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  1. I have not spoken to them yet. I only realised a few days ago.
  2. Sorry, I just posted here because I see other threads about Very.co.uk in this subforum. I paid on Very.co.uk with PayPal and they don't have any access to my credit/debit card so I don't think so it would trash my credit file. I have a downloadable statement reference document stating that I was refunded to my PayPal and that the item was not delivered. In that same document, it says that the item has now been delivered (which it hasn't).
  3. I had an order of £300 that was not delivered and was issued a refund to PayPal, the item and the delivery charge. Since then, the order has been changed from not delivered to delivered. They are now charging me for the product even though it was not delivered. I have been getting texts on my phone telling me that payments are due but I'm a bit confused as to why this is happening if I was issued a refund earlier. I have not paid anything as of now. What I'm asking is how would I get this cleared up without having to pay anything and are they even allowed to charge me after they already issued a refund?
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