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  1. My wife had a debt of £300 to British gas.. which Lowell have purchased.. then obtained a CCJ. Their threat o letters are suggesting bailiffs... however, i thought bailiffs could not be used for utility bills. am i correct?
  2. The existing lender does not offer mortgages any more . The new lender initially okeyed the mortgage then the underwriters said no because of the two retentions . They are for 11k and 3k . I have already offered the smaller one 2.k but they refused
  3. Not sure how that helps.. but nationwide and creation ??
  4. 1 on me .. nothing on file 1 on wife .. is on file Joint property
  5. I'm remortgaging because my term is up.. and need to get an interest and capital with a new vendor. The two restrictions are from two credit cards. I cannot get the remortgage without clearing them.
  6. The two restrictions are for credit card debt.. but the remortgage, has to be with a new vendor, as the existing bank no longer offers them.. (the new vendor, approved us for the mortgage previously, but then stopped when they saw the two retentions) The term of the mortgage, is due to end next year. and we are currently only paying interest, and need a 5 year, interest and capital, at an enhanced rate, to pay off the mortgage in 5 years.
  7. Sorry, yes DX.. They are K type restrictions, that i need to remove, in order to Remortage.
  8. I have a couple of restrictions on my Mortgage, (i have no clue how CC are allowed to do this to an 'unsecured' cc.. ) but anyhow.. I'm pretty sure i went to a Land Registry link online, that showed them.. but i cannot find the link now.. (i'm in the process of negotiating a settlement to get them removed) cheers
  9. Well even if i used a different account to pay bills,, if i screw up and there isn't enough money in there, surely they would still hit me with fees?
  10. I have a one account, and have this month gone overdrawn. They are charging me £15 per item... i thought, perhaps, mistakenly, that these charges should now be an interest rate on the overdue amount.. (most banks are like 40 percent, on unauthorised overdrafts). I dont see how they can say its not a bank account, when my salary, direct debits etc all come from it.. its the same as a bank account, just starts at a big minus amount.. anyone have an ideas...
  11. Just a heads up... I have solid evidence that Clearscore, are giving names and email addresses to Robinson Way. RW emailed me asking about a debt my wife has, but used an email address that has only been used for her clearscore. must be breaching GDPR ?
  12. Update for anyone else coming to this thread in the future. I wrote back to them, stating that their penalties were not inline with the consumer credit act, and they dropped them all.
  13. So currently i was going to write back to them, and offer £5 as compensation for the 10 hour delay in them getting their money. They are referring to the account, as 'in default' which ofc, it is not. i am siumply not willing to pay them 25 for a bounce dd, and 15 for a letter, that they did not need to write.
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