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  1. I do wish someone would take these companies to task over using Beavis as a way of legitimising their claims. The Beavis case was simply about the level of charges Parking Eye was allowed to claim and nothing else as far as I'm aware.
  2. One thing that would worry me in this sorry saga is that if the van is being left unlocked and subsequently stolen or damaged internally then your insurance company may well refuse to pay out.
  3. Thanks both for your replies. I'm pleased to report that Vet No.1 has relented and supplied me with my pets history so all is good. Thanks again.
  4. Hopefully I have posted this in the correct forum. I had reason to ask a vet i visited last week to send my pets history to another vet, which they did straight away. Today I went to the second vet to ask if I could have a copy of history they had received but they refused saying it was the property of the first vet and that I needed to contact them. I did this but they also refused saying it was something they had never done before. I mention lodging an SAR but they said all they would supply then would be the information they held on me personally such as my name and address and any payments I had made but nothing concerning my pet that they had examined. Although half of me can see the logic in this I wonder whether they are correct. I am not after causing either of the vets any trouble but wanted to see exactly what had been recorded regarding my pets condition. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  5. I've contacted Highways many times to tell them that their signs on the M1 are incorrect but usually their response is that they have only just finished doing whatever the sign said was happening. 99% of the time that is an outright lie but I know they are never going to admit it. And they wonder why, in general, most drivers ignore the recommendations to slow down. Obviously the variable limits have to be adhered to.
  6. Some years ago a motorist challenged a ticket he had received for exceeding the speed limit displayed on the M4 close to Heathrow airport. His challenge was that the limit was unnecessary as it did not reflect the conditions at the time. He won.
  7. You people do a wonderful service and it takes but a minute to say thank you.
  8. I can. A friend of mine was found guilty even though the sole witness said he was driving a blue car when in fact he was driving a bright red car.
  9. .Thanks for all your replies. I put your advice to Felunique and they have at last refunded me. Thanks again.
  10. Sorry, My wife ordered something online which was delivered by Hermes to one of their drop off points and I duly collected it on her behalf. The seller, Feel Unique, had sent the wrong item so my wife went on to the sellers website and followed the returns policy instructions. Feel Unique emailed a returns label to be affixed to the parcel and I took the parcel to the Hermes Parcel Shop the following day, 12th May, from where I received a receipt with a tracking number. My wife received an email from 'intelligentreturns.net' who I assume are Hermes confirming that the parcel had been received at the Hermes Parcel Shop and that it was on it's way. It was marked as 'in transit to our local hub' at 18:11hrs that day and nothing since. The seller is refusing a refund until they receive the parcel but my argument with them is that a) they sent the wrong item and b) as we followed their returns policy and used the carrier they told us to then shouldn't they be liable?
  11. Hi, I have gone through some of the numerous threads on missing parcels sent via Hermes. My question is, who is legally liable if a parcel, returned FOC via Hermes as per the sellers return policy is lost? The seller won't issue a refund until they receive the parcel. Thank you.
  12. Poor reporting by the BBC. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-43912327
  13. It's the last one on page one of schedule 1. Belvoir Shopping Centre/Market Hall Carpark (part)....not sure what 'part' means. Thanks for finding the original thread.
  14. Hi, I have raised this before but cannot find the thread but in any case I want to take the matter further. My local council issue parking fines on land owned by a private company. They have also installed ticket machines on the private land. I would like to know what information I should request from the council to establish whether they have the legal right to issue these fines on private land. It would not surprise me if they didn't have the right as they are well known for making up their own rules as suits them. Thank you in advance.
  15. For the first time in many years my insurance due this month has reduced albeit by just a few pounds and this is on auto renewal.
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