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Found 19 results

  1. Hello, I have an unsecured loan (Lombard) from 1997 due to major debts around that time arranged £10/month token payment. I borrowed £5k and have repaid £2500 so far. I offrered £3000 in 2007 when I sold my house and had a small balance to clear and they refused - they say the total of the loan with interest was £7500. I now have Arden contact me and on the income and expenditure form have asked for property value/mortgage outstanding etc. Does anybody know why they ask, my loan was unsecured? thx
  2. Hi I have recently bought a 8 year old van the van was scrap engine had blown up and I payed cash to the original owner. The vehicle was on lese purchase and wich he said he had paid all in total the. The finance company have contacted me asking for £500 to settle bill?? Just looking for some advise on how to deal with this situation Many thanks
  3. In 2007 i guaranteed a limited company's hire agreement said on the face of the document to be none regulated. Total payable with interest was £26,903. The finance company are now suing me under the guarantee There is a dispute about how long the guarantee was for But that is not why i am on here posting The Company claims the Agreement was signed at a dealership - whereas it certainly was not. Im just trying to find out if they are saying that because for it to be a genuine none regulated agreement the agreement needed to be signed on trade premises. As it wasn't, does that change
  4. Hi, I'm new to the site but I'm hoping that somebody has the insight and generosity to reply to my quandary: I was recently contacted by a claims management company. They think I am owed PPI reimbursement on a 60 month car loan agreement taken out with Lombard Direct in Nov. 2007 (the outstanding balance of which was paid off in April 2011). I have no idea if this is true as I binned the documents after selling the car in 2011. I would like to claim the PPI myself but I'm finding it impossible to contact Lombard Direct on 0800 215 000 (the number provided
  5. Hi friends, I had taken out a £15k loan with Lombard Direct back in 1997 (fully paid off). I have been saving all my bank (Barclays) statements. Wanted to know if PPI was charged on this loan and had sent an SAR on the 21st of January 2014. Its the 6th of March and the 40 days period has clearly expired. I also know that the £10/- cheque I sent with the SAR has not been en-cashed. I am planning to give them a couple more days before I post the LBA (DPA non-compliance letter found in the templates section of the forum). My questions : 1. I hope thi
  6. Hi everyone, my OH and me are new here and would really appreciate some help. I have spent hours on the internet trying to decide the best course of action and my head is spinning! The story is long and complicated but I will try to keep it short. My OH took out two loans in 2000 when his marriage broke down. He ended up with a CCJ for one loan (despite using a debt management company - a very long tale of woe worthy of its own thread) the other creditor, Lombard, accepted his offer of low monthly payments which he paid to them via Westcot Credit Services
  7. Just to clarify first of all, I do believe that Lombard Direct is now part of the RBS. In this respect, I'm sending my claim direct to the RBS PPI Customer Concerns at Manchester. Does anyone disagree? I have printed their questionnaire out and I am of the opinion that is deliberately long - winded (Eleven pages to be exact) to deter claimants. The original loan was taken out in 2002 for 60 months so has been repaid for a long, long time. The questionnaire is after totally irrelevant information, I am therefore, sending my claim in letter form. The l
  8. Hi CAG I had a buisness loan with Lombard back in 1984 and repaid the £110k back in 1997 I have sent a SAR to reclaim PPI onl they say they have no records of this accouoyed e destrnt anymore and that they cant state which department was responsible ???? Is this not what the SAR is for ? they have returned my cheque. During a house move it never dawned on me that statements and agreements would ever be required so they were destroyed CAn anyone advise as to what the next step should be please ?? Regards AG
  9. Good evening, Any help with the following would be much appreciated as seem to have hit a brick wall ;-(( My partner had/has 10 separate loans for 10 separate vehicles which he didn't realise he was paying PPI on each individual one. We have followed all the correct procedures to reclaim and have received by registered post a big wad of all the agreements all signed by my partner and basically presenting their findings in which they state -Lease Purchase Agreements and Terms -Insurance Premium Agreements -Demands and Needs Statements -Keyman Cover Summary documents
  10. RBS are paying me £2002 from the missold ppi. Thanks to everyone here - esp dx100uk and all the other guys here - who pointed me in the right direction of getting a Subject access report at Lloyds tsb where I found my Lombard direct details. Its a success that I'm happy with - thanks everyone!!!
  11. Hi all, I'm hoping that someone with some knowledge can assist: I took out a lombard loan for £13k back in 2001 that was front loaded with £2367.50 ppi The loan was at 14.7% APR - obviously as was the ppi over 60 months My monthly payment was £355.93, so using simple maths i calculate the ppi to be 18.21% of the monthly payment Leading me to believe that my ppi monthly amount was £64.81. If run full term then the ppi would have totalled 60x£64.81 = £3888.60 (incl. interest) I paid off the loan early in April 2004 What confuses me is the following: on closure the account
  12. In 2007 I took out a Lease Agreement on a trailer for us in my business. In 2008 I had to cease trading due to 3 limited companies going bust and owing me money. I was unable to copy financially and the stress was affecting my health. I was a sole trader. To cut a long story short I have been paying Lombard regular weekly payments. These have had to be reduced because I have recently changed jobs but I have nevertheless been making regular weekly payments. Shoosmiths have attempted to make me pay more than I am able and has threatened me with court proceedings on numerous occasions becau
  13. After months of telling them to claim, I'vefinally convinced my inlaws to allow me to claim for their missold PPI withLombard Direct (I understand that this goes through RBS). They know that theyhave it as they were told upon taking it out that they had to have it in orderfor the loan to be accepted. My inlaws are great but sometimes too nice, one ofthe reasons that they had for not claiming was that 'they didn't want to getthe advisor into trouble!' Anyway, they have had four loans (each withdifferent account numbers) - each was to consolidate the previous and borrowextra. They know that
  14. I have found a credit agreement and statements with Lombard Tricity Finance (now GE Money) from 1995, how far can I go back or is this too old? Thank you
  15. Hi everyone - I am a newbee that happen to stumble across this very useful site. Hoping someone could help me out with my query. In 2004 I took out Loan/PPI with Lombard Direct. I settled this loan in 2006; however I have been thinking of how I could reclaim the PPI money back. Unfortunately I do not have any paper work from the existing loan but looking at a snapshot of my credit report I have the last four digits of the account/loan agreement number. Looking at various posts it would seem that I would need to request a SAR with Lombard Direct. However Looking at
  16. I've had a loan with Lombard direct for over 7 years, the original loan with them was consolidated in 2007 and I'm still currently paying this. I don't have the original paperwork and want to check whether there was PPI on the loan. I phoned them to ask for the original agreement and was then asked why I wanted this (person on the phone was quite abrupt and standoffish), they told me there was no ppi on the loan but couldn't tell me what the original loan amount was for, or see any details of it as they claim they only keep records for 6 years? I didn't fully trust this informatio
  17. Hi, I'm new to this. ..I'll try to keep it to the point and not too long winded, but this has been going on for a long time. By the end of 2008 I had been an RBS customer for approx 25 years and had a £500 overdraft from April 2000 which had crept up over the years to £2250. I had been paying overdraft cover on this the entire time. I took ill October 2008 and couldn't work.... .I approached the bank and explained. They told me I had no cover. I had major surgery mid November and was diagnosed with cancer. I stayed in touch and constantly asked if the
  18. Hello I wonder if anyone can help me. Ive been receiving calls to my mobile phone. The call rings three times then stops. This has happened a few times to i contacted the number to find it was from a company called AIC debt collectors chasing a Finance debt for a company that i used to be a Director for. Back when i was a Director i took out a Lease Purchase agreement with Lombard for a Van (as the company is a valeting company) The agreement is in the name of the Company. This agreement was solely on the van and no personal guarantees were signed by myself. Three years ag
  19. Hi, I am new to this so please bear with me. I was a director of a ltd company which failed, the company was not made bankrupt but we stopped trading and closed the company. The company had a car on finance with Lombard asset finance with myself as personal guarantor. I could not afford the car anymore so called lombard to return the car to them. They came and collected the car and now i have recieved a demand for payment of approx 15K. It states they sold the car for £19,200 and and repossesion cost and disposal cost approx 3500 the debt balance is now approx 15k (i off
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