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Found 4 results

  1. I sent 6 parcels, 5 arrived and one was missing. I went through several PM messages. They sent me after 30 days a comfirmation that the bag was lost and they would give me 34 pounds back . This does not cover even the bag price! i had at least 500 pounds in clothes more another 500 in medication . Well, the whole thing was worthed around 1,500 pounds. I did not take extra insurance ( it was the 1st time i was using a service like this, and the last one too). As they say in the small print they are not responsable for anything and DPD does not respond to my issue as its customer is Parcel Monkey and not me. I already sent a formal complain almost a month ago when i try to do an online mediation ( which was not possible as parcel monkey does not have a direct email). I came here to ask the opnion if i should enter in the small claim court not for the refund of my goods but for the lack of service performed and the lack of support and care of DPD and PArcel Monkey. Would any one be able to advise me ? If yes,what would be the fair amount for this claim. I am 2 months without my clothes and medicies Thanks
  2. Hi all. I posted an item by next day delivery to an ebay buyer using Parcel Monkey and delivered by Citylink. I paid extra for compensation up to £300, as the item sold for £262 including delivery. The ebay buyer claimed that they received an empty box within a few minutes of signing for the item. They opened a claim through ebay for an item significantly not as described, got a crime reference number using the Action Fraud website and won the case. From day one of the buyer contacting me I was in contact with Citylink using the number on the Parcel Monkey website, and the person I was speaking to stated that they worked at Citylink dealing with Parcel Monkey issues/claims. They opened an investigation into the missing item at the Birmingham depot where the item was to be delivered from. After a while they came back to me stating that they had interviewed the driver and he had stated that the item was signed for, weighed a significant amount and the contents of the box had not been found at the depot. When I booked the delivery the parcel weighed 9kg. By the time it had got to my local depot Basingstoke according to them it weighed 5kg. So already there was a discrepancy of 4kg. Anyway, all of this took time to conclude. Once this had concluded the person I was in contact with from Citylink referred me back to Parcel Monkey to open a claim. At this point Parcel Monkey replied stating the following: 'Clause 5 provides that all damaged claims must be reported to Parcel Monkey within 3 working days from the scheduled delivery date. Our records indicate that your shipment was delivered by Parcel Monkey on the 29th of May 2014 and that your first notification to Parcel Monkey was on the 12th of June 2014' After a bit of me arguing my point about being led to believe that a claim was underway and that the investigation naturally took time I then contacted them again stating that I would be looking to take them to the small claims court. I used the following from the OFT to try and persuade them to reimburse me: 'I believe that these terms are unfair and I refer to section 2.4.2 of the Office of fair trading’s Unfair Contract Terms Guidance which states: ‘The OFT is likely to object to a term that frees the supplier from his responsibilities towards the consumer where the consumer does not make a complaint immediately or within an unduly short period of time. This applies particularly where: (a) a time limit is so short that ordinary persons could easily miss it through mere inadvertence, or because of circumstances outside their control, and (b)faults for which the supplier is responsible which could only become apparent after a time limit has expired.’ After sending them this they replied that in light of this they would review my claim and get back to me. After chasing them up they have still denied my claim, but this time not stated any reasons for doing so. I believe that the next step would be to take them to the small claims court based on the above OFT guidelines. However, I need to know if I'm completely wrong as I really don't know what I'm doing with all this! Many thanks for any help, and sorry for the long winded and badly worded post!
  3. Morning.. Story so far.. Booked a collection from PM, City link collected and showed as delivered on tracking (no signature machine broke) Customer informs me "where's me package" Contact Pm, they send claim form and ask for loads of info from customer Customer finally gets back too me with info. Try too complete claim form an Pm say "Tough, took longer than the 7 days we allow" Fuming i contact city link, they perform search and agree that tracking machine shows as broke, they can't contact the driver as he got the hump with them about another issue and left. City link now say search complete and package lost, but i have too claim through PM, who say, " Tough, claim over the 7 days limit" Service cost £18 and took insurance for the £50 out. So... where do i stand, and who do i start harrassing for some closure on this...?> thanks people.. scouse.
  4. well you did have to be there!! just got back from Cornwall, had a mad time with Tilly AND Termy and Tilly long suffering chap Cliff the mad man Callow. hope we can do it again some time.
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