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  1. I've just looked at it but can't see anything about that. It does say there's an excess though. Just annoys me that they were coming out to service the boiler anyway. BUT, I've also heard that I can claim £30 compensation for each cancelled appointment and as they were supposed to come last Saturday & Sunday that's £60. I've also been told that if they don't pay that within 10 days it doubles. I don't know if I have to claim for that 10 days to come into force or whether they are supposed to pay it automatically.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I didn't actually lose any pay as I went to work Saturday night but did have to break a few speed limits to get home by 8am. The engineer eventually called yesterday and carried out the repair. He also explained the procedure as far as the call out charge is concerned and I found it rather disturbing. Apparently if they come out and there are two separate problems e.g. a broken pump and a leaking radiator, then you have to pay two call out charges even though they are only coming out the one time. I call that daylight robbery and will be looking elsewhere as soon as my contract runs out.
  3. Hi, I have central heating service and breakdown contract with British Gas that includes an annual free boiler service. Last week I reported a fault with my central heating and requested a repair. I was told that as my boiler service was also due they would do the service and repair at the same time but that I would be invoiced a call out fee of £60 when the repair was completed. The engineer called at the appointed time last Friday 1st November and carried out the boiler service but when it cam to the repair he said he didn't have the part in his van so would have to order it and return the next morning between 8 & 12. After having got out of bed early to make sure I was up and dressed in case he came at 8 I received a text message at 09:30 saying they were not coming that day but had made another booking for the next day, Sunday again between 8 & 12. I still have the text message to prove that. As I was working a night shift Saturday night I was not happy with this but accepted it as I wanted my central heating repaired so I stayed up after arriving home and waited for the engineer to arrive. About 11am I phoned BG to find out what was happening only to be told that they had the booking down for the Monday, not Sunday. I told them this was no good as I would be at work until Thursday evening with no chance of having any time off. My question is, do you think it is reasonable for BG to charge me £60 call out fee for the repair when they decided to do the annual service at the same time and then break two appointments? To my mind they were already at my house to service the boiler so there was no separate journey to carry out the repair. It was not my fault they did not have the correct part as I had told them when I reported the fault what the problem was and which part needed replacing. Thank you.
  4. Sorry, but they do want to be saved from themselves, they are as ignorant of the intricacies of private parking law as I am. They do not want people parking in their small Close but on the other hand, if they want proper management then it has to be management that is enforceable. This is why I was asking if the CPS signs were effective. The chap who originally spoke to me has since recognised that I am actually trying to help rather than just wanting somewhere to park.
  5. Thank you for your reply. You are correct in that I haven't been given a PCN and I am not in the habit of parking on private property. However, at the time I did there was nowhere else to park and I knew I was only going to be a few minutes so I took the liberty. I fully respect the residents of that Close to be free of random parking outside their properties, I certainly wouldn't like it if I lived there. On the other hand, as a Parish Councillor for that area, it concerns me if those same residents are being hoodwinked by CPS into thinking that they are protected when they are not. The resident concerned won't tell me if they pay CPS or whether CPS give them a percentage of any charges they receive. I suppose I've become poacher turned gamekeeper haven't I?
  6. When I approached the person that told me off for parking, I informed him of your comments above. He has now come back to me with a reference to a court case brought by the parking company where the parking company won. I note that this was nearly 5 years ago so perhaps the rules have changed since then. https://combinedparkingsolutions.com/downloads/odonnell.pdf Thanks.
  7. Thank you very much ericsbrother. I will pass this on to the residents of that Close, hopefully they do not pay that company for the privilege of having those signs.
  8. Hi, Just wondering if there are any thoughts on the legitimacy of these signs. Thanks.
  9. Hi Ericsbrother, There are some signs there as I saw them yesterday when I went down there. I have attached 4 photo's but unfortunately I can't read the writing on them from the photo's, as I said, it will be some time before I can go there again. However, from what Gick wrote, there are no signs at the point of entry so I assume I can park in that little lay-by on the right without fear. Sorry to be a pain but parking in that area is so difficult when one wants to pop into the local shop for just a few minutes and I can't see that parking there causes any problems. I'll have to send two more pics in a separate post. pixs.pdf
  10. Thank you. I won't be able to go there for a while to take a picture of the signage but here is a street view of the Close in question. There doesn't appear to be any sign at the entrance from the public highway.
  11. Not sure if this is the right forum, please move if not. I was told off this afternoon for parking in a close that had no yellow lines, or any other colour. One of the residents told me that it was under the control of a private parking company and that I would get fined if I did it again (I know they can't fine me, only invoice) I pointed out to him that the road sign does not say it is a private road but he just said it was 'complicated' I've checked on my local Council highways and it says the road is not publicly maintained but I'm not sure what this means. Does it mean a private company can issue tickets? Thank you.
  12. If he had said that was the reason at the beginning I would have had no problem in telling him whatever he wanted to know. My point was he merely said "because I asked you". That is Stazi. And if I had stolen it minutes earlier surely I would have made a dash for it, his Astra is no match for my 300+bhp BMW
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