaying her blue badge). On her return to the car a red notice had been placed on it as a warning notice with no fee payable. The problem is now she has to go there again and will need to almost certainly park in the same p
  18. Can anyone advise please? I changed my home insurance from company A to company B (swinton) in December 2012. As the renewal had come up from company A, I decided to look for a better quote and came up with company B. Filled in forms gave them bank details and had policy at hand before old policy ended. There was 2 weeks between one and the other ending and starting. In those last 2 weeks we had a broken window and had to claim off policy A although it was due to end soon after .Remember I had already filled in all the details with B and disclosed all ther
  19. I have found a credit agreement and statements with Lombard Tricity Finance (now GE Money) from 1995, how far can I go back or is this too old? Thank you
  20. Hi everyone, i hope you can help. I purchased a Samsung TV from comet on 23.02.11. It has developed a fault where the volume goes up and down and switches channels automatically. I've searched Google and I'm not the only one, it seems a fairly common Samsung fault. I went to see the store on 16.08.12 ( year and half after purchase date) and they wanted nothing to do with it. The manager wouldn't even pass on the letter I'd taken in with me, just point blank refused to take it. He said my claim is with Samsung and nothing to do with them. I've written to Hugh Harvey explaining
  21. Hi everyone, I stupidly borrowed £400 off these idiots back in December/January which i could not pay off. They kept taking money out of my Lloyds TSB account totaling £100 which put me in a mess with my account and now i owe nearly £1000 to Lloyds for charges and unarranged overdrafts! The problem i have is now 6 months down the line, with no contact at all apart from a couple of texts a few months ago threatening me with the bailiffs, i got a call from a women who worked for them saying i now owe CFO £1000, so the £400 loan is now at £1000. I told her i wouldn't be paying it
  22. hello i am going to reclaim ppi from an old tsb account had a few loans plus i have a tsb creditcard account that has been sold onto a debt recovery agency any advice greatly appreciated i was thinking of putting in a sar to start with is this the way to go and will a sar get me all the info i need ty in advance
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