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  1. I actually have tthe value in my bank statement because most of them were brand new. The problem is as you say prove the content of the bag. I did sent them an invoice when they did a bag investigation. I dont might to not get a full compensation as i know my decision were not very smart. However, i did booked a service that was not done which is an evidence that the contract was broken and they have such unfair terms . I want the court to judge them not for my material goods but for the lack of care and service. Any advice for that?
  2. I put 20 pounds as i did not want to pay insurance. However, it was not states that this would be the whle amount if they lost my bag. The small print is just related to the fact that if you did not an insurance you dont have any rights for a refund.I would have to attache the whole terms and coditions. However, i bought a service which was not done and i had the lost of goods, time,etc. The issue is that is not make explicit that if you dont have insurance you wont get paid a compesation even though the lost your goods.
  3. I sent 6 parcels, 5 arrived and one was missing. I went through several PM messages. They sent me after 30 days a comfirmation that the bag was lost and they would give me 34 pounds back . This does not cover even the bag price! i had at least 500 pounds in clothes more another 500 in medication . Well, the whole thing was worthed around 1,500 pounds. I did not take extra insurance ( it was the 1st time i was using a service like this, and the last one too). As they say in the small print they are not responsable for anything and DPD does not respond to my issue as its customer is Parcel Monkey and not me. I already sent a formal complain almost a month ago when i try to do an online mediation ( which was not possible as parcel monkey does not have a direct email). I came here to ask the opnion if i should enter in the small claim court not for the refund of my goods but for the lack of service performed and the lack of support and care of DPD and PArcel Monkey. Would any one be able to advise me ? If yes,what would be the fair amount for this claim. I am 2 months without my clothes and medicies Thanks
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