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  1. If I end up agreeing for them to collect, what sort of time window is acceptable or expected? I'm certainly not prepared to give up a whole day and even a morning or afternoon seems a bit much?
  2. Thanks for the replies and sound advice, much appreciated. Thankfully I avoided Amazon Prime as I do with all things I later need to opt out so that shouldn't be an issue. The tracking page has now updated to 'delivered' but still no demands for payment yet but still early days as it only happened yesterday. I'm liking the idea of calling them as I've already had one poor experience of talking to Amazon India. Not sure I'll be able to record the call, I'll have a word with my techy pal later. That said I suspect the 'useless' follow-up email should be proof enough I made the call. All that said, it was intended as a gift so would still like some closure sooner rather than later so if anyone has any previous experience of negotiating a lower price, that would be great.
  3. If I was younger and more reckless the storage threat might sound appealing haha but I suspect they'll move a lot quicker to collect than they did to deliver, which is my real gripe to begin with. They seem to think refunding the 'express' delivery charge is acceptable after I wasted 2 days. That's 2 days I can't get back, I deserve better.
  4. Hi all On Black Friday I ordered goods from Amazon using their 'express' delivery service which should've arrived 1st December. Despite paying a premium price for delivery and not receiving a premium service i remained patient until after 9pm on 2nd December when I decided 2 wasted days was enough. I canceled the order and got a full refund. Well earlier this week I ordered goods from another company after receiving my refund, similar price to what I attempted to buy from Amazon but slightly inferior, and was delighted when a delivery man called with a parcel today. It was only when I got the goods inside, all signed for and delivered, I realised it was my canceled order from Amazon. So now I'm left with a dilemma. It was actually intended as a gift and the receiver really wants me to keep the Amazon product whereas my own principles say they should just come and collect their extremely late order. So a few questions... What are the chances of haggling some compensation if I decided to purchase these goods after all? Bearing in mind the initial purchase was Black Friday there was a discount, if I keep the goods, will they be held to that price or would I be expected to pay today's price? If I decide to send the goods back, do they collect or do I have to send it back at my own expense and hardship? (at this moment in time the parcel remains unopened so I've no idea if there's any freepost return slips or whatever).
  5. I dont see an 'edit post' button here so would be grateful if someone could delete this thread. Many thanks.
  6. Hi I recently attended a Customer Compliance Interview at the local Jobcentreplus as a query arose on my claim. I'm on longterm sickness benefit and receive Income support, Housing Benefit and Council Tax Rebate. Apparently an allegation had been made late last year that I was earning? £1000's from online gambling and taking regular holidays abroad. As far as I'm aware I wasn't under caution?, or it's possible I might have missed this as several times I had to ask the interviewer to speak up as I'm currently hard of hearing. After being asked my name etc, I was asked about savings. I informed the interviewer I had around £2k give or take a couple hundred. He asked where this came from and I informed him I received £4k from the local council as compensation when they had to rehouse me around 4 years ago. The bottom line is I rarely go out and my money can slowly but surely build up (I never told him this though) He then moved on to my online gambling. Whilst it's true I do play online poker, I certainly dont make the alleged £1000's. I'm basically a low roller playing small buyin tournaments and freerolls. I informed him my biggest ever single win was around $200 (not pounds). Like any form of gambling, I win some and lose some. It's basically a pastime to kill time. In the interviewer's own words he told me if I play the lottery and win £10 they couldn't care less, if I win a quarter of a million I would need to inform them. I agreed that sounded reasonable. He then moved on to holidays abroad. I informed him between 2006 and 2008-2009 I took 3 x 50+ day holidays to Asia. I also said on reflection maybe I should've informed them as that is what I have since learnt, after the event. That said, I failed to tell the interviewer on my 1st 2 trips it wasn't my intention to stay as long as I did, it was just so cheap there I took the opportunity to stay longer. I think I might still have the flight itinery with the original dates on them, is it possible to add this to my interview at a later date if needed?. I was advised I need to report any holiday abroad that exceeds 28 days. I may or may not have to repay overpaid benefits, presumably those holiday days that exceed 28 days? I also have to take my passport in to be scanned. I was told none of the above affects my current claim but basically warned to report things when needed. Given they want my passport I guess it's not over yet? Is there any more I can expect aside from a decision on holiday overpayments? Maybe I'm a bit confused and have misinterpreted something above? Is there anything there they can take further? I dont know why but I'm still feeling very worried and stressed by it all. Thanks in advance for any advice or replies to my questions.
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