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  1. Justice Secretary announces victim compensation scheme review, scraps unfair rule READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/justice-secretary-announces-victim-compensation-scheme-review-scraps-unfair-rule
  2. Could someone please advise on the “6-years and it lapses” rule, I want to know if it still is in place, and also if it then has relevance for the following. 5 years ago I acted on advice from the wonderful people on this forum. I had previously retired at 65 after a business collapse, and was facing constant letters/calls from debt collectors regarding some related debts amounting to £36K across 5 business credit cards, 1 personal card, and a small-business loan. As a result of great advice I was able to hold my ground and even go on the attack, and after a year or so 4 of the deb
  3. Civil news: rule change for clients threatened with homelessness READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/civil-news-rule-change-for-clients-threatened-with-homelessness
  4. Civil news: rule change for clients threatened with homelessness READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/civil-news-rule-change-for-clients-threatened-with-homelessness
  5. The new MOT! https://uk.news.yahoo.com/heres-everything-need-know-new-mot-test-100311860.html
  6. I bought 6 hard disks just over 2 years ago, 2 have failed just after the warranty, using the consumer rights act 2015 would I have a valid case for getting replaced or repaired? Is 2 years really an appropriate life expectancy for a HD?
  7. One of my original credit card debts for 6k was with MBNA. they have passed this on to PRA group Ltd. however, checking noddle.. the original account was defalted in jan 2013. but now shows as a 'Satisfied Account'. the PRA entry shows default as june 2014, so mbna have passed the account onto PRA. then PRA have started sending in entries to noddle etc. If companies like experian remove after 6 years automatically, won't this PRA entry be over a year later. ? Another thing ive noticed.. is that on my credit report, i have Credit Cards shown, but there is one at
  8. Don't know if this has been discussed previously on here but has anyone any clarification on whether the 90 minutes travel time is calculated by bus/train timetable information or calculated by actual travel time? For example, according to the timetable my morning bus takes 52 minutes to reach town, but as the rush-hour traffic is considerable the journey actually takes 1hr 20 mins on average - sometimes even longer. Add to this the fact that after you get off the bus, a further walk may be required to reach the job. In their usual fashion, the DWP info is totally vague and just ment
  9. Hi and thanks again for the forum. I purchased a used car from Profiled Cars in Pitsea, Essex on the 21 of September 2015. I drove the car home and went to lock the car with the remote and it would not lock or unlock from the remote. locked the car manually and sent a text to the dealer. He advised at this point that he was not aware the key didn't work and he advised me to change the batteries and to reset the key as per the handbook. T he key wouldn't reset. I texted the dealer back and he advised me to bring the car in at the weekend but to check first
  10. So consumers can now hand back faulty goods for a full refund within 30 days of purchase!! How will the motor trade handle this????? On another forum the following points were raised. Viz How does a trader overcome "Buyers Remorse"? What about intermittent faults? Will this increase rouge traders who close one site one day and open up under another name the next day? Even if a full refund is given, the buyer will lose road tax and insurance paid on purchase. What do you think??
  11. Has anyone seen this: https://www.fca.org.uk/your-fca/documents/requirement-notices/preferred-mortgages-limited-vreq I have a Preferred account and have been in constant battle over fees. I received a letter today to say they are refunding overcharged fees from 2009 - 2012 and they have entered into an agreement with FCA to refund overcharged fees plus 8% interest. The fees in the scheme include: Arrears management fees, Litigation management fees and Repossession Management fees.
  12. hayleysbabies

    24 hr rule

    I currently work 23 hours but my employer agreed to pay me for 24 and i do overtime to make the hours back up to them so i can claim tax credits does anyone know if this is allowed as im worrying myself silly over it
  13. Well theres a surprise. EE in the spotlight again, And considering how many times people have complained and NOT got a result.
  14. Hello Guys / Gals, I love coming here as there is people that give expert advice, and if followed you can save a scrape or two. I have a mate that works a 6-2, 2-10 pm shift, on this day he has gone in early at 5:45am. He has had a few beers that day before and someone has smelt alcohol on his breath. He has suggested that there is some harresment from some fellow employees. Anyway, he has started work at 6am but got breathalyzed at 6:15am. This had a reading of 36... 1 point over the 35mg limit... West Yorkshire Police do not Prosecute anything under 40mg My ma
  15. Hi Im new to this so still trying to find my way around. I have an hsbc loan which when I lost my job I had to default on it in jan 2009, I did go with a debt management company in 2010 which made a few small payments to hsbc, would the statute barred law go from then or from my default in jan 2009 ? any help would be much appreciated as I have just had a letter off hsbc telling me it is going to a recovery agency? Kind Regards Neil
  16. Hi Guys, Wondering if someone can clear this up for me please. A friend of mine has been off work for 10 weeks (been in work over a year) Her contractual sick pay will reduce to half of full pay mid Dec, but there is not much poss of her returning to work before mid Jan. She will not be claiming any benefits (UC, ESA etc) because of her CSP, but will she still be entitled to HB under the 13 week rule? I have seen that this rule is being abolished under certain benefits - especially Universal Credit, but wasn't sure under CSP? Many thanks
  17. Due to extensive renovation work when I purchased my house, it needed my local Valuation Board to band it. They banded it E in 2004 (despite me purchasing the house in 2002). I accepted this as I didn't expect the Band to be different from the neighbouring properties which are all the same size. With the mass of information on the internet in 2009 I asked the Valuation Board to look at my Band and they visited the house, confirmed it was the same as the neighbours', but stated I could not appeal as I was outwith the six months and so was "statute barred". I have argued this over previous yea
  18. Hi, I'm after some advice if you could help me please. I recently receive a PCN for parking part on and part off the pavement in Croydon. I have since learnt that this is not allowed in 'London'. Whereas where I live it is encouraged as the council removed the grass verges along the road (Google street view PO7 7RU, will show). My question is do I have any grounds to appeal due to the fact that along the stretch of road which I was parked, had a continuous dropped kerb. Some of the dropped kerb area is used by a business (Gaybank Construction) to access their parking area, but
  19. CEL rode into Whitby Town in midsummer 2012 and caused uproar with Co-op customers and visitors, especially since Spring 2013 with their "Ten Minute Rule". I've been waging war on them since, and started a Facebook protest page. October 2013 they were sacked! Rumour has it they've lost dozens of other Co-op sites too!! Having had both of my PCNs cancelled I left the Protest Page running, even though a second one started. Where we are now up to is fighting their "ten minute rule" - a moneymaker if ever I saw one, and we now have a set of images and an independent
  20. Hello everybody, I am new to this forum, so HELLO EVERYBODY and thanks for the support you offering - it is precious I am desperately worried that I can be refused Housing Benefit, in which case I wouldn't be able to afford paying the rent and finished up living on the streets, please help if there is somebody with some expertise on this issue. My situation is as follow: I married for 19 years ago and moved in into my husband property which he already owned. He remains the sole owner of the property; I was never added to any property deeds and he always w
  21. A chap in Bromsgrove decided to take his family out to lunch, they parked their car in one of the council-run car parks and put a £I in the machine for the privilege. When he returned to his car there was a penalty charge on his windscreen for £25. He was 7 minutes late, when you have a couple of kids to control it can take you a little bit longer getting back to your car. (but that is beside the point). This he felt was very hypocritical when, at the same time this car park was taken over by a group of (so called) travellers who were camping in the car park. He thought it would be i
  22. Hi I contacted Equifax in July they had some incorrect information on their file relating to a BT account. I asked them to dispute it, 2 weeks passed yesterday so I called them and got through to India or Phillipines contact centre - I could barely understand the person on the other end of the phone! I asked them to give me the account number of the BT account to which they told me they could not do this as they only have an obscured view of it. I asked them if they could chase up BT for the information, they told me they couldn't and I need to wait for 28 days.
  23. Trying to keep this brief and have read a bit on it but still not sure. I started work at the local council as an agency worker beginning of July - the council requested Level 3 (agency pays £8 an hour for this) and as the work wasn't too high level thought it okayish - not great but a job - no one else did this role and it was to help out for 12 weeks. After 3 weeks I was offered a kind of promotion being in charge of Admin for the department and a chance that this will last more than 12 weeks - it's still Level 3 no hassles with that. What I am concerned about is that from my re
  24. Citizens Advice claims in 76% of studied cases customers could complain to Financial Financial Ombudsman Service and win damages Three-quarters of payday loan customers who have turned to Citizens Advice for help may have had grounds to make an official complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service, the charity says.Citizens Advice analysed 665 payday loan cases reported by consumers between 1 January and 30 June this year and concluded that in 76% of them borrowers could have made an official complaint and possibly won compensation. One in five of the cases were possible cases of fraud, w
  25. Customers have been warned that a proposed change in European Union rules may force banks to introduce annual charges of £11 on debit cards and £25 on credit cards. The European Commission last year produced a Green Paper suggesting that "interchange fees", those imposed on retailers by the transaction firms Mastercard and Visa, should be capped or banned in order to improve transparency. Those plans are expected to be published as a firm proposal later this month. But opponents have argued that it would force banks to pass the cost on to customers. Telegraph Money reported earlier this y
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