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  1. It gets better. The reason I haven't satisfied the Labour Market conditions for Jobseeker's Allowance is because the job centre haven't bothered to send off the form I filled in!
  2. When I was travelling on the train this morning, I was using my laptop. I wasn't paying much attention to what was going on around me, when I noticed that the train was almost in the station. I quickly rushed to put my things away, when the ticket inspector decided to start doing his rounds. While I was in the middle of putting my stuff in my bag, he asked to see my ticket. I explained that I was about to get off the train. I continued to put my stuff away and as the train pulled into the station, I flashed my ticket before alighting. I barely made it off the train in time. As I left, he shouted out to me that I was on CCTV and he would be taking action against me as, even though I eventually showed him my ticket, I didn't show a valid ticket when asked. I don't think anything will come of this but, if it does. Is there anything they can do here? At the end of the day, the ticket inspector waited almost 20 minutes to start doing his rounds. Had he done them at the start of the journey, I would have been able to show him my ticket. Waiting until the train was about to pull into the station was inappropriate and I wasn't the only one in the carriage who was unable to show him a ticket due to his timing. Had I stopped putting my things away to show him my ticket when he originally asked, I would have missed my stop and had to travel to the next station to catch a train back. I would then have been travelling without a valid ticket.
  3. 8 weeks ago I missed an appointment at the job centre through sickness. I went in the next day to fill out the sickness form. I thought that was it sorted. I asked when my next signing time would be and they told me that they would be in touch. The day before my signing time I still hadn't heard from them, so I made a phone call to find out what was happening. They told me not to worry about it and they would arrange one for two weeks time. Just before the two weeks passed, I received a letter in the post, telling me that my claim had been closed the day I missed a signing due to sickness as I had failed to attend an appointment. I then opened up a claim again, backdating my claim to the day I was sick, giving the reason that I filled out a sickness form, but the staff at the job centre had failed to send it off, which was not my fault. I then told them that the reason I didn't reclaim immediately was because I didn't know that my claim had been closed until four weeks later. They have since replied telling me two things: 1. I have not satisfied the Labour Market conditions for Jobseeker's Allowance In total I checked three different websites for work during the week. Two of these were checked daily. One was checked three times a week. I contacted an agency once a week. I checked a local weekly newspaper each week. I applied for a minimum of one job per day. In total I took a minimum of 26 steps a week to look for work. This exceeds the steps laid out in my claimant commitment during my previous claim. How have I not satisfied the Labour Market conditions for Jobseeker's Allowance? 2. I have not shown good cause for the delay in making my claim. There was a delay in me making my claim because THEIR staff failed to do their jobs adequately. As I do not work for them, I cannot be blamed for this. I re-opened my claim as soon as they told me that they had closed it. I will be seeking a reconsideration over this. Is there anything I can cite in my letter to give me a better chance of winning against this?
  4. I opened a new claim for Jobseeker's Allowance last week and I do not have a claimant commitment yet, since they won't give me anything until next week. I was made to come in again this week and they have sent my details forward to a company, who will arrange an interview with me for a job. The job is of absolutely no benefit to me. I am already working part-time on a Saturday, which they know about. The job they have put me forward for is Saturday's only, clashes with my current part-time job, has more hours and pays less. It is also a job with no skill set required and no hopes of career progression. The part-time job I currently have is relevant to my degree and will lead to full time employment this summer. I didn't give them permission to pass my details on. Have they breached the Data Protection Act?
  5. No. The issue is that this man is still trying to get revenge against me months later. I had moved on and thought this was all in the past. This man has different ideas. One of his mates posted my contact details on Twitter last night and I had to have it removed. I am not the one doing this now am I? What's the point of coming into this thread to insult me when you don't have a clue? Wrong. These people are showing no signs of giving up and, given recent events, I will be contacting the police for online harassment. I have not been taking part in any of it. I am only monitoring their actions.
  6. The hate crimes are racial abuse, but I had no part in it. I wasn't present when they took place and I have nothing to do with it. The person responsible is trying to shift the blame on to me in an act of vengeance. I doubt anything will come of it. This isn't the issue. My issue is with a restaurant owner, who has passed my details onto this person. Apparently there is nothing I can do as I don't have solid proof.
  7. All I have in the way of evidence is a roundabout wording. When I noticed that my personal information had gone viral, I promptly changed my name on TripAdvisor to a fake name in an attempt to mislead people. The American clown posting my personal details bought into it and posted somebody else's Facebook profile on the page. He told the person who started this campaign against me that they could acquire my personal information from this restaurant. They then told the American that they were already aware of the review, which he had mentioned, and that the person linked didn't share my surname. That probably won't be evidence enough? It's only implied, but this is the only way they could have acquired my personal information. I am not a victim of the hate crimes. Other people have been and I am falsely being linked with them as this malicious person tries to protect themselves.
  8. My name and telephone number had to provided to book a table. They acquired my address as they opted to send a refund in the post and I provided them with it. It was sometime after this that the owner of the restaurant decided to reveal my personal information online. The current situation is that somebody has committed multiple hate crimes. Out of vengeance, they are playing the innocent card and are blaming me for their problems. Gullible people have bought into this and it has gone somewhat viral. People from around the world are using the Internet to trawl through my personal information. My name and location, along with details of how to find me were posted to Facebook. They lacked my full name, full address and telephone number at this point, but my review for this restaurant was then discovered. I am aware from this person's post on Facebook that they have contacted the restaurant and acquired my name, address and telephone number from them. Has the owner of the restaurant breached the Data Protection Act by doing this? Is there any legal action I can take against him? No threats have been made as such, but somebody intends on using my details to make false allegations to the police. I'm hoping it will blow over and they will be dismissed before I take any action. Facebook is a problem, as my information has been revealed on there, but they aren't interested in removing the offending posts. I know this for a fact.
  9. Hi, There is currently a hate campaign against me online where somebody has attempted to acquire my personal information. The person who started this campaign have acquired my name, address and telephone number from the owner of this restaurant. Is he allowed to pass my information on to whoever he likes, or will he have broken the law? Possibly breached the Data Protection Act?
  10. It is less 'a plumber from Leeds' and more 'The person who works as a receptionist at JP Biggs & Sons in Blyth' for example. They have provided the exact location of my work, along with the role that I do there. I am the only person with the role. So there's little I can do other than continue to flag their response every time they post it? Revealing my place of work breaches TripAdvisor's management response guidelines, so it's not allowed on the site anyway. The alternative is to delete my review and leave a lower-scoring review detailing their subsequent actions. It would be honest and perfectly justified. I would like to point out that 95% of their response was lies. I don't even own a tracksuit, like they claimed I was wearing, for example.
  11. I have just gone out, but I am willing to contact the admin email address when I return home so that we can discuss this matter.
  12. I will not provide the identity of the restaurant as that will in turn reveal my personal information on here. I've contacted ICO over the phone and they are unsure about it. They've told me that I should attempt to resolve it with the restaurant first, who have told me that I will have to make contact through their lawyer.
  13. Thank you. I will contact them. Which section of their site would I make a complaint through? Handling? https://ico.org.uk/concerns/handling/ Or Internet Search Results? https://ico.org.uk/concerns/search-results/ They acquired this information through small talk upon arrival and have since seen fit to publish this information online.
  14. Hi, I have recently left an honest low-scoring review on TripAdvisor, to which the restaurant responded by providing the exact location of my work, along with my job title. As I am the only person with this job, I can easily be identified. I flagged the restaurant's response for this reason and it was deleted. However, the restaurant immediately re-posted and, as TripAdvisor approve anything and everything, they have allowed it on to the site once more. Are the restaurant legally allowed to reveal my personal information, which I have not given them permission to provide, online, or am I able to take legal action?
  15. Here is a step-by-step full account of what happened: I bought a concert ticket towards the end of November. I noticed people saying online that they had received their tickets between the mid-December and early January. When I hadn't received my ticket around mid-January, I contacted the ticket seller. The ticket seller told me that the ticket was stuck in customs and they would let me know if I needed to do anything. I kept contacting the ticket seller and every time they told me that they hadn't received the ticket. Towards the end of March, which was a little over a month before the concert, I asked for a full refund as it looked unlikely that I would ever receive the ticket. They told me that I couldn't have a refund under EU directives as I wasn't German. They told me that they would place my name on the guest list instead. They told me that customs wanted to know what was in the letter before they would release it (if they'd told them this months ago, it would have been released but, according to them, they never bothered to do this) I asked if I would still receive the VIP benefits if I didn't have a ticket, but my name was on the guest list. Benefits were early entry and chance to meet the artist. They told me that I would have to explain the situation inside, but I would get to enter early. They skipped over the question about meeting the artist. I sent them another e-mail, only asking if I would still get to meet the artist, so they couldn't skip over it this time. They didn't reply to my e-mail. I raised a dispute on PayPal. The sellers story changed and suddenly they were going to do something about trying to get my ticket released from customs. If I didn't receive my ticket in the post in time, I could now have it hand-delivered to me in the queue. I acquired a press pass for the concert ensuring that if I didn't get in as VIP, I would still manage to get into the concert. I contacted them again asking for an update on the delivery status. They told me that they wouldn't tell me unless I closed my dispute on PayPal. PayPal told me that the ticket was still in customs and that the seller had made no effort to get it released. I told PayPal to tell the seller to communicate with me so that the ticket could be delivered to me in the queue, as the seller suggested after I raised a PayPal dispute. The seller contacted me and told me that they wouldn't deliver the ticket unless I first closed the dispute. I contacted PayPal to ask if I could re-open the dispute if I closed it and the seller didn't come through on their promise. PayPal recommended not to close the dispute as I wouldn't be able to re-open it if I didn't receive the ticket. I offered the seller two fair alternatives: 1. Make me sign something confirming delivery. Then I couldn't win the dispute even if I tried. 2. A simultaneous trade where I close the claim in exchange for the ticket. They rejected both of these and told me that the only thing they would now accept was if I paid for the ticket in cash in exchange for the ticket. They promised me that if they did this they would tell PayPal that I didn't receive the ticket, this way I would have only paid once. I explained the situation regarding my ticket problems with a member of the band's staff. The band's staff were going to give me a free VIP ticket because of the problem and the fact that I had travelled abroad to see the band. The venue manager intervened and told them not to give me a free ticket as I had caused him too much trouble. The venue manager told me to try and resolve the situation with the ticket sellers. I told him that I had tried, but they weren't willing to resolve the situation. He yelled at me telling me that he wasn't the one I had to talk to to try and resolve the situation and he didn't want to get involved between me and the ticket sellers. A representative of the ticket seller shows up. I offer the exchange again. He tells me I'm only getting in if I buy either a VIP or GA ticket from him as PayPal have already closed the claim in my favour. I check with PayPal. The claim is still open. The ticket seller tells me that they had a phone call with PayPal the day before. The ticket seller told me that during this conversation, PayPal told them that I had won the dispute, the money was being processed and it would be back in my account on the 2nd of May. The ticket seller told me to phone PayPal for confirmation. The venue manager intervenes and yells at me to pay the 70€. So much for him not wanting to get involved between the two of us. I get in touch with PayPal. They tell me that the claim is still open and they won't consider making a decision until after the concert as they know I was trying to resolve the situation. They tell me that if I pay the 70€, the claim will go in the seller's favour as they will have technically delivered the ticket. I acquire a spare GA ticket from somebody in the queue in case the venue manager doesn't allow me in as press. I attempt to enter the venue as press. The venue manager, to my surprise, is fine with me entering as press. The seller sees me coming in and rushes over. He tells the venue manager that he doesn't want me getting in unless I buy a general admission ticket off of him for 40€. The venue manager changes his mind and tells me that he won't allow me in as press. I walk out, wait for the ticket seller to walk away and re-enter, this time showing my GA ticket. The venue manager is fine with me coming in. The ticket seller intervenes again telling him that he doesn't want me in unless I spend another 40€ to buy one off of him. The venue manager changes his mind and tells me that I will have to give the ticket seller 40€ to get in. I don't get into the concert, which means that I wasted £150 on flights and a hotel. On the 2nd of May, I find out that the case is open until the 19th of May, proving that the seller were lying when they told me that the outcome had been decided and I would get a refund on the 2nd. On the 3rd of May, I phone PayPal (I was on hold for 90 minutes on the 2nd before giving up). I ask what was said during the conversation between PayPal and the seller on the day before the concert. PayPal tell me that the seller claimed that Royal Mail, Deutsche Post and I were all lying and that I had received the ticket. PayPal didn't believe that all three of us would lie, so they told the seller that they should try to resolve the situation with me, as I was trying to do so. PayPal confirmed that at no point did they tell the seller that I had won the case or would be getting my money back. They also confirmed that if I had bought the ticket for 70€ in cash in Germany I would, in all likelihood, have lost the case and ended up paying twice. PayPal told me that this doesn't appear to be a normal case as the seller have had plenty of time and opportunities to resolve this, but they have never made any effort to do so. They also told me that they have done nothing but lie to them during the entire dispute. No matter what the seller says, PayPal find evidence saying the opposite. PayPal sent them another e-mail asking them if they had the ticket. If the seller don't reply before the 7th of May, I have been told that I will receive a refund. Apparently PayPal have asked them this question twice before, but the seller have skipped over it both times. End of events thus far. __________________ PayPal suspect that the seller either retrieved the ticket from customs and this wasn't logged, or they re-printed the ticket and re-sold it to someone else in the hope that I wouldn't try to get a refund. I believe that this is likely as well as in addition to the all the evidence above two other situations took place on the day. 1. I asked to see the ticket for proof that it existed. This was denied. 2. When it was clear that I wasn't going to buy it, somebody else asked if they could buy it. They weren't allowed to do so. The tickets weren't on sale from the venue until GA doors opened, making the additional money for the VIP ticket worthless. Why not sell the ticket if they have it? If they don't sell it, it will remain unsold. So, is there anything I can do about this? Firstly the ticket seller tried to con me out of money. Secondly, I should have been allowed in with the general admission ticket I had. If I was banned from the venue or the ticket I had was declared invalid, it would have been a different matter. But this wasn't the case. I was allowed in if I bought a second ticket. Nobody else in line required two tickets or were made to buy a ticket from the seller at the venue.
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