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    MBNA Late Payment

    can you say that again, i think i got half a mesage
  2. Jam555s

    MBNA Late Payment

    Hi there, i started a new job recently, and had to wait 6 weeks before i got my first new wage, my MBNA bill was due on the 15th but i paid it on the 25th, 10 days late, but MBNA have put a late payment on my credit file, i thought that was only for if it was more that 1 month late, i spoke to AQUA who i had they same issue, and they amended it, but but MBNA wont!!! looks like i will have to raise a complaint any help
  3. hi there, looking for some advice, i moved in with my girlfriend recently, when going over her credit file, we have noticed 2 x defaults from British Gas, i was with edf energy and they never reported to my credit file, I didn't think this could be done, is there any way this can be removed?
  4. Hi there, I am looking for advice, I have a " decree" on my credit file, from 2012 for £481, from a company called Hacking and Paterson relating to maintenance charges for a communal block of flats, the reason for the arrears at the time, was a serious gambling addiction, The reason it went to court is that no doubt the company would have been sending me arrears letters then a letter to appear at court, but as you can imagine someone with the illness of a gambling addiction never opens their letters, this meant that the case went to the small claims court, I wasn’t there to defend
  5. Hi there, I had a bank account with Halifax from 2002 to 2006, could i potentially claim back bank charges on an account so old? kind regards
  6. Hi DX thanks for your comments am i best to use the template in the CAG template page, with the attached printed out "StatIntSheet v101.xls" spreadsheet? http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?390026-Mortgages-Reclaiming-Charges-**Correct-as-at-October-2013** kind regards
  7. Hi team I am writing to lending stream as they have put the wrong default date on my credit file, and there are 2 entrys for the account, 1 - with PRA Group as it was sold on and 2 - with lending stream please can you check over and give me your opinion Thanks Lending Stream Wisteria Grange Barn Pikes End Pinner London HA5 2EX Date: 23/07/2015 Loan ID #********** Amendment to credit file Dear Sirs, After recently obtaining a copy of my Credit File from the Credit Reference Agencies, I am concerned to note that your company has place
  8. ahh ok, on what basis should be asking for my charges back? and do you have a more relevant template or could you amend it as you see fit and reply back with it i take it i use the spreadsheet, put in all my charges, print it off and attach to my letter? thanks again Dx
  9. is that just for ppi? ive never had ppi, only claiming arrears and legal fees? can you send me a link?
  10. thanks for replying dx100uk, what spreadsheet are you meaning, the "CISheet v101.xls"?
  11. Hi there. A few years ago i had a serious gambling addiction, in which i fell behind in my mortgage with santander (amongst other accounts) After some professional help, i now no longer gamble, and have worked hard to clear my mortgage arrears I plan to write to santander to claim back arrears fees and legal charges relating to that period, as i feel i was a vulnerable customer, yet bank did not try and help me, but made a lot of money out of me while i was in arrears i have a rough letter, please can you all look over the letter and give me your advice, or even a better le
  12. Lending Stream Hi there, in March 2011 I took out a loan with lending stream (amongst others), which I didn’t pay back, Due to a gambling addiction (addiction fixed now:-)) All of my accounts at the time fell into arrears and therefore default, which I deserved But upon checking my credit file, all of my other accounts show a default date of around may-sept 2011, yet lending stream show there’s as Nov 2012 With the 6 year rule I was happy to wait till sept 2017, but lending streams is a more than a year later, I thought It was a reporting mistake so I called them, and the
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