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Found 16 results

  1. Hello...Had gas/electric supplied by Flow Energy until 6th May 2017 before switching to another company. Final bill issued by Flow Energy 13th June 2017 - advised they would take final d/d 14 days later. Have now received a letter on 2/5/18 from Allied Credit International Ltd from Glasgow stating that the amount is due. (Also, letter dated 23/4/18 but not received until 2/5/18). Have checked bank thoroughly and Flow Energy never took the final direct debit as they said they would at end of June 2017. Also never received any communication at any point from Flow Energy since that email in June 2017 when they advised they would take the final d/d at end of June 2017 i.e. no chase /reminder etc etc. Now concerned I have a DCA after me, and that credit score may be marked also They are just under the 12month rule on backbilling that I have read about on Ofcom website but unsure if Flow energy even agreed to that voluntary charter. Who do I speak to - Allied? But assuming they have just 'bought' the debt. Or do I contact Flow Energy and complain? I had no issue about payng it at the time but thought it had been paid and am annoyed to now have this thrown at me randomly nearly a year later - and especially having a DCA involved!! Any leg to stand on?!
  2. Hi Guys, Can someone help me with this one. One of my old loans (RBS) was passed to AIC with acc no 0011223344 (example) who chased me for the debt. I was in a DMP so offers were made, accepted, returned to RBS, then back to AIC then back to RBS Then I noticed the acc no had changed to 9988776655 (example) and had gone back to AIC again (where it stayed for years) Does this mean that at first they were the collections agency, but then bought the debt and changed the account number?
  3. Hello, I am hoping someone can offer advice about a Debt Collection Agency that has been on my case since 2008. I do not owe them or anyone the money they are suggesting. I have never taken out a loan or a credit card. Here is a history of the situation. I apologise for the length but I wanted to make sure I included the history of what has happened. Over this entire time I have lived at two addresses. From this point on I will state these as Address1 and Address2. • 17/12/2008 – Receive first ever letter at Address1 (dated 11/12/2008) from Allied International Credit (AIC) relating to this debt of £2507.7 (that I have do not own) to Client Triumph Asset Service, stating it is a final notice of intent – that I have ignored numerous letters threatening action against my wages, assets and property. • 17/12/2008 – Call made from work on a withheld number to AIC regarding this debt. I call to ask it there has been some kind of mistake as I have never taken out a loan/credit card nor have any debt outside of my mortgage. After being passed on to a debt analyst, the analyst informs me and says something about a debt with Citi Bank, although he says this so fast I can only make a guess this is what he said. He says I must pass on my Date Of Birth to discuss the matter. I refuse as I don’t believe I am the person who owes this debt. I state that from this point on I will correspond with them via letter only • 18/12/2008 – Send recorded response to initial letter after advice from this consumeractiongroup forum (with an old account I can’t remember) online stating I acknowledge no debt to the company with a CCA Request and a 1 pound postal order for this request – no response • Following this check credit account with Experian and Equifax in case a fraud account has been set up on my account. No such account or debt exists. Am unrecorded enquiry search was conducted by AIC on 21/11/2008 (with no DOB - only name and address). There is no debt nor mention of any credit card or loan on my credit report. • 10/03/2009 – Receive 2nd letter as Address1 (dated 05/03/2009) from Allied International Credit with notification of intended visit. They have clearly ignored my letter as they state I have ignored their attempts to communicate. • 11/03/2009 – Respond to 2nd letter stating that AIC have ignored my letter enclosing copy of my original letter. I state I have not received the CCA I requested and this is a summary offence. State that if they continue the harassment towards me and offer no proof of debt that I will report this issue and AIC to OFT (Office of Fair Trading) – no response • I take advice from Consumer Network response and Experian. They suggest I ignore further letters or simply reply with “not known at this address” to these letters. • 09/2009 – I move from Address1 to new address in Address2. Address1 not yet sold until April 2011. • 04/10/2009 – Receive Statement of Account from Triumph Asset Services at Address1 – with statement of this debt. The statement shows a payment of £1.00 on the debt on 22/12/2008. This suggests they used the £1 postal order to pay £1 off the debt despite my initial letter stating that this was payment for the CCA to prove the debt was mine. Perhaps a ploy to stop the debt going statute barred? – I ignore this • 04/2011 – Address 1 sold. Set up forward to Address2 with Royal Mail. • 07/02/2012 – Receive letter at Address1 from Arrow Global attempting to contact myself on a personal matter at Address1 asking for any correspondence to AIC go to –Letter ignored • 10/04/2012 – Receive letter at Address1 with Notice of Assignment saying that that Fairmile Partnership 1 LLP (another DCA I have not head of) has assigned the debt to Arrow Global and asking for any correspondence to go to AIC. It states that I should contact AIC to organise payment of this as a matter of urgency. Interestingly it says the debt is originally owed to Citifinancial Europe plc. This is the first time this has been noted in any letter. –Letter ignored • 31/05/2012 – Receive letter at Address1 from Arrow Global with Annual Statement. Some odd £-1 credits from 2011. Again Citifinancial Europe plc have been added as the original debtor. Interestingly the Date of Loan appears for the first time - 29/03/2005. – Letter ignored • 22/11/2012 – Receive letter at Address2 – how did they get this address? - from Pace Forward (Debt Collector from Southend) - asking if I live here. They say they will assume I do not reply in 10 days they will assume the address is correct – Letter ignored (possibly a mistake) • 6/12/2012 – Receive letter at Address2 from Rockwell (Debt Collector from Southend) stating they have been instructed by Arrow Global to contact me. Have pre-screened the debt for litigation and the debt is overdue and it must be paid in 10 days. I’m away on business – my wife opens the letter and then panics, calls them on a withheld number and states that the person with my name does not live at this address. They say they will update their records. • Letter arrives as Address2 in Summer 2013 (can’t remember the exact date). I can see it states Arrow Global so send the letter back unopened with “not known at this address” on the envelope • 16/12/2013 – Receive letter at Address2 from Shoosmiths Solicitors attempting to contact myself (listing both my new and old address), asking to contact them if I live here with reference to Address1. Also asks for information as to where I may be so they can update their records. Until now I have thought ignoring was the best option, but this last letter is from a solicitor. May I state yet again I have NEVER taken out anything with Citifinancial and the only loan I have ever had has been my mortgage which I have never missed a payment on (and I know this makes me a very lucky individual). This last letter shook me a little because it is from a solicitor. I have called a solicitor to take legal advice this morning and they are due to call me about this in the next day or two. I do not owe this money and never have. I have dismissed this is a phishing, spamming campaign until now, but a letter from a solicitor (even though it is trying to find out where I live) takes this up a level for me. This forum was so useful to me in the past with advice back in 2008. Can anyone help me with this some guidance on this now? Thanks in advance
  4. Have received a letter from a debt collection company called AIC I have no knowledge of the debt but am concerned to contact them by phone as they seem to be very aggressive from what I have seen on other posts. Can any one suggest my next step, should I write to them telling them I do not know this debt ?????
  5. Hi there, I need help! I really hope someone gets to read this. So here is my problem... In July 2013, I received a letter from Natwest (at this point I was living in the US) advising me to pay money into my account for the unpaid overdraft I had not repaid yet. It said that 'If I dont get in touch, we may need to issue you with an Overdraft Termination Notice'. Afterwards i received no more letter from Natwest (probably because I moved to another country (Germany). So today (November 19,2013) I failed to log onto my Natwest Graduate Bank account, I was advised to contact customer service. I had already assumed that to be due to my unpaid overdraft. When I called Natwest I have been told that I will no longer be able to access my account due to an unsatisfied debt with the bank. My case was forwarded to AIC. I now have an overdraft default on my name. I have been advised to contact AIC to repay the debt. I have not yet contacted AIC. I am trying to find a way of removing the overdraft default. Can somebody please advise me on the next steps I should take? Deb T, I have red the advise you have given hungrybear and I would really appreciate your personal opinion, too. Thanks in advance, optimist22
  6. Hello. I am currently in debt with BG and have just received a letter from AIC demanding payment out of the blue. I was on a payment plan with BG but could not afford what they wanted each week as I am on a veterans disability pension of £225 per month and that is my only income. The only benefit I receive is housing and council tax. Initially it was okay as they were resonable but what they started to ask for was more than 50 quid a week which I could not afford. I called them several times and said I would pay them £10 per week ( which is pushing it for me from a financial view) which I have done faithfully for the past couple of months. The last letter from them said they would attempt a warrant if I did not pay in full. I of course called BG when I received this on April 30th. I cannot and refused to have a pre payment meter installed as BG suggested as my landlord would not allow it and it would of course result in me being evicted (like he did to the previous tenants). I explained all this to the BG rep along with my total income and he understood and said to keep paying my tenner a week but that I would still receive letters from BG anyways. Nothing was ever said about these AIC people who I understand are not the nicest bunch and BG never informed me they had done this. I have also applied to the BG trust fund for help and I informed the BG rep of this as well. Being a vet I contacted the legion for help and some one was supposed to contact me but never got a response. So what can I do to sort this out? I am getting tired of trying to explain my situation to BG all the time only to have it fall on deaf ears and from what I have read on here about AIC I would not speak to them at all.
  7. Hi, I currently have a credit agreement (loan) with Lloyds TSB and I am wondering if it is unenforcable? I really have been treated appallingly by the above company as I asked them 3 times for help and they refused (claiming interest rates) even though I was struggling financially (to which they just shrugged their shoulders). I then had to go with a debt management plan through another company. But Lloyds TSB still harassed me even when I was in the plan. I read the unenforcable credit agreement thread, but I had difficulty understanding it and am wondering if someone could help me to understand it? I have recently won a case against them for missold PPI (I don't know if this is relevant?) I would be extremely grateful for any help. Thanks
  8. ]Hi, I owe £950 to Natwest, and they have passed it onto AIC. AIC previously accepted £10 per month from me, but have now sent me a letter with a financial statement that they want me to fill and and return within 10 days showing all my salary, my employer, and my outgoings. Do I have to give them this information, or should I just throw the letter away and carry on paying as much as I can each month (minimum of £10) thanks for any advice Philip
  9. HELP!!!!!!! I have a £5k debt to Mbna from Jan 2010 it was sold/passed around Aic, Wescot, Moorcroft and finally Arrow Global with a few solicitors letters in between. I did try to reason with Aic when the account was first passed but soon learnt my lesson. Last week a letter came from Shoosmiths solicitors (dated 20/9/12) asking me to agree terms in the next 14 days or they would issue court preceedings (threats that had been made in previous solicitors letters), then yesterday a claim form arrived from Northhampton County Court (Claiment Arrow Global). What do i do or can i do? Who do i need to contact and what do i need to send back to the court? Any help appreciated
  10. Hi there guys, came across this forum while looking for help with a growing problem. Very long story, but will try to summarise: I've been in debt for a *very* long time - never let a messed up 18 year old have a full-time job, they'll still be paying off that debt into their 30s... as I've found out the hard way. Contract ended, I couldn't find another f/t job and fell into arrears. Been drifting from p/t job to p/t job ever since, when I haven't been on the dole, that is. When I realised (or rather, accepted) that I needed help (in early twenties), I followed advice from the CAB and have been with the CCCS ever since. I've also struggled with depression for a long time. This hit breaking point a few months ago, where I finally accepted that I'm not fit for work, and am now claiming ESA. Being in debt for what is now 15 years hasn't helped my mental health in the slightest, and with no end in sight I decided a DRO was now my best option. I went through the online application about the same time that I filed my claim for ESA (about July this year). Got the application pack, including the list of things I needed to send off with my form. Credit report, check. Proof of income, check. Statement of accounts from *all* creditors.. this is where I'm having problems. I got 2 (out of 4) just from printing online statements (all necessary info is there). To get the last 2 I sent out letters - found a good template to use online. BoS responded fairly quickly. The other is Arrow Global, allegedly - although in their notice of assignment they say to contact AIC. So I sent off the letter to the address I was given. I've learned to be patient when expecting replies, so allowed them a month. During that time I was waiting on Experian (they'd sent a request for more info while I was away, so after posting that off I was waiting for a reply), so I was in no rush. Once that had passed, I checked over AG's letter again - and realised I may have used the wrong reference number (there were 2?!). So I sent off another one, this time with the right number. Experian sent me the report I'd requested, but I was still waiting for AIC. I was getting pretty POed by this point, especially with CCCS nagging for the paperwork. I had to explain the position to them while deciding it was time for a phone call. The only thing was, AG had sent a couple of letters before - one trying to trace me (despite my informing all creditors of both change of address *and* name) - I'd called them once before just to confirm I was the right person, and could they please update my name change on their records. For some reason they said they couldn't - and proved the point when they sent a notice of assignment. Both letters said to contact AIC with any queries, but both gave different phone numbers. After failing to get through on one, I tried the other. Well, I got through with not much difficulty. I gave the reference number on the letter, only to be told it wasn't working with their system. They then took my details, which was problematic in itself as I tried previous and current addresses, and names. Finally the guy found my details - and said I was in the wrong department, please hold while I transfer you. Okay, fine, I thought, until the same happened again. I managed once to explain I needed a statement of account, but after they tried it a third time, I voiced my protest. They said they'd call back once they found out which dept. I needed. Did they hell! Tried calling the day after, couldn't get through at all. Now fuming, I pondered what I was now meant to do - call the CCCS? File a complaint? While checking things out online, I found a mailing address for AG in Manchester (I think), and sent *them* the request, telling them I'd tried the details they gave, but since they were unhelpful maybe they could help. In the meantime I started college - my hope of getting a decent career for a change, and to aid recovery. It's been about a week now since I sent off that letter. Predictably (from what I've read), I have still yet to hear from them. In the meantime I have a nearly-complete initial application for DRO to post off, and waiting on this *one* last thing is infuriating. CCCS advised me to close down my DMP while applying for this, so only a few days ago I had a call from Natwest, another of my creditors - which has been stressful in itself since all the time they've been part of my DMP, they've still been charging interest, making my payments nothing more than a drop in the ocean. But that's another story. Fact remains, none of my others are getting paid, apart from the CCJ. This is all really starting to p* me off. The reason I applied for a DRO in the first place was to get one more weight off my shoulders and move on with my life. I'm starting to feel that AG/AIC are either stalling deliberately, or they're just a load of incompetents who don't read their post. Or lose it. From what I've read on here, I'm fast losing hope of ever getting that elusive statement from them. This has dragged on for months now - what else can I do?
  11. Hi I have fallen into arrears with my Capital 1 Card and account has been defaulted etcc.... I have submitted numerous complaints also to Capital One regarding poor customer service and charges etc.... ALL BEEN IGNORED NO RESPONSE yet they have sent letters acknowledging my letter. My account has been passed pillar to post.... first Fredricksons then back to Cap 1 now with Allied International Credit (AIC), yet when you telephone Cap1 they say talk to Debitas. I have attempted to setup repayment arrangements and they get refused. Have sent them harrassment letter which got ignored, I send a 2nd letter informing them I am reporting them and they then replied and immediately removed my telephone numbers. Now when I ring up I cannot complete security as they do not hold any telephone numbers on my record. I rang up Cap1 this evening to request an account statement as my online access has been blocked since xmas, and they passed me onto AIC who said contact Debitas (Cap1 inhouse DCA), Debitas say speak to Cap1 accounts, Cap1 accounts say speak to Debitas or AIC. Any Ideas? all I want is an account statement....they have frozen all charges and interest but I want to get £400 worth of interest and charges removed reason for account statement but not having one since xmas is also poor.
  12. Hi, i'm looking for some advice I have a £5k debt with MBNA(although the letter from NG now says client Bank of America) which has been running for a while did have a p/plan in place with mbna missed a couple of payments and my account was passed onto AIC who harrased me for a while about 18months ago then all went quiet for a while. Then about a month ago I started getting calls and letters from Westcot and then this morning a letter from Nelson Guest Solicitors offering a reduction if i ring Westcot or they will considor a realistic payment plan and i must reply within 10 days. Should I make contact with Wescot, I cant afford a reduced amount but possibly could do a payment plan depending on what realistic means (realistic to them or me). I havnt sent a cca yet so would this be a starting point Many thanks c_a_s
  13. Hi all, I'm new to this site but hoping someone here can help me. Earlier this year (March) I applied, unsuccessfully, to the British Gas Trust as I could not afford my gas and electricity bills and BG were threatening to cut off the supply. As part of this application I had to submit up to date meter readings which were way higher than the previous estimated bills meaning I owed more than I already couldn't afford to pay! I received emails from them on 17th July to let me know my new bills were available online which, I must admit, slipped my mind as I graduated from uni and got married the week after so had a lot going on! I have heard nothing more from BG either by post or email since then but then got a letter from Allied International Credit stating that BG had authorised them to contact me as, despite several reminders from their client, the outstanding Gas Contract bill remains unpaid and I must contact them immediately to make full payment. I have had dealings with DCA's in the past for council tax so panicked and paid £100 towards each bill online to BG (as much as I can afford right now) and have ignored the letters from the DCA. I am currently unemployed and my husband is on little more than the minimum wage, with 3 children between us to support and other mounting debts (both priority and non-priority) although not as out of hand as some people who have posted here. Any advice on how to deal with this would be most appreciated..do I continue to ignore the DCA and pay what I can direct to BG as and when I can? Thank you for any help
  14. Hello I wonder if anyone can help me. Ive been receiving calls to my mobile phone. The call rings three times then stops. This has happened a few times to i contacted the number to find it was from a company called AIC debt collectors chasing a Finance debt for a company that i used to be a Director for. Back when i was a Director i took out a Lease Purchase agreement with Lombard for a Van (as the company is a valeting company) The agreement is in the name of the Company. This agreement was solely on the van and no personal guarantees were signed by myself. Three years ago the company hit financial difficulty and a couple of payments were missed so Lombard who where extremely unhelpfull took the van back. The company was at the time going to take legal action against them on the grounds of loss of income as we had attemped to pay back the defaulted payments and there was £54 oustanding left to pay which lombard refused to accept any further payments. Lombard have been sending letters to the company chasing the remainding balance which was £2000 since they received the Van back. Because we felt we were unfairly treated we refused to pay as we were prepared to continue paying our monthly payments and keep the Van which was the companies livelyhood which they had refused. Anyway the company battled on and was able to get another Van with another bank. It is now doing a lot better than 3 years ago and I've now sold this on to members of my family. I'm now being told from this company who i have no idea how they have got hold of my personal information that i signed a personal guarantee for this van which i did not. How can i take action against these bullys with regards to data protection. I've already made a complaint to Offcom with regards to cold calling.
  15. Hello, I'm really hoping one of the very helpful people on this forum can point me in the right direction as I really don't know what to do next. Sorry if I've made this story too long. I live in France but have UK credit card debt (MBNA approx. 18K and RBOS approx. 5K) that I was paying off until I became unable to manage it after a drop in income at the beginning of last year and then becoming unemployed in May. I spoke to the helpful NationalDebtline people in Scotland and followed their advice to write to MBNA and RBOS explaining my situation with a copy of a personal budget sheet that showed my monthly income was less than outgoing, and asked they accept an offer of nil payment and stop charges until I could turn the situation around/review the situation in 6 months. MBNA acknowledged the financial hardship but told me on the telephone that I would likely continue to receive standard letters. I'm sure RBOS wrote to me to say the same, but despite digging through all the paperwork I can't find that letter just now though I received letters on their behalf right away from Triton that I assumed had crossed in the post while I was corresponding with RBOS. Things went quiet except for the odd standard letter. I tried (and keep trying without success) to turn the situation around so I can get back on to paying off the debt. MBNA now seems to have passed the file onto Arrow and then AIC in Glasgow. RBOS seems to have given it to Triton and now AIC in Glasgow. I'm assuming AIC are the ones to deal with now. I received an email and then answered a call from an AIC guy on Thursday. I again explained the terrible situation I find myself in. During the call he wasn't abusive or anything, he just kind of wanted the facts. I asked if AIC had been passed the account because I was confused who to deal with and he said yes. In the end he said their client (MBNA) would settle for £9388. I told him that would be near impossible - I can't afford to eat (and that's the truth) and can't afford to pay the rent at end of this month so will need to try to get out of the lease and leave (with nowhere to go yet - and an overdue french tax bill). I asked about the situation with RBOS and he said it was a different team but would speak to them. Trying to end the call, I said I would try to ask family for help but I know they are not in a position to do that. He said he would hold any further proceedings for 48h until I had a chance to raise money. He then said he would send me an email, asking me to confirm an email address he found for me on the internet. (By the way, the unemployment office is now helping me with a back to work/create work programme for which I set up a website hoping for freelance work - he found that site after googling my name. The website records shows someone from AIC visited and bounced around a few pages before he emailed/called me. He questioned me about that business and I explained it's not a business, it's trying to create work. But it unnerved me knowing he'd been googling me. I'm now even more nervous posting my problems to this forum in case they're reading it) He then sent me an email to say they would accept final settle of £9388 for MBNA and £4078 for RBOS. I think I should have just said I didn't want to talk on telephone but I needed to start talking with someone and start working out my predicament. £14000 is impossible to raise just now. I don't have any assets of value to sell. I'm very worried they are going to send French debt collectors after me or court in France. I'm pretty confused and scared and never been in a situation like this. I've read about people asking for a CCA. Should I do this? Should I get back to the guy at AIC to say I can't raise the money? Should I respond to his email saying please only send me correspondence in the post as my emails can be read by others. I'm so confused just now I'm not even sure which questions I should be asking you. Can anyone offer any suggestions? Thanks so much in advance (apologies is this is posted twice - the first time I got a message saying I wasn't logged in. Maybe I was timed out while writing)
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