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Found 11 results

  1. I received a email from my manager recently regarding my whereabouts in my company car. There is no issue other than it shows all my private travelling. When it was fitted I signed a paper to say I was aware that I was being tracked but no mention of if I was being tracked outside working hours. Is this legal or can I request a privacy button fitting?
  2. One of my original credit card debts for 6k was with MBNA. they have passed this on to PRA group Ltd. however, checking noddle.. the original account was defalted in jan 2013. but now shows as a 'Satisfied Account'. the PRA entry shows default as june 2014, so mbna have passed the account onto PRA. then PRA have started sending in entries to noddle etc. If companies like experian remove after 6 years automatically, won't this PRA entry be over a year later. ? Another thing ive noticed.. is that on my credit report, i have Credit Cards shown, but there is one at
  3. First, thanks for this great forum. I have been contacted by a tracking company which appears to be owned by Global DR Ltd. The wording in the letter is exactly the same as that found in the GDR letters posted elsewhere on this forum. They are trying to contact me as I "may be the person our client wishes to make contact with." I don't know what this is about precisely but I suspect it relates to a debt dating back 16 years or more. I have a couple of questions if you guys have the time. First a few facts: - I have not spoken to anyone about this debt since 2000is
  4. Hi, thought I'd start this thread as it seems a lot of people can not easily find out how to see if their postal order has been cashed.... call 0345 611 2970 then click option 5, the option 6, then option 2
  5. I hope this is the correct forum for this. I noticed a couple of days ago that when I switched my mobile phone on a notification was appearing saying that Computrace Agent is safe. I wondered what this was as I had not downloaded this app and could find no trace of it on my phone by using the usual means. I googled Computrace Agent and saw that it is a tracking application installed by EE so that if someone steals my identity and buys a phone from EE then they can block the phone that was purchased. Now I can't for the life of me work out why they need to track my phone and everything I
  6. Hi Everyone, About 3 weeks ago I bought some vitamins with a total value of £37 off Ebay from a US seller on the 1st November which was fully tracked to my door. A week ago I realised it hadn't turned up yet, so checked the online tracking only to find that it showed the item as being delivered on the 12th when it most certainly was not. I complained to the Ebay seller and got not reply, and when I lodged an Ebay dispute, they ruled in favour of the seller because the item was marked as delivered. I complained to Citipost about this who said they contacted Yodel who they subcontracted
  7. Hi, I'm new to the site but I'm hoping that somebody has the insight and generosity to reply to my quandary: I was recently contacted by a claims management company. They think I am owed PPI reimbursement on a 60 month car loan agreement taken out with Lombard Direct in Nov. 2007 (the outstanding balance of which was paid off in April 2011). I have no idea if this is true as I binned the documents after selling the car in 2011. I would like to claim the PPI myself but I'm finding it impossible to contact Lombard Direct on 0800 215 000 (the number provided
  8. My car was stolen from my driveway 10 days after a judge ordered Logbook loans to return my car to me. Two men, one with an Irish accent knocked on my neighbours door and asked if the owner of the car was a black woman. That made me realise that this was not an ordinary car theft and that it was done by somebody who had had dealings with me. The car was stolen in 2011 and the police have not been able to do anything except place the car details on the missing car register. However, I came across the following on an old thread on this forum. I would be interested in find
  9. I sent in my ESA50 before Christmas, Special Delivery. Yesterday on Royal Mail tracking it still stated "your item is still processing through our system" I called Royal Mail who stated the same thing and the woman stated that the item may have been lost. HMMMMMM I called ATOS.............They received my ESA50 the day after I sent it. So dont give too much trust to Royal Mail.
  10. Hullo, I've put this in "General Consumer" - however please feel free to move I keep getting calls from foreign-accented people asking me to complete a survey. I ask their Company name and was told "Consumer Centric" and I also asked for their Company registration number (and asked her to read it back in case she was giving me bogus information) and was given 02034754049 and, she tells me, they are registered in the UK. The only company I can find with that name was incorporated in 2010 and dissolved in 2011 and has a registration number completely different. If it's a UK compa
  11. with all the bad garages out there, and there are many, i just had to let people know about this one ABC Carservices Leeds LS13 4LY this is simply the best i have been too, it's a small run garage and the owner and mechanics are polish, and they are a breath of fresh air! i had problems in the past with my wheel alignment with other garages taking your money and not giving a dam and once had 2 new tyres worn out within 3 months after 4 wheel alignment. when i took it here , the guy spent over 2 hours on it, and test drove it twice, he does not let you leave until he is happy with it
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