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  1. There was a case some years ago where someone who was 'caught' speeding whilst speed restrictions were in force challenged the ticket in court and won. His argument was that there was no need for the restriction as the road was clear and traffic was light. This happened on the M4 near to Heathrow.
  2. Further and final update: Received payment today in full for the claim. It should have been in my bank yesterday so I sent an email this morning giving them until the end of today to pay or I would issue a County Court summons, which I was quite prepared to do. Once again, thank you for your assistance. I will be making a small donation tomorrow, pay day :-).
  3. Hi BF, Yes, it was a shame it had to go this far. I actually had a message from one of the partners a few weeks ago asking me if I had been told a new garage door would be delivered the following week, but of course it never did. I now have to wait to see if they actually pay up. The value of the claim was £916 but with prices going up I will probably be out of pocket slightly, but that's better than not getting anything at all. Hopefully I'll be able to cover the small loss by selling the old door for a few pounds. As soon as my pay check comes in at the en
  4. **UPDATE** After taking the advice given on this forum I eventually issued a small claims summons after receiving no satisfaction from the company in question. I am pleased to report that today I received a message from the court that the claim had been admitted in full and payment due to me by 26 May. Thank you so much for your excellent advice.
  5. I have taken photos now. The man that caused the damage has admitted the window and fence via Messenger but I didn't notice the garage door for a few days after. It has a dent in it so cant be repaired. His boss has been and taken his own photos.
  6. No, I dont have any photographs sadly. The estimated cost will be in the region of £700 although its doubtful I can get a new window as the caravan is a late 1970's model.
  7. I recently employed a company to reduce the size of my trees. Unfortunately they also caused quite a bit of damage, smashing a caravan window, putting a dent in my garage door and smashing my neighbours fence, not once but twice. I believe the damage was caused by them trying to cut down trunks in one go instead of doing it in two cuts and they were too large to control when they fell. It is now six weeks since the damage and I am just getting the excuse that they are waiting for their insurance company to reply. Last Friday I send the owner an email giving him seven da
  8. Probably realised that it was because he hadn't paid for the extra 23 minutes and no other reason.
  9. Ah, I looked this site up on Google and came across this: https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/motorist-made-feel-criminal-after-incurring-parking-fine-sheffield-shopping-centre-146877 It seems the free parking time was reduced from 2 hours down to 1 hour, thus the OP parked for 1 hour 23 minutes which would have incurred a fee for the extra 23 minutes which he/she didn't pay. The mention of 120 minutes maximum parking is not the length of time you are given for free, it's the longest you are allowed to stay there whether you pay or not. I still can't see where the issue
  10. I know I'm a novice at these things but am I misreading the invoice? It quite clearly states the OP didn't pay the parking fee. The in and out times are irrelevant as the maximum time 'allowed' is 2 hours but he was there for less than that. I can't see any reference to leaving the car park on the invoice.
  11. All I was saying DX is that the OP stated he had parked for 2 hours 3 mins and thinking that was why he received the ticket. But the ticket says he only parked for 1 hour 23 minutes but that he didn't pay. I think he is a tad confused.
  12. That ticket states that the vehicle was only parked for 1hr:23mins:23secs, not the 2 hours you are saying.
  13. Thanks to the efforts of people in this group the ticket has now been cancelled and Sainsburys have, as Ericsbrother says, had their parking company rammed down their throats, lol. Thank you again.
  14. Thanks for that. So I assume that Horizon could't have done anything anyway.
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