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  1. @steampowered- We arranged travel insurance independently from our flights. Here's their original response: Thank you for registering your intention to claim under your CoverForYou Travel Insurance Policy. Having carefully reviewed your claim we would refer you to the terms and conditions of your policy; Section E1 – Travel delay What you are covered for under section E1. We will pay up to the amount shown in the table of benefits if your final international departure from or to the United Kingdom by aircraft, sea vessel, coach or train is delayed for more than 12 hours due to poor weather conditions (but not including weather conditions defined as natural catastrophe), a strike, industrial action or mechanical breakdown. We will pay a benefit for each complete 12 hour period that you are delayed, as long as you eventually go on the holiday or eventually return to the United Kingdom following your holiday. Regretfully the reason for your delay in departure is not one for which cover is provided, and although with sympathise with your situation, we cannot on this occasion be of any assistance.
  2. I am hoping that you well-versed guys can help me. My wife and I were married in Italy in May 2015. However, the outbound flight (07/05/2015) from Manchester was delayed for around 3 hours, then ultimately cancelled due to a fire at the destination airport (Roma Fiumicino). We were given a full refund (around £175) and the Jet2 staff were amazing in trying to help us find alternative flights. Eventually we found the last two seats on a RyanAir flight leaving the next morning from Gatwick. We hired a car (£30 +£25 fuel), a hotel (£90) and the flights (£490). I also incurred around £15 in telephone costs. I telephoned the travel insurer immediately on finding out about the cancellation, as per the terms and conditions. Upon returning to the UK we were refused any sort of compensation due to the extraordinary nature of the cancellation. I sent a forceful reply citing their lack of meaning description regarding the 'extraordinary conditions' section of their terms and conditions. Eventually, they paid up £140 as a gesture of good will under a delayed flight rather than a cancellation. However, they would not pay out on the extra costs we had to fork out just to get out of the country. It is these that were most costly and I would like to get the money back. Any thoughts?
  3. Thanks Andybars. Ill get onto that pronto.
  4. @BankFodder- Yes, they cold called me multiple times before I actually considered claiming. Usually I cut them off before they got as far as explaining the potential claim details. Funnily enough, each time somebody contacted me they used a different company name despite claiming to be from the same company.
  5. Thanks guys. I contacted Lombard who said that my account would relate to Paragon (the rebirth of Lombard Direct, apparently). However, I cannot get through to speak to anybody and so have left a voicemail (to which I don't expect to get a reply). I guess I could send a request for SAR even though I don't have any account details?! I have just tried phoning RBS again and found a much more helpful guy who stated that the fault ofthe potential PPI mis-sale falls with the salesman at Vauxhall who sold me the car, not Lombard Direct. He suggests that I should contact the dealership but I can't see them being interested.
  6. Hi, I'm new to the site but I'm hoping that somebody has the insight and generosity to reply to my quandary: I was recently contacted by a claims management company. They think I am owed PPI reimbursement on a 60 month car loan agreement taken out with Lombard Direct in Nov. 2007 (the outstanding balance of which was paid off in April 2011). I have no idea if this is true as I binned the documents after selling the car in 2011. I would like to claim the PPI myself but I'm finding it impossible to contact Lombard Direct on 0800 215 000 (the number provided by RBS and through separate means). I have seen other CAG members state that RBS are now handling Lombard claims - I contacted RBS but they can find no details of any loan agreement (though they did say that this does not mean one never existed). I do not want to return to the CMC or let this one lie as the loan was for over £12, 000! Can anybody please suggest a course of action? Thanks Daniel
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