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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all, Ordered and had delivered on the 22nd of March 2015 - a brand new shiny bread maker - from Amazon - £70 (special offer). It's malfunctioning - getting worse with time - and since all user errors have been ruled out - I ask for guidance from forum members. Manufacturer warranty was only 12 months - so that would have been March 2016 - but I hear something about E.U rules stating 2 years for retail items? Have I understood correctly? Is there anyway to have these manufacturing defects remedied? If yes - what are the steps I should take - with whom and in what order? I am very grateful to any that choose to contribute and to guide me in resolving this headache! Libertas.
  2. Hi, I purchased a Panasonic TV in March 2015 with a 6 Year Warranty, We decided to move the TV and unplugged the Ethernet plug as I pulled it out the whole Ethernet socket had become detached. I did not use any excessive force, I rang Panasonic who contacted their repair agents the regional repair centre in Birmingham which the engineer said it wont be covered as it was pulled out. I emailed Panasonic who retrieved the report from the engineer which said I had ripped out the Ethernet plug so Panasonic will not repair. I believe The Ethernet port was faulty and should be repaired under Panasonic's warranty I hope someone on this forum can help my predicament.
  3. Hello all. I bought a refurbished Panasonic plasma direct from Panasonic ebay with 12mths warranty. 16 mths in it has developed a fault I've sent it to a Pansonic approved repair centre at a cost of £300. The set was also calibrated and this will now have to be repeated as the main board has been replaced and all setting lost. Then I wondered what my SOGA rights were and found this: http://www.theguardian.com/money/2006/mar/25/consumernews.howtocomplain Which states "The act says goods must last a reasonable time - and that can be anything up to six years from the date of purchase." I don't consider 16 mths reasonable for a flagship TV - however I'd like a 2nd opinion? and does it matter it's a refurb? I plan to write to Panasonic and ask for a refund of the repair plus cost of calibration - are there any templates you guys could suggest using? Thanks as always, Dunnie1
  4. Hi, myself along with a number of other owners have experienced an issue with a firmware update for a Panasonic BTT290 BluRay Theatre System rendering the unit unusable to watch certain BluRay discs. There is a separate thread about this on a dedicated Audio Visual forum: http://www.avforums.com/threads/panasonic-sc-btt290-owners-thread.1726525/page-3 To cut a long story short, I along with others have had no issues with our players prior to this firmware update, however, since the update a number of BluRay discs that had previous played perfectly now refuse to play. In my particular case I noticed this behaviour less than a week after the expiry of my 12 month warranty, although the update was released by the manufacturer more than a month prior to the expiry. It just so happens that I do not regularly watch BluRay discs and so never caught the fault until it was too late. The unit does play regular DVDs perfectly fine and does also play some BluRay discs perfectly also. I contacted Panasonic Customer Services who initially told me to do a system reset, which never solved anything, they then told me that I would need to contact my local Service Centre, which I did. The Service Centre have replied stating that I would need to pay a £48 non refundable inspection fee and that it is probably a drive issue and that the firmware update cannot be rolled back to a previous version. Now I dispute this claim of a faulty drive because surely no discs would then play, not an odd selection. Secondly, it is not just me that is experiencing this issue and it all coincides with the recent update, that, strangely enough is listed on the manufacturers website as an update for BluRay Disc Playability. I would like to know where I stand legally with this as in my mind Panasonic have released an update that has caused my product to be not fit for purpose. I have been trying to demand from them that they reinstate my previous working firmware version that was installed when I purchased the machine and which is what I actually paid for, they declined to do this. I wish to blast them with a coherent email outlining actions that they must take before any actions that I along with other interested parties may take. Any help would be appreciated. DHB
  5. Hi, I bought my Panasonic washing machine 8 months ago from John Lewis and until 2 weeks ago it worked brilliantly. Then we washed 3 separate loads of clothes, each one washed, rinsed and then refused to spin. The final time it came up with an error code of U12 but the first two washes there was no code, it just wouldn't spin. I telephoned John Lewis who gave me the Panasonic number as it is under one year old. Panasonic don't have their own engineers so a local company came out today. The man instilled in me no cofidence at all, he saw the error code U12 and asked me what that meant. He looked clueless tbh. He asked me if I had anything to put in the machine to wash so I fetched a bath sheet and put that in. We watched it wash, rinse and then when it came to the time for spinning it just slowly turned the load over and refused to spin. The engineer telephoned Panasonic who informed him that error U12 was a door problem, but there seems to be nothing wrong with the door and the error code did not appear this time anyway. Panasonic told him that the machine is not spinning because it is an uneven load and there is nothing wrong with the machine. The Panasonic man says his own machine sometimes turns the clothes over slowly for up to 25 minutes until the machine feels the load is even enough to spin. He says the load is not even and I should take things out or add things in to the load to make it spin. On hearing there is nothing wrong with my machine, the repair man leaves having done nothing to the machine at all. I dash outside with my dripping wet towel to hang outside where it will take days to dry. So, the repair man comes, sees the machine refusing to spin and leaves saying there is nothing wrong with the machine. Today's load was one towel, but previously it has refused to spin on 3 different loads of clothes having worked perfectly before that. John Lewis say there is nothing they can do without an upload number which Panasonic have to provide, and they don't think Panasonic will provide it and Panasonic are saying there is nothing wrong with the machine. I have an 8 month old machine that won't spin anything. JL have asked Panasonic to send out another engineer and I am waiting for a call back to arrange a date/time for that but given what the bloke said this morning, I am not hopeful as Panasonic are saying the machine is fine. Any ideas? I have spend a fortune on laundrette fees for 2 weeks as they couldn't get an engineer out sooner and I can see I will have more ongoing costs while I await another engineer.
  6. I have just started an appalling relationship with Comet. I bought a Panasonic fridge freezer which was delivered on 29th August 2012 and within 4 days broke down. I have to date spent a full day on the issue, including a trip to the store itself. All I have been offered is an engineers visit in 5 days time. I have asked for it to be removed and a full refund, but Comet have refused. It looks as though I may well be have to take them to court, and am currently having to use a cool box and ask neighbours to freeze cool packs for me. My advice is to avoid Comet and Panasonic at all costs. I spoke intelligently and calmly to both organisations and I might just as well have not bothered. I have put my complaint in writing to Comet and sent it recorded delivery. I also emailed them, and I received the cursery email back saying they would reply within 24 hours. If anyone is considering buying from Comet or Panasonic I would think very carefully indeed. Panasonic use an outsourced company to service their goods.
  7. Hello, Just after a small bit of advice before I need to contact Panasonic if this is the case. I recently emailed the retailer / online store that I purchased a 3DTV (42VT30) from in January of this year for £1,024. I've contacted them by email of a fault I believe has just delevoped but they are telling me to contact Panasonic and get a Panasonic Service Centre to look after me and take a look at the fault it seems, but I believe that this could cost me even though the Television is still under warranty. Here is the following coversation with this Company with regards to the fault I've found, in my first contact I made a mistake on the date of purchase but later told them the correct date, anyway here it is. And their response to me was To which I replied to them with And their most recent reply, which has caused me to create this thread asking for advice was
  8. Hi, Everyone, I have a Panasonic TH-42PX600B Plasma TV which has developed a nice blue line right down the middle of the screen. No problem I have a 5 year extended warranty. I Start to do some digging around on the net for phone numbers and find out the supplier Empire Commercial has gone bust! Oh dear! The TV was part of an Direct Line insurance claim. So I don't have a receipt only a few emails to state the delivery date and the additional money I payed for the upgraded TV. Direct Line forced me to go through their preferred supplier Empire Commercial can I go back to direct Line? Can I go back to Panasonic, as I have found out from the Forums that this is a common problem with this particular TV model? Or am I just stuffed? Thanks in advance for any advice. Kind Regards DesignTime
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