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  1. so got the bundle in the post today. what do i do next? they sent a huge lot that was quite daunting BUT for example... i emailed them about 20 photos. some of them are not included. about 15 have been printed out 12 times or more each creating half an inch. the notes only go back as far as this most recent complaint and does not record earlier calls. there is no record of my orignal request to join and the quote given to me. there are lots of undated printout of letters that i was not sent (contracts etc that are not emailed or posted) that i have never seen before. the statements of the accounts etc are in the amended order as given to me recently by Npower but are not an accurate date order of when things happened. My calls where i was counted down on etc and hung up to cheering are not recorded on the cdrom, nor are alny of my early calls of concern about the account other than my first ever phone call to them.
  2. sorry I've not mentioned bank details? i am a little confused?
  3. yes they tell me on the phone that i have to do it with them, then i give them my account number (closed account no longer on the system) and then they told me to email and gave me the email address as they don't deal with closed accounts on the phone. I have that call recorded
  4. i am prepared to take them to court yes i am now recording calls but this has only just started with the last two. I will look for the customer services guide.
  5. so they said they got my email and are awaitig a decision - don't worry its 3 or 4 weeks before the bailiffs turn up. they do not know why my SAR was not sent I should get it by 12th September.
  6. hello, i have a letter about my DSAR dated 5th july saying i would have it by 12th august. i did not get anything. they have not cashed my cheque when i phone the numbers on the letters they send my account number is not recognised the person on the phone told me to email the debt management team...i did this on 28th august and no reply. today i have two telemesseges about my debt and i am trying to get though on the number provided - on hold and again my account details not recognised. where do i go from here please?
  7. Hello, new update and a question please before i do anything. I have today received two final reminders from Npower I am guessing one is gas and one electric although I had a duel fuel account and neither letter states what it is for. I have again spoken to my partners legal advice. The ideal action now is that i pay the nearlly £1200 in full under protest on a credit card quoting the 1974 credit act. Alas all of my credit cards put together and taken to the limit = £700 = no money left to take them to court. So they are suggesting I take a second course of action...arrange a payment plan stating it is "under protest and without prejudice" and then start proceedings. The legal people advised me to phone up and get an email address so that I can organise this over email. I have got an email address and want to check if you feel i should proceed? as an aside, I phoned the number on my letters - the automated system would not take the account numbers on the letters and then after being on hold for 5 minutes I was hung up on when the call was answered. On my second call I was told that they don't do payment plans over the email I have to do it on the phone but then the man asked if my account was closed (i said yes) and he gave me the email address saying he couldn't help me. I am being good and using the call recording app. Thank you.
  8. I had some hoo-har with the ombudsman portal not loading on any of my computers/tablet and then loading but not opening etc and also Tyne went on Holiday at some point & I didn't realised so I emailed to ask if the case was finished or not (turned out not)
  9. case submitted 8th April 2015 First contact with my person Tyne Buttler 4th June findings publish 5th June findings published 16th June decision published 24th July
  10. 12th August on their letter. I will get two packages one with a CD and papwerwork and one with a password to get onto the CD both recorded...watch this space. As for the Iba what is done is done. I do intend to carry it forward unless the write off most of the debt. I took PC World to tribunal twice and one twice (once for me and once for a friend) I havee seen some dirty tricks!
  11. PPS I realise I owe them about £400 based on calulations from the previous and following suppliers. I can afford to pay this.
  12. Also sorry I have had a number of final demands, reminders and telle messeges for either gas or electricity but they don't all say which it is for and the all have different amounts. Npower conditioned to send them while the ombudsman was dealing only stopping at his further request. then when the press release went out about the cases I phoned up and spoke to Sharon who told me mine was on the list to be written off and to expect a letter within the week....as you can sussepct I called back 10 days later and told my account is not on the list. What on Earth should I actually do???!! (PS Orpington, Kent - no idea how Cagger got there?! lol)
  13. Hello, Thank you that is just about correct. it was always electricity for which the meter was the wrong number. I never had the complaint with Phil resolved within the 8 weeks they specified so I went to the ombudman. When the ombudsman responded they had not refered to the documents I had provided at the time which included screenshots from the npower online account showing contradictory information on one page (taken on different days with different information on). As such I disagreed with the first ruling and resent the documents including usage data from my previous supplier (limited info as it was so long ago) and usage data from my new supplier (i managed while the online account said I was in credit but the bills saying otherwise to swap to first utility and they were unable to change the meter number so have replaced it with a smart meter) The ombudsman thought that the £1000+ difference was normal. He felt it was seasonal variation ( i work in a school and have 6 weeks off at home with my daughter in summer so our usage is pretty even - we use more gas in winter but more elctric in summer) he felt I was owed £150 deduction in the money Npower allege I owe them. I decined the offer. I have taken legal advice from John Lewis where my partner works they have a scheme. There advice was to wait for the decision then...then pay any moneys in protest via credit card quoting a 1974 credit act and claim the money back for breach of contract and charge for court costs of hearing fee, issue fee and compensation. I DO NOT HAVE THE AMMOUNT ON MY CREDIT CARDS TO DO THIS!! I have written receipt of my CHEQUE payment for my data informing me of the cut off date and what I will receive. I and no reply to the same letter giving 28 days before I take court action and offering mediation.... phew....
  14. I posted here a while ago with my npower problems...just two post, one had too much info and the other not enough lol. Anyway... The ombudsman came up with a final solution I did not agree with...so I declined it. There is no appeal process. Last week I was told on the phone my account was one of the lucky 1000 but this week it is not. I Have so Today I have: installed a phonecall recording app on my tablet. Sent of my £10 cheque and letter requesting data Sent off a letter (from Which?) giving notice of taking them to court. MY QUESTIONS are this... I have a (disputed) outstanding balance 'owed' to Npower. When I take them to court should i pay installments to prevent bailiffs turning up? There is a thing online for going to court to claim money back...I do not want money (I think I still owe Npower money and want to pay it but not the ammount they think) do I claim that way for the difference or is there another court? thank you. Anita.
  15. The ombudsman has made a recommendation and I had 14 days (now 12) to agree or not.
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