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  1. Please advise Parcel2Go have lost a laptop I was returning to Argos for a full refund, They have lead me a merry dance with lots of excuses and won't compensate. What now please?
  2. I had an order of £300 that was not delivered and was issued a refund to PayPal, the item and the delivery charge. Since then, the order has been changed from not delivered to delivered. They are now charging me for the product even though it was not delivered. I have been getting texts on my phone telling me that payments are due but I'm a bit confused as to why this is happening if I was issued a refund earlier. I have not paid anything as of now. What I'm asking is how would I get this cleared up without having to pay anything and are they even allowed to charge me after they already issued a refund?
  3. A friend sent me a birthday parcel from Germany containing clothing and household textiles worth approx 120 Euros. They used Hermes Germany, and tracking showed Hermes UK delivered it this morning. I was home all morning, all day in fact, and there had been no delivery. Nor did I receive a card, saying where they left it. I also checked with the neighbors, no one had received my parcel. myHermes international chatline is no help, they couldn't even find the parcel on their system because the tracking code only works on the Hermes Germany website. But anyone using the code can easily see the tracking details on the Hermes Germany website. My worries is that because the UK Hermes driver had faked a signature, and not delivered the parcel to me, how can I prove that I never received the parcel? And enable the sender to claim compensation?
  4. I sent 6 parcels, 5 arrived and one was missing. I went through several PM messages. They sent me after 30 days a comfirmation that the bag was lost and they would give me 34 pounds back . This does not cover even the bag price! i had at least 500 pounds in clothes more another 500 in medication . Well, the whole thing was worthed around 1,500 pounds. I did not take extra insurance ( it was the 1st time i was using a service like this, and the last one too). As they say in the small print they are not responsable for anything and DPD does not respond to my issue as its customer is Parcel Monkey and not me. I already sent a formal complain almost a month ago when i try to do an online mediation ( which was not possible as parcel monkey does not have a direct email). I came here to ask the opnion if i should enter in the small claim court not for the refund of my goods but for the lack of service performed and the lack of support and care of DPD and PArcel Monkey. Would any one be able to advise me ? If yes,what would be the fair amount for this claim. I am 2 months without my clothes and medicies Thanks
  5. Hi, before Christmas I sent a laptop through Parcel2Go. I did not buy insurance because I usually think it's a waste of time dealing with claims if something goes wrong - and it has never gone wrong. Until now. They lost the parcel which I had to open a claim for, after which they found the parcel to my relief. Hermes who was the carrier, then tried to attempt delivery to the recipient and found that they were out (I have been in communication with the person I sold the laptop to the whole time). Hermes left a note ( I have a picture of this note) saying it was unsafe to leave the parcel anywhere - IE. the front garden . On the second delivery attempt, Hermes decided to leave it in the front garden ( I had to penetrate through Parcel2Go's chat system to gleam this information, as they did not leave a note this time!) of the recipient which happens to be in a dodgy London area on a main street (my recipient tells me, and sends me a photo too). The parcel goes missing, and I've had to refund my buyer for £240. I have already sent a 'Signed For' letter before action via Royal Mail to Parcel2Go and am counting down the 14 days. I would just like a bit of advice on what sort of grounds I have to go against them - I know that they have broken the contract by not delivering the parcel. And if it goes as far as court - some idea of what I need to go into court - ie an argument etc..
  6. Hi all... after advice... Purchased a Samsung 55" tv through a work scheme (comes direct from wages each month). UK Mail tried and failed to deliver on 3 occasions due to me not being home... (1 day notice was given) . I eventually picked tv up from depot on 1st Dec.. Tv was only thing left on van when it arrived back at depot and was lying flat and not secured.. Got home and unpacked tv very carefully, only to find screen was cracked. Only realised this after we had put stand on and turned it on... I immediatley sent email to the department at work with photo attached. Heres where my problem is... they got back to me asking for photos of box to check for damage and try and claim from UK Mail,,, no damage to box so that was a dead end... then tried to claim from supplier but they refused and now want tv sent to Samsung. this means the tv has to again be sent by UK Mail. Tv is already cracked and could sustain further damage in transit and if Samsung refuse to replace it, again goes in transit back to myself.. Any advice on what i could do..
  7. Had a letter hand delivered from rossendales regarding a unpaid debt for £400ish that says i have 24hrs to pay outstanding amount or they can seize goods and also force entry?
  8. Hi. 8 weeks ago we ordered a new 3 pc suite from DFS. It was delivered today and we have a few issues we are not happy with. First one is that we ordered a 3 seater sofa and at the time were debating on a reclining one which had 3 seperate seat pads however opted to go without. we ordered a fixed 3 seater sofa which the sales man told us would be the same with three pads. Today it has turned up as a 3 seater with just 2 pads which is not what we wanted or ordered. When i checked online the dimensions photo shows 3 seperate pads and there are no 3 seater options with 2 pads advertised. Secondly the colour which is supposed to be grey ( as it says on the swatch in store) looks very brown. Three visitors have come round tonight and all said its brown not grey. Ive phoned the helpline about the colour and the operative said he always tells people who order this colour online that it is more of a brown than a grey ( even though its called grey?) When we ordered in the shop i did question the colour as the display one was grey and the sales man said it was just the lighting in the store making it look browny but it was definatley grey. Well its not!!! Thirdly i was sold " easy gliding feet" for an additional £50 which I was told were upgraded feet from the standard. These were self adhesive plastic pads put on the bottom of standard feet when the delivery guys installed it today. Probable cost about £5 from a diy store. Very unhappy. Purchase was taken on 4 years interest free credit 8 weeks ago. Where do we stand on rejecting this?
  9. Came home today to a letter shoved under the front door of the flat (I live in a house converted into self contained flats) from Equita. White window envelope saying "urgent - for immediate attention notice of attendance" "private and confidential" and "by hand" with two boxes "left by" and "on" left blank. Inside was a letter with correct name and address headed "delivered by hand" with client debt and court fee then a total outstanding scribbled in hand (which is £310 higher than the client debt). The letter is undated and is an enforcement notice saying they called today to execute a Liability Order issued by their client (the debt is for Council Tax, the client is the local council) and saying they are authorised by the Court to remove goods/vehicle to satisfy the outstanding balance of ... the figure has been left blank. The letter asks for contact "immediately by return" or they will re-attend. It's signed off by an enforcement agent and gives a mobile number. The letter itself is not signed by hand. What options do i have? The debt is due, I've had financial issues, I can't afford to pay the debt in one lump sum, I don't have goods to cover the debt, I don't own a car, I can't ask for a loan or help and I don't get paid for two weeks. Even then, my wage won't cover the whole debt. Any help appreciated.
  10. Hi, Apologies if this is a silly question but my wife and I are thinking about buying a sofa and like the idea of buying online because of the distance selling rights of being able to send it back if it turns out to be unsuitable. Please can I ask if buying in store and then having the goods delivered is classed as distance selling or am I really embarrassing myself here?
  11. Hi, and thanks for your organisation! 6 weeks ago I ordered a PayPal card reader for use on the market (I'm a part-time trader). Here is the order info; Seller information PayPal Payments Pte Ltd +44 8003589448 Invoice ID 131723 Note to PayPal Payments Pte Ltd Order: 131723 Purchase details PayPal Chip card reader£37.50 Tax£7.50 Total£45.00 The number +44 8003589448 mentioned above is the one that tells me my claim has been dismissed. I didn't receive it, so I made a PayPal claim. They dismissed it, as the courier had delivered it. However, it was signed for by a J Kilsby at 11.50 on 15.15.2017. We were at home at that date and time, and nobody called j Kilsby lives here. I've tried to challenge the claim but get thrown out by the automated system. I've sent several emails but had no reply. Any advice on what to do next will be gratefully received!!!!
  12. I ordered "DDR4 3200MHz 32GB Vengeance Black - Red LED". When I received my delivery it was for "DDR4 3200MHz 16GB Vengeance Black - Red LED" which is half the memory size of what was advertised and actually purchased 16GB (Delivered) instead of 32GB (Ordered). I have saved a snapshot of this product listed on saverstore website listed as 32GB RAM and copy of email confirmation to prove the actual RAM was listed as 32GB not 16GB. When I contacted Saverstore by phone they said it was a genuine mistake and If I Google manufacturers part number it would show me (8GB x 2 = 16GB) RAM. I told them my understanding was Saverstore would deliver me 2 x Manufacturers item number to make it 32GB which was listed But they said they wouldn't honour my order and Refund me my money and get item collected instead. My Biggest problem is this RAM was required for a project requiring URGENT completion and even if I take Saverstore's words I have genuinely missed out on similar 32GB RAM which was on offer and which I could've bought for roughly same price. Where do I stand now? Shouldn't the seller deliver me the actual advertised item? Please advise
  13. Hi all, Ordered and had delivered on the 22nd of March 2015 - a brand new shiny bread maker - from Amazon - £70 (special offer). It's malfunctioning - getting worse with time - and since all user errors have been ruled out - I ask for guidance from forum members. Manufacturer warranty was only 12 months - so that would have been March 2016 - but I hear something about E.U rules stating 2 years for retail items? Have I understood correctly? Is there anyway to have these manufacturing defects remedied? If yes - what are the steps I should take - with whom and in what order? I am very grateful to any that choose to contribute and to guide me in resolving this headache! Libertas.
  14. Hello, this has been an on going thing since 2015 ! it's a long and boring story but i hope someone can give me some advice. i'll try to start at the beginning and explain the situation as best I can. At the end of 2015 I was selling a car that i personally owned, it was a cheap skoda that I sold for ~£500, this was around november/december (sorry I dont remember the exact date) the buyer requested that he keep the full V5 as he was driving the car out of the country to his home country that same day (Czech i assume) his english was really poor and it was difficult, but we agreed the price and made the deal, I wrote a receipt for both him and me, it was very basic just saying something like, this is a receipt for the vehicle XX that was paid in full by mr. X on X date for whatever amount, it was a cheap car and i wasn't too bothered but since he had the full V5 i wanted something, we both signed both copies. however he only wrote "wezdara" and made a squiggle (looked like a 5 year old's first attempt at a signature - but what can you do, can hardly accuse someone of not knowing how to sign their own name. Something else that I want to note, the V5 state clearly that is it not proof of ownership so I wasn't too worried about handing it over. A few weeks later I get a dart charge notice, now sorry for the hazy details, this was all over a year ago so i dont really know any details, but the letter first requested a dart charge (plus some sort of late fee) iirc it was around £50 or so the first time they asked (very unfair on a £2.5 toll i think) I called them instantly and explained the situation, they seemed very understanding and said no problem, we'll sort it out you dont have to worry. that's the end of it i though another month or so later i get another letter requesting the money again, i call them again now they weren't as friendly, i explained all that had happened, and said i have a receipt also. They asked me to send my evidence along with an explanation to them, which I did. Another few weeks later they send me another letter saying they dont' accept my evidence and I am still liable to pay. Honestly I know I should have sorted this out sooner but i feel really strongly that it's not my fault and that I shouldn't have to pay this, so i just started to ignore them, coupled with the fact this was a very stressful time for me AND i didn't have much spare time (was selling car to start a business) which I have been running since then. after that i didn't really hear much for a long time, then a few weeks ago I started getting letter's from Equita, the first said i can just pay in full their latest amount (something ridiculous ~£200) and they won't add on their own charges, I ignored this, now today I have received a hand posted letter. This letter that i received today is requesting a payment of £425 (115.50 debt, 75£ compliance fee 325£ enforcement fee.) It states an Enforcement Agent has attended my property today with the intention of removing goods "for unpaid liability warrant" Now, I know it's not necessary for the post but I feel it shows who I am, i've got perfect credit and never had so much as a speeding ticket, or anything to do with court, im still fairly young and never had any experience with a situation like this, it is quite distressing and i dont know exactly what to do. I have also spoken with citizen's advice, who were quite helpful but didn't really tell me much that i didn't know (go to court and fight it, or pay up - basically) From my understanding because it hasn't gone to court yet their "enforcement agents" don't have any special powers at all, and the only way they could get a thing off me at this point is if i willingly give it to them ? One more thing, personally I would be fine coming face to face and negotiating with one of their agents if they did ever come to my house, but I also live with an elderly relative who i fear would allow them in, and let them take/do whatever they wanted if he were to answer the door. Whatever advice people have would be appreciated. Also I really don't feel like this situation is fair at all, if I had done something or owed money i'd be happy to work out something, but i feel like companies who practice these underhand and dirty tactics to get people's money really need to be removed/restructured especially when they're providing public services like roads/maintenance. Regards, Matthew
  15. I ordered Theadora 183x122cm Leaner Mirror, Silver As per the order and as advertised the mirror's dimensions should be 122cm wide and 183cm tall A mirror was delivered, however it is only 90cms wide (including the frame). I selected this mirror and this retailer specifically due to the dimensions and the price. Its not as sold and I believe it's actually a different product thats been delivered. Date of Purchase: 4 Jan 2017 Date of delivery 9-2-2017 Cost of mirror £199.00 Achica do not offer a contact number. I have had one voice interaction with their customer service, other than that it's all been email correspondence. They have not offered a root cause for sending the wrong mirror. Achica's initial response was for me to provide a date for them to collect the mirror and I would be refunded 10 working days after its in their distribution centre. I asked them to give me the option of keeping the smaller mirror and be compensated. I said I'd decide based on the response. Achica reverted and offered a £20 achica voucher. I have declined this compensation offer Achica also advised that they cannot provide the mirror I ordered as it's out of stock. However, they are advertising it currently and the website states they have 5 in stock! Their response to this challenge has been to state that this is a different promotion with the supplier. I could really do with some help understanding what my rights and options are here, any contributions are gratefully accepted. The mirror was a gift for my partner and ultimately she wants the mirror we ordered. If theres any further info I can provide, let me know!
  16. I have written complaint to my local council that I haven't received few letters from them including one with PIN to 'Council Online' and other decision including some of my data and informations that if missed could bring further negative consequences. In response I have received letter through encrypted [?] means [egress]. It says that I should contact RoyalMail and chase why letters are not getting to me. Am I right that it is Council that is in the contract with RM and it's their job to find out what is going on and they trying to fob me off? What do you reckon I should do next? If I'm right that is. Thanks
  17. A week ago I ordered a new Bosh washer from AO with next day delivery. From the first use it was obvious that something was wrong with it , it was making a very loud and not normal sound every time the drum was turning. I contacted them and they said I had to contact Bosh and use the guarantee to get an engineer to visit . At no point accepted themselves any responsibility as a retailer. The engineer confirmed straight away that there was a fault so I got a replacement. AGAIN from the first use there is the same and even louder noise. AO refuses to refund /replace without an engineer to visit again. They say that they have to make sure there is a fault and they treat me like an idiot as I wouldn't understand the noise or as I did something wrong with the installation. I said this is the SECOND time the same thing is happening and you confirmed the first time with an engineer that is a fault why do I have to go through this again? Citizens advice advised me that they are obliged to refund /replace as the washer arrived with a fault but AO replies that *citizens advice would advice me to my benefit but this is not how things work*. So TWO washers WITHIN A WEEK WITH SAME FAULT and AO still insist on engineer visiting first. All this is very annoying and inconvenient for me as I had to stay in waiting deliveries/ engineer , I still have to wait another engineer , spend hours on the phone with AO and Bosh and i still do not have a proper working washer.
  18. Short Question Can I seek a refund from my credit card company for items that haven't turned up? Would this be under Section 75? Long Question I ordered a new guest bed from beds.co.uk last week. We need it for this coming weekend as we have people coming over to stay in our new house. Beds.co.uk require that you book a delivery date online with their delivery company Premier Delivieries (based out of the same address) once the order has been paid for and processed, which I did within 20 minutes. Although they offer free delivery for a weekday, for a Saturday delivery you have to pay an additional £9.95 (via paypal). After paying my additional fee and selecting Saturday 2nd April for delivery I waited in all day, to find the bed hasn't turned up. I half expected this as after stumbling on some bad reviews under their other name Furniture Italia, I discovered that a lot of people have had items not turn up on the correct date. I even tried to contact them earlier this week to confirm delivery however they never answered the phone. As I've spent over an hour and half today phoning them and their delivery company I decided to look at way's to get my money back. There's stories online of cancellation fees being charged and refunds taking weeks to appear. As I paid the £230 for the bed on my Halifax credit card (Through a payment processing page / not paypal) can I approach them for a refund? Can I claim for this under section 75 as the item hasn't turned up? Thanks Scott
  19. Hi all .... a newbie here .... We ordered a Land Rover Discovery Sport, back in October 2015 and were given a delivery date of 8th March 2016. Took a call from the Dealer yesterday, a PROBLEM ..... the car has been delivered ..... but JLR had delivered the wrong car ..... it's the correct spec but they had added £2,500 worth of extras, which had not been spec'd, on to the car ..... Not surprisingly, the Dealer said that they couldn't stand the extra costs .... I said that JLR should stand the extra costs .... but the dealer has ordered a new vehicle .... which should be delivered on 25th March .... not too happy about the situation .....But what are my options .... the extras are not things that we would have spec'd .... Electric seats .... well, we are both the same height .... Xenon headlights ....??? and Rear camera .... could be of use .... So should we walk or offer a reduce amount to get the car already delivered .... Thanks for your help in advance .... Pete
  20. Hi Everyone, About 3 weeks ago I bought some vitamins with a total value of £37 off Ebay from a US seller on the 1st November which was fully tracked to my door. A week ago I realised it hadn't turned up yet, so checked the online tracking only to find that it showed the item as being delivered on the 12th when it most certainly was not. I complained to the Ebay seller and got not reply, and when I lodged an Ebay dispute, they ruled in favour of the seller because the item was marked as delivered. I complained to Citipost about this who said they contacted Yodel who they subcontracted it out to who said that the item was delivered to my address at the time stated and that they have tracking location information from the driver to prove that, although I don't quite know what that proves, other than than he was at my location, especially as I live in a 21 storey tower block with 126 flats. Citipost are absolving themselves of responsiblity by saying: "you may or may not be aware that we are a mailing house only and as such have no control over any courier group your seller decides to utilize with his contractual partner." Yet I am a bit confused as to how they can claim this as the tracking information leads me to Citipost's tracking site, not Yodels, which on the tracking info is the subcontractor. I could swallow the £37 but it really is a matter of principle and I am absolutely furious about this, especially as Citipost scores a dismal 2.9/10 in their Trustpilot reviews. I would have no hesitation in taking them to the small claims court if I had a case, but I don't know if I do, because how do I prove that is was not delivered? But the fact that they are saying it was leaves me with no other comeback. The only thing I could use as proof that I don't go around making false claims is the fact that a few weeks ago, I lodged another missing claim for an item with another Ebay seller which turned up after the seller had sent a replacement, and the second it did, I contacted the seller to pay for it, proof of which is contained within my Ebay account. Does anyone have any advice on what I could do in this situation? Thanks.
  21. I sold an item on ebay, marked as collection only, and my buyer chose to send a courier to collect. I agreed to this to facilitate the sale - yes, everyone has told me this was a mistake. Buyer made all the arrangements, using Shiply - that was her mistake! Courier duly collected the item - a hand-carved coffee table sold for £250 - but has never delivered and will not return emails, texts or phone calls. In short, he has gone AWOL and taken my table with him. Ebay, of course, have taken £250 off me again and given it back to the buyer. Neither of us has the table. So how do I recover the goods? My buyer seems either unable or unwilling to trawl through her emails to find her booking confirmation, but in the meantime I have found his name (though I suspect it is false), email address, phone number, a copy of his terms and conditions, the city he is based in, and I have his van make and registration. What I don't have is an address, or my table, or £250 Can any one advise me on my next move.
  22. Hi I bought a VIP ticket for a concert in Germany. The ticket was shipped over and Royal Mail decided to send it back to Germany. It has been held in Germany for several months and it doesn't look like it will be shipped back. I paid for the ticket through Paypal. However, the 45 day limit has passed and they don't allow refunds on concert tickets anyway. I have asked the company I bought the ticket from if I can have a refund and they have told me that if the ticket isn't shipped back in time, they will place my name on the guest list on the day of the concert. There is obviously some risk involved here as the company selling the tickets were an online shop, making them a third party. So when I get there, I might find that my name isn't on the guest list at all. The ticket might also be delivered while I am in Germany, which will mean that my name won't be on the guest list and I won't have access to the ticket. I have asked if being on the guest list will give me the same treatment as if I had a VIP ticket and based on their response, it doesn't look like it will be the case. The VIP ticket comes with two benefits: 1. Priority entry. If you are first in the VIP line, you will be first in the concert. 2. Chance to meet the artist. I have asked if I will still get both of these without the VIP ticket. I have been told that if I am first in line, I will have to explain the situation once I am inside and they will then look into it. While this is happening, the people who were behind me in the queue will be entering ahead of me. Depending on how long it takes them to sort out, people who only paid for GA tickets might get in ahead of me too. They completely ignored my question where I asked if I would still get to meet the artist. I also sent another e-mail where I only asked if I would still get to meet the artist and, unlike the other e-mails where I received a prompt reply, I didn't receive a reply at all. It doesn't look like I will get to meet the artist without the ticket. They have told me that according to EU directives resp. § 312b German Civil Code (BGB) does not apply, so any sale for concert tickets with any regular ticket outlet in EU is final. Is there anything I can do about this to get a refund? At the end of the day, I haven't received the ticket and their alternative offer isn't what I paid for.
  23. Hi all On Black Friday I ordered goods from Amazon using their 'express' delivery service which should've arrived 1st December. Despite paying a premium price for delivery and not receiving a premium service i remained patient until after 9pm on 2nd December when I decided 2 wasted days was enough. I canceled the order and got a full refund. Well earlier this week I ordered goods from another company after receiving my refund, similar price to what I attempted to buy from Amazon but slightly inferior, and was delighted when a delivery man called with a parcel today. It was only when I got the goods inside, all signed for and delivered, I realised it was my canceled order from Amazon. So now I'm left with a dilemma. It was actually intended as a gift and the receiver really wants me to keep the Amazon product whereas my own principles say they should just come and collect their extremely late order. So a few questions... What are the chances of haggling some compensation if I decided to purchase these goods after all? Bearing in mind the initial purchase was Black Friday there was a discount, if I keep the goods, will they be held to that price or would I be expected to pay today's price? If I decide to send the goods back, do they collect or do I have to send it back at my own expense and hardship? (at this moment in time the parcel remains unopened so I've no idea if there's any freepost return slips or whatever).
  24. Having had recent dealings with this company, which failed 2 times to deliver one item they make promises to you which are not kept, As a result i will now not deal with any company who uses them to deliver their goods because they are unreliable, so should i find that they use dx i'll demand an immediate refund unless the company i'm dealing with agree to use a reliable courier service Also upon searching about DX on the www, i found a torrent of negative reviews about their shoddy service, one big story about passport delivery or should that bee failed delivery of passports en mass , Has anyone else had dealings with this company
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