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Found 14 results

  1. A relative's carer helped themselves to her bank account. This was discovered by the executor who stopped looking back through the bank account when the amount topped £11k in the five months prior to her death and handed the matter to the police. It is going to court and there's little doubt there will be a conviction. It will however be for considerably less than the amount taken because the criminal case is sensibly concentrating on those withdrawals and purchases which can be proved without any doubt. The direct victim was the now deceased relative and if she was still al
  2. Hi everyone, I have joined this forum for some much needed help. I bought a car from Available Car (i won't say which one or no doubt they will email me and kick off) with all cars they offer a 3k 3 month warranty. I noticed the car had a window fault and also a mechanic had noticed during the service the spark plug plug rail had a spark plug damaged. I contacted them and they told me it was no worry and i was covered under warranty so to bring the car in. I took the car to them in July and they diagnosed it did have a fault and they would repair it once the part ca
  3. I work in TK MAXX and I stole something from one of their store (not the one I work at) I stole a wallet that was priced at £12.99, as leaving the store the LP stopped me and brought me back into the store I denied it all but he says that he has CCTV proof of me placing it in my bag, he didn't call the police or anything he just took some details from me aka dob name and address. this is the first time I have ever done anything like this, I am feeling very guilty about doing it. I have a meeting with my line manager in 2 days time and I don't have a clue
  4. Hi, Was looking for advice, on how to proceed:- On the 16th July, Vodafone took a payment from my debit card of £250. I queried the payment with the customer service team but they had no knowledge of the payment, i was told that i needed to take a copy of my bank statement proving the payment to my local store (12.5 mile round trip). Which i did, who simply put a note on my account saying the payment had been taken. I went home and spoke to another rep who confirmed it was a mistake and that a refund would appear in my account within 5 days - The refund never showed in my accoun
  5. So, long story short, we caught the Water bottle provider (for office water) filling his pockets with mints from the meeting room. He was only supposed to, and trusted with, being in there to change the water bottles over. we dont want this little thief in the building any longer we called to terminate the water contract - they have stated a) they dont give two hoots about their staff and b) they wont cancel the water order, will, come to premises and take the goods and continue to bill us c) "bring it on, we have lawyers" No apology, nothing.
  6. Hey, I got insurance through Jet2 when I went to Santa Ponsa last April - My laptop was stole on the first night in the hotel - They denied it and said nothing was stole from the hotel before (Yeah right...) - Quite ironic as while he said it 3 Spanish girls came to the desk and said their money was stole from their room. I got a police report from Spanish police ( I went with the Spanish girls and they translated ) When I got back I phoned Jet2 - They said the insurance wasnt through them but a different company, I dont know how many times I have phoned and they arent helping.
  7. My daughter insured her car through Bell last year. She missed a couple of payments myself and my husband used our debit card to pay the missing payments they said as she had missed 2 payments they would only accept the full amount outstanding for the rest of the year and would not insure her again unless she paid all the year up front. She couldn't afford to do that so we said she would go somewhere else. 7 days ago over £800 was taken from our account. We contacted the bank who told us it was Bell and they had illegally used our details to remo
  8. hi im mike .. me and my partner are both disabled my partner is deaf and I use a wheelchair we have had several years of troubles with british gas from eronious transfers , them trying to force us to pay gas and elec bills for houses we don't even live in , to over charging us for massive amounts of electricity used when we asked them for help to find why our usage was so high , which they agreed to come to our house and find the problem then refused to do this after agreeing, we raised a complaint through the ombudsman about their behaviour who found british ga
  9. I was caught shoplifting nail varnish from tesco today, to be honest I have been stealing nail varnish for awhile now I don't no why, my Nana pass away last year and my relationship of 5 year broke down, not that this is any excess only reason I can think of its really not like me to steal, normally I shop at sainsburys and I haven't been caught, but when shopping at tesco today I got caught, I payed for my shopping (not the varnish) and went to walk out the shop, when I got stopped and taken to a room out the back, I can hardly remember anything that was said, I think they said there was cct
  10. My car was stolen from my driveway 10 days after a judge ordered Logbook loans to return my car to me. Two men, one with an Irish accent knocked on my neighbours door and asked if the owner of the car was a black woman. That made me realise that this was not an ordinary car theft and that it was done by somebody who had had dealings with me. The car was stolen in 2011 and the police have not been able to do anything except place the car details on the missing car register. However, I came across the following on an old thread on this forum. I would be interested in find
  11. My parents used a local estate agent when we moved into our last property in 2007, deposit and rent was paid in cash which we still have the receipts to. In 2009 he was prosecuted on 5 counts of fraud his company went bust too and he was given a suspended sentence my parents received nothing at all I have since learned that this man is now working full time and living back in the area and is using social media showing pictures of him enjoying foreign holidays etc to be honest it makes me sick when my parents are both pensioners i am wondering if there is any way my parents can get their money
  12. http://www.hertfordshiremercury.co.uk/Cheshunt-and-Waltham/Suspended-sentence-for-bailiff-who-stole-10k-from-Waltham-Abbey-debt-collection-firm-20130923104950.htm
  13. http://www.ipcc.gov.uk/news/Pages/pr_210812_HMRC.aspx?auto=True&l1link=pages%2Fnews.aspx&l1title=News%20and%20press&l2link=news%2FPages%2Fdefault.aspx&l2title=Press%20Releases
  14. I took out a loan with wage day advance and fell into financial difficulty and after alot of texts and emails, I arranged to pay them £20 per month (owed £197). I paid the agreed amount on 19th of this month, then I found out today that I had £64 missing from my account. I contacted my bank and they told me that wage day advance went into my account on a previous authorisation and first took £44, then two amounts of £10, all in two days without my permission. I am fuming and have asked the bank to cancel my debit card and re-issue another one so they do not have my card details. I have also
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