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  1. Just a heads up... I have solid evidence that Clearscore, are giving names and email addresses to Robinson Way. RW emailed me asking about a debt my wife has, but used an email address that has only been used for her clearscore. must be breaching GDPR ?
  2. Update for anyone else coming to this thread in the future. I wrote back to them, stating that their penalties were not inline with the consumer credit act, and they dropped them all.
  3. So currently i was going to write back to them, and offer £5 as compensation for the 10 hour delay in them getting their money. They are referring to the account, as 'in default' which ofc, it is not. i am siumply not willing to pay them 25 for a bounce dd, and 15 for a letter, that they did not need to write.
  4. As i suspected.. they have now added £15 for a letter charge, and now saying my arrears are £40 I have written to them saying their charges are excessive,and against fca rules.. etc.
  5. Update on this.. just received an email.. asking for the £25 again.. but further on , it states.. You will continue to incur late payment charges until your arrears have been cleared. so they seem to be implying that they are going to charge me for not paying the £25..
  6. Thanks for the info guys. They wrote to me stating they would add the charges to the direct debit, i wrote back saying that the charges were excessive and i would not be paying them, in this case, they didnt actually need to send me a letter, because i phoned them the next morning after the dd failed, asking for manual sort code and account. so their money was no more than about 12 hours late. So cancelled the direct debit and told them i would pay it manually each month.
  7. I've looked on the FCA website, in relation to them telling companies not to do this.. but cannot find anything. The only thing i've found is this:- https://www.fca.org.uk/news/press-releases/fca-secures-commitment-high-street-banks-use-%E2%80%98retry-system%E2%80%99-when-processing
  8. thanks.. is there any guidance i send them when they send me a letter ? Startline motor finance.. 25 unpaid dd 15 letter 15 per phone call
  9. Have a car hp agreement, regulated by the CCA 1974 Had a dd bounce. just checked the conditions.. and its stating 25 for a bounced dd, AND 15 for a letter. Surely, they can't do both.. the costs are supposed to be 'reasonable' and a true reflection of the costs for a failed dd
  10. The problem here, is the CCJ is already given.. and it's pointless having to pay £255 that you don't get back, to try to get it set aside. - i might as well pay the £350 Has anyone seen anything about receiving a fine like this.. and then successfully suing the hotel ? (as the parking company acts as an agent for the hotel).. and my 'contract' as it were, is with the hotel. ?
  11. All those questions are about a PCN - Dx.. this is for overturning a judgement ?
  12. Its a judgement for Claimant (in default) from a PCN Doing some searching.. as i understand it.. i can defend the CCJ with an N244 form, and EX160 form.. but doing so will cost me £255, and its money i won't get back.. even if i win.. its a crazy system, where defending yourself costs almost as much as they want. I'm tempted to pay the £350, and then raise a claim against the hotel to get the moiney back... as the parking company are their agents, and i was a customer of the hotel.
  13. Just today received a CCJ for £350 quid, for parking in a hotel car park. This is the first bit of paperwork that i've had, other than them asking me for money (the pcn) thing. I wrote back to them stating that i was a guest of the hotel at the time, they replied with a letter saying 'we don't care' What steps do i now have to do to get the court to reverse this?
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