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    MBNA Late Payment

    can you say that again, i think i got half a mesage
  2. Jam555s

    MBNA Late Payment

    Hi there, i started a new job recently, and had to wait 6 weeks before i got my first new wage, my MBNA bill was due on the 15th but i paid it on the 25th, 10 days late, but MBNA have put a late payment on my credit file, i thought that was only for if it was more that 1 month late, i spoke to AQUA who i had they same issue, and they amended it, but but MBNA wont!!! looks like i will have to raise a complaint any help
  3. hi there, looking for some advice, i moved in with my girlfriend recently, when going over her credit file, we have noticed 2 x defaults from British Gas, i was with edf energy and they never reported to my credit file, I didn't think this could be done, is there any way this can be removed?
  4. Hi there, I am looking for advice, I have a " decree" on my credit file, from 2012 for £481, from a company called Hacking and Paterson relating to maintenance charges for a communal block of flats, the reason for the arrears at the time, was a serious gambling addiction, The reason it went to court is that no doubt the company would have been sending me arrears letters then a letter to appear at court, but as you can imagine someone with the illness of a gambling addiction never opens their letters, this meant that the case went to the small claims court, I wasn’t there to defend myself or offer and arrangement, therefore the case went against me, I have been reading that it is possible to have the decree "recalled" if there is a good reason for me not defending myself at the time. **GOOD NEWS** The bill in question has long been paid off, and the company still manage my flats maintenance, after a discussion the company have sent me two separate letters confirming 1. the bill has been paid in full 2. That they have no objections to the decree being recalled (i.e. they would not contest it) I could do all of this on my own, but would like your thoughts
  5. Hi there, I had a bank account with Halifax from 2002 to 2006, could i potentially claim back bank charges on an account so old? kind regards
  6. Hi DX thanks for your comments am i best to use the template in the CAG template page, with the attached printed out "StatIntSheet v101.xls" spreadsheet? http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?390026-Mortgages-Reclaiming-Charges-**Correct-as-at-October-2013** kind regards
  7. Hi team I am writing to lending stream as they have put the wrong default date on my credit file, and there are 2 entrys for the account, 1 - with PRA Group as it was sold on and 2 - with lending stream please can you check over and give me your opinion Thanks Lending Stream Wisteria Grange Barn Pikes End Pinner London HA5 2EX Date: 23/07/2015 Loan ID #********** Amendment to credit file Dear Sirs, After recently obtaining a copy of my Credit File from the Credit Reference Agencies, I am concerned to note that your company has placed a "Default" notice against an account I held with you. Please find attached document “Principles for the Reporting of Arrears, Arrangements and Defaults at Credit Reference Agencies” and a copy of my Experian credit File Point 1 • Please see attached credit file The debt has been sold on to PRA Group, who is now the legal owner of the debt, and they have an entry in my credit file. But there still remains the lending stream entry which is the same details, as it has been sold on, the PRA group entry should replace the lending stream entry, as both are still there, the older version (yours) is a duplicate and require this to be removed. Point 2 • I had the account from 23/03/2011 to 23/08/2011 at this point the account fell into arrears and defaulted, with the last payment by myself on the 23/04/2011 The Attached 2014 document by the Information Commissioner’s Office: Principles for the Reporting of Arrears, Arrangements and Defaults at Credit Reference Agencies. It states: on “page 6 PRINCIPLE 4” “As a general guide, [a default may be recorded] when you are 3 months in arrears, and normally by the time you are 6 months in arrears”. • On my credit file it shows a default date of 17/11/2012 a full “14” months after the account defaulted, this is a breach, as it is inaccurate information, date should be 23/07/2011 Resolution I would like you to amend my credit file accordingly by removing the duplicate entry, and also to contact debt management company PRA who are the legal owners of the debt to update their records also, Their ref is “Ref:*******” giving the correct date of between 23/07/11 as a default date If both points are not rectified I reserve right to put in a complaint to the Information Commissioner and / or a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman
  8. ahh ok, on what basis should be asking for my charges back? and do you have a more relevant template or could you amend it as you see fit and reply back with it i take it i use the spreadsheet, put in all my charges, print it off and attach to my letter? thanks again Dx
  9. is that just for ppi? ive never had ppi, only claiming arrears and legal fees? can you send me a link?
  10. thanks for replying dx100uk, what spreadsheet are you meaning, the "CISheet v101.xls"?
  11. Hi there. A few years ago i had a serious gambling addiction, in which i fell behind in my mortgage with santander (amongst other accounts) After some professional help, i now no longer gamble, and have worked hard to clear my mortgage arrears I plan to write to santander to claim back arrears fees and legal charges relating to that period, as i feel i was a vulnerable customer, yet bank did not try and help me, but made a lot of money out of me while i was in arrears i have a rough letter, please can you all look over the letter and give me your advice, or even a better letter, Thanks Team F.A.O -Mortgage complaints department Complaints, Santander UK PLC, PO Box 1125, Bradford BD1 9PG Mortgage number- ***************** Mortgage Address - ***************************** I would like to make a formal complaint in relation to my mortgage with Santander and how I felt I was treated during my time within you’re collections department and my spell of financial difficulty. In September 2011, I fell behind with my mortgage due to a severe gambling addiction which I notified you at the time. I feel you were very unsympathetic with my personal situation and did work with me to put appropriate arrangements in place. I completed several I&E during my time within the collections department however as discussed on one of my calls to your department I am the sole contributor to the bills and the mortgage so these would all show as unaffordable to pay my contractual monthly payment + an additional amount to the arrears . The other name on the mortgage, Mrs ********(my mother) did not live with me nor contribute to the mortgage. I was never asked any questions related to my situation, or discuss my I&E and felt pressured in to maintaining arrangement’s which were unaffordable and caused me to borrow additional funds from payday lenders which resulted in me falling further into difficulty and thus incurring more charges for broken arrangement’s. I believe Santander did not treat me fairly while my account had fallen behind, I firstly fell they were too quick to pursue legal action without considering all other options which resulted in me incurring legal charges from yourself, as well as solicitor charges from you’re solicitors and having to pay a solicitor of my own to help causing my to fall even further behind and in a worse off position. I fell the £40 per month charge is excessive and does not truly reflect the work involved in monitoring my account while I was behind. I believe these charges are a penalty charge and legally unfair in terms of the 1999 Unfair Terms in Consumer Contract Regulations (SI. 1999/2083). I believe this because: • charges have been imposed on my default, namely because I incurred mortgage arrears; • default charges at common law must reflect actual costs and the penalties you have imposed far exceed any actual additional administrative costs that my default has incurred; and • imposing fixed monthly charges because I am in arrears with my mortgage requires me to pay a disproportionately high sum in compensation to you, particularly as during most months I am in arrears you have little or no contact with me; and therefore these charges are legally unenforceable under reference to para 1(e) of schedule 2 to the 1999 Regulations. Your mortgage default charges are very similar to credit card default charges. On 5 April 2006 the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) announced that credit card default charges which are set at more than £12 will be presumed to be unfair and unenforceable in terms of the 1999 Regulations. Charges above this sum will be subject to legal action by the OFT (press release 68/06 - online here: http://www.oft.gov.uk/News/Press+releases/2006/68-06.htm). The OFT stated that a charge is not fair simply because it is below this sum, and I believe that a reasonable charge would be no more than your loss of base rate interest on the sums I have failed to pay. For example, if I was in arrears of £500 for one month your loss would be: (Base rate interest) x (level of arrears) x (length of time in arrears) 5.75% x 500 x 1/12 = £2.39 As a resolution for my complaint I would ask for all fees including legal fees/solicitor fees refunded as well as a payment for the distress and inconvenience I have incurred. Please feel free to contact me on the number below if you need any further information, Many thanks, James **********
  12. Lending Stream Hi there, in March 2011 I took out a loan with lending stream (amongst others), which I didn’t pay back, Due to a gambling addiction (addiction fixed now:-)) All of my accounts at the time fell into arrears and therefore default, which I deserved But upon checking my credit file, all of my other accounts show a default date of around may-sept 2011, yet lending stream show there’s as Nov 2012 With the 6 year rule I was happy to wait till sept 2017, but lending streams is a more than a year later, I thought It was a reporting mistake so I called them, and they confirmed the same date Surely it should have defaulted within 3 months to 180 days like the rest, I’ve heard of lending stream being weird how they report things to the CCA’s Can I challenge this? I.e. you should have defaulted me sooner
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