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  1. Hello, I would like some more information about taking action against a Director of a Limited Company (a self-employed contractor) for Slander. It is my understanding that "Slander occurs where someone tells one or more people an untruth about another which will harm the reputation of the person named. " I also understand that loss or damage does not have to be proven "if there has been any statement intended to disparage an individual in his office, profession, trade, calling or business." 1. Is this correct? (I can prove both the slander and the subsequent damage without doubt) 2. At what point do I need to appoint a solicitor? what kind of solicitor do I need to look for? 3. Presumably there is some kind of notice I have to send to give notice of this action? Thanks very much (PM preferred but any response appreciated)
  2. p.s. thanks for the replies - I know how busy CAG is
  3. She is a permanent resident here, no plans to return. Presumably that's the answer then, if you're in the UK, you're protected under UK Law? That makes sense actually. Do he have any recourse regarding the exchange rate?
  4. My Sister worked in Germany as a self-employed riding trainer, paying all her taxes etc here. To cut a long story short she purchased a half-share in a horse with a horse-trader with a view to earning a share in commission when it was sold. It was indeed sold and my sister received commission in German currency which she paid into her English bank. Due to issues, the horse was returned and my sister re-paid the commission she was given back into a German account. Because of exchange rate, the commission converted back to German currency was less. She agreed with the trainer that she would care for the horse that was returned back in the UK. Cut to the day she was returning, under extreme stress he placed a letter in German in front of her demanding she sign it before she leaves. As my sister was due to board a ferry with a truck containing a horse and was severely stressed - she signed it. It was the first time in the four years they worked together that he had ever given her anything in German. He is now harassing her via social media - and it would be useful to know what sort of advice or protection she can expect. She assumes the content of the letter was regarding paying the costs of the horse while it was in England. Does English or German Law apply here? Appreciate any advice you might be able to help us with. Thanks Samantha
  5. The "virus crowd" are the worst, I had the same phonecall. Unfortunately I am a IT tekkie by trade. They basically take you through a number of clicks and since they count on no one knowing about computers they basically enable sharing so that they can take control of your computer. Very very dangerous indeed.
  6. Hello, I'm having some minor conversations here about small stuff, and today for some reason, I re-read my Nationwide Card thread just reminiscing I suppose. It reduced me to tears. I can today hardly recognise myself in those posts, I was so immersed in consumer law its just mind boggling and at that particular time my mental, physical and financial health was literally being put through a meat grinder. What seemed like a never-ending mountain of documents and law was studied, taken apart and written, learned and practiced with the encouragement of CAG. I am still, most profoundly grateful for the incalculable hours of SPARE TIME that the people at CAG here dedicated to this little fat chick in the arse end of Hampshire and her fight with a credit card company. There just isn't enough emphasis on the effects this kind of crisis has on a person and without CAGs help this would surely have broken me into pieces. Over four years on my credit rating has remained "excellent" and in the top 4% of the country, I'm healthy, happy and as financially secure as I can be. To anyone who is reading this, as I said right after I got home from court: "Don't give up, don't back down, even when you are at your lowest point and wish it would all just go away - get up and keep fighting - the worst that can happen is you lose, that's all. But if us 'little people' don't stand up for ourselves, these bullying so called big-boys will just continue to bend us over a barrel. Take a stand, you WILL be pleasantly surprised." Just wanted to say thankyou again to everyone that even looked in on that thread to wish me luck and a personal thankyou particularly to mrmarmite and pt2537 who quite literally held my hand and dragged me over the mountain. As it's my birthday today, I will be having one in your honour. Just know that you saved me. Thank you SO much, four years on Samantha.
  7. Thanks for the posts guys, this quite encouraging, even though we can't do that much about it. I think it's because I've been working from home of late and am noticing the calls, though I have had calls at 8am on weekends and as late as 9pm. I have done the "hold on a sec" and left the phone on the table before, I might just do that, it must cost them something to call me right? The overseas spammers seem to have us right where they want us and the situation feels very helpless. However, if it's a UK company outsourcing (surely must be?) then I'd love to give that company a good "£$tch-slapping - so here's hoping there is eventually some kind of regulation.... Sam
  8. Hullo, I've put this in "General Consumer" - however please feel free to move I keep getting calls from foreign-accented people asking me to complete a survey. I ask their Company name and was told "Consumer Centric" and I also asked for their Company registration number (and asked her to read it back in case she was giving me bogus information) and was given 02034754049 and, she tells me, they are registered in the UK. The only company I can find with that name was incorporated in 2010 and dissolved in 2011 and has a registration number completely different. If it's a UK company using a call centre in India... not sure what to do. They've called me three times this week - despite the fact that I AM a member of the telephone preference service (I've told them this three times). 1471 does not give me a phone number. Not sure where to go from here. Anyone in a similar situation or have any suggestions? Thanks Sam
  9. Just one more question - one of the letters received keeps saying "under commercial law" - what are they talking about here? Do they mean something different to Consumer Law - would my sister be a "consumer" in this instance - since she is a sole-trading company who was called about advertising her business on a calendar. Just want to check we are not on dodgy ground? thanks
  10. OK thanks, is there some way he can respond to these people in a "final" way? (as in, we didn't ask for it, we don't want it, get lost) p.s. absolutely nothing has been signed. Sam
  11. OK thanks, is there some way he can respond to these people in a "final" way? Sam
  12. p.s. sorry for attachment quality, that's photobucket not me I think you get the general drift though, thanks
  13. Hello, I have a query regarding a problem my sister is having regarding an order for an advertising placement on a calendar. My sister placed an advert for her business on a calendar last year. (my sister is self employed horse riding trainer, sole trader not limited company) This year she was recontacted by a sales rep with regard to placing a repeat-ad on next years calendar. The crux is my sister couldn't hear the sales rep very well as she was on a horse at the time of the call BUT she DID hear that the rep said that they would send something through in the post for her to check and agree, my sister said "OK" (basically anything to get the rep off the phone) She then got a bill for £234.00. She contacted them to say that she did NOT agree to place the repeat ad, and these people are saying that she agreed to the ad over the telephone. She is now receiving letters saying that this is "being sent to our bad debt department" etc She has emailed them using the exact words "this matter is in dispute" - which is what I told her to do. Unfortunately my 72 year old Dad who helps her with her administration has got involved and is making himself ill over this. Any advice regarding this matter would help immensely. My father has looking up the law regarding verbal agreements and has found something that says that there has to be "understanding on both sides that an order is being placed" - and this is clearly not the case. Of course he's also panicking that this is a cowboy company running a con. I am attaching the letters they have received to date. Thanks very much http://i184.photobucket.com/albums/x19/illonavamp/quality-care-letters2.jpg http://i184.photobucket.com/albums/x19/illonavamp/quality-care-letters.jpg Sam
  14. Yes you are probably right, I have a couple of weeks off so I might pop in to the branch and see what they can do. Cheers p.s. he is not named on electoral, I've checked.
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