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  1. Thanks Mikey/Dodge Yes I paid Ardern to see my CCA and it looks totally legit, a photocopy with def my signature. A few weeks later though I received the letter that Idem were now the DCA- is this a coincidence? Wonder if the reason RBS cannot find my correspondence under SAR is because it went to the DCA? Recent correspondence from Idem has stopped saying Re:Lombard and now says RE:Acct Number xxxxx- again not sure if relevant but thought Id mention. Hidden away in the last letter was text saying that Idem First Finance were the DCA and not Idem Servicing. again not sure if relevant.
  2. Update, RBS Customer Services in Leicester have sent me a letter apologising that their SAR Team in Edinburgh have not been able to find any details relating to the sale of the debt, nor can they find correspondence relating to my offer of full and final settlement and their subsequent rejection letter. They have sent me a booklet on how to complain to the Financial Ombudsman but not sure what this would achieve.
  3. Thanks dx, just called RBS who will now have to call RBS. I asked for the date of the sale of the debt and any paperwork relating to it. I also asked why my prev correspondence of a lump sum offer in full and final settlement letter (for over 50% of balance) and their rejection letter was not included. Thought this SAR was to detail everything?
  4. Had my SAR request reply today but there is nothing about the loan which I am being chased by Idem for, only my 2 original loans. A covering letter states "...the account XXX/XXXX/XXXXXXXX mentioned on your request has actually been sold onto a third party company called Idem Servicing. We have forwarded all your details onto them". The original DCA was Westcot then Arden and has been Idem for last few years. Do I need to go back to RBS regarding why they haven't sent details of this loan or is the ball in Idem hands now?
  5. Hi dx, just checked the last letter from idem- it says Agreement type: unsecured credit agreement Company Name; Idem capital securities never noticed but no mention of Lombard it goes on to say my balance was purchased by Idem first finance (if of any relevance)
  6. sorry dx thought id posted here before but couldnt find my orig thread, thought it mightve been archived. I keep putting it off but now getting letters monthly from Idem asking me to contact them - all strangely since I contacted RBS?? Did Arden smell something when I asked for a copy of the CCA as it was only a month later when it swapped to Idem? ir is iy unenforceable. Should I have got my credit report first? have i done things wrong way around
  7. Hi all, Ive managed to do a bit on my own so far from reading advice but now need some more direct assistance pls. HISTORYIn 1998 i took out a £5k loan with Lombard. it was a 2nd consolidation of a 1994 loan (original had PPI which I am currently dealing with RBS about (but a separate issue to this). I defaulted on the loan in 2002 and through The National Debtline reduced payments to £10/m whilst I was in financial dire straits. I sold my house in 2007 and offered Lombard appx £2500 (debt stood at just over £5k at the time) in full and final settlement or i would use to pay off other debts which they turned down. Some months later I recvd letter from Westcot say they now had the debt and I had to pay them and I have been paying £10/m for nearly 13 years now. The debt went to Arden for a few years but once I asked for and received a copy of the CCA the debt was moved again shortly after to Idem Servicing (is this a coincidence?). As of today I received 2 letters relating to the SAR I sent to RBS regarding this 1998 loan - one says it gives me access to my data but does not entitle me to any Documents which may contain my data:???: confusing or what? - the other letter is asking me to ring my 'Case Handler' to explain what exactly am I after. This is where I need assistance; do i call and what is it I am actually after? is it proof they sold the loan and do I actually owe Idem the money? I may be being 'cash cowed' as you guys put it but need to know my next move pls
  8. Thanks, I will ask for my countersigned copy. interstingly I can see all the Directors of the new company are getting millions of share options at 1p each, seems a bit unfair I have to pay 10p for mine,
  9. Thanks , we dont have HR as we only have appx 25 staff, "..If the options should have been reissued after the takeover..." This is what I am trying to establish- should they have been? all my MD says is that the original agreement is still valid (@10p),but is not giving me any more advice. Im trying to find out if a) should they legally have been reissued @ 6.75p (as that was the price per share on takeover,as stated by my now retired CEO b)if not should they have made me an offer to buy my options off me c) will they lapse if the Ltd company (my employer) is sold
  10. Thanks Steampowered, the company does have us under a previous name although strangely it gives a different registered address to that listed on the London Stock Exchange, Id have thought legally they must be the same?. My concerns are that if the sale of the Ltd Company goes through I lose my options; and if as an ex director friend of mine says they should have been reisssued to me post takeover at 6.75 p/share I stand to make around £3000 profit (currently 7.75) as opposed to losing them. They have been nearly 9p a few weeks back. If they stick to the 10p agreement I signed then of course I wouldn't be actioning them.
  11. Thanks Steampowered, I am fairly sure what you say is correct, the board members are different from the old ones. I am very inexperienced in these matters and my boss (MD of the Ltd company who I work for) is either deliberately avoiding my questions or does not know himself. Can you explain what 'offer documentation' is? I have received nothing prior to or after takeover so what should I have got ? Ive done some searching on the web and can see alternatives including making me an offer to buy my unexcersised options to replacing with new options in the 'new' plc at the sale price of 6.75 p per share which is much better than my old 10p share options and would show me a small profit. I havent got much money but is this a legal issue to pursue with a solicitor, financial advisor or other party?
  12. I have worked for my employer for 12 years and as they were the only trading Ltd company of a PLC listed on AIM I started to receive several share option packs over the years as part of an Enterprise Management Initiative, however due to the price listed on AIM these were never exercised. About 2 years ago the company swapped all my old share options of 19.6p to equivalent number of 10p options. I thought this was generous and signed the relevant agreement but to this date neither myself of colleagues ever received countersigned copies back. Last year we were subject to a reverse takeover (unsure if reverse bit is relevant) by a company who now trade on AIM using 'our old account' but with a new name- essentially they needed funds from the markets to start a new overseas project and reversing into a PLC was easiest method. A retired Director I am friendly with told me the takeover was completed at 6.75p per share. I have had no correspondence regarding my share options since the takeover and when I ask my MD he states he doesn't know and he cannot get answers from the PLC Company Secretary or so he tells me - could he be lying? The Ltd Company has now been put up for sale by the new PLC as we are not part of their core business. Should the new PLC have offered me something for my options or swap for an equivalent share scheme or benefit in kind?, do they now even exist as the listing on AIM is under a different name to my previous employer? Any help would be appreciated as I am worried if we are sold quickly by the new PLC that my chance may be lost
  13. Many thanks , it hadn,t been explained to me before exactly how this works. I will contact the CRA suggested and revert, by the way Im fairly sure it was National Debtline and not a paid DMP
  14. Thanks Dx, I have been paying £10/m for over 7 years now to a variety of DCAs from an old debt arrangement made so statute barred is a non starter. I will send a utility bill as suggested, should I mention that Lombard have already corresponded with me at my new (5 years) address and that they should have my records on file? Of the 3 CRAs which would you recommend? thanks for your help so far
  15. Hi Dx, Im afraid without a current bank account, debit or credit card (both as a means of payment and identity) I cannot access any system. Do experian etc accept postal orders?
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