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  1. It gets better. The reason I haven't satisfied the Labour Market conditions for Jobseeker's Allowance is because the job centre haven't bothered to send off the form I filled in!
  2. When I was travelling on the train this morning, I was using my laptop. I wasn't paying much attention to what was going on around me, when I noticed that the train was almost in the station. I quickly rushed to put my things away, when the ticket inspector decided to start doing his rounds. While I was in the middle of putting my stuff in my bag, he asked to see my ticket. I explained that I was about to get off the train. I continued to put my stuff away and as the train pulled into the station, I flashed my ticket before alighting. I barely made it off the train in time. As I left
  3. 8 weeks ago I missed an appointment at the job centre through sickness. I went in the next day to fill out the sickness form. I thought that was it sorted. I asked when my next signing time would be and they told me that they would be in touch. The day before my signing time I still hadn't heard from them, so I made a phone call to find out what was happening. They told me not to worry about it and they would arrange one for two weeks time. Just before the two weeks passed, I received a letter in the post, telling me that my claim had been closed the day I missed a signing due to sic
  4. I opened a new claim for Jobseeker's Allowance last week and I do not have a claimant commitment yet, since they won't give me anything until next week. I was made to come in again this week and they have sent my details forward to a company, who will arrange an interview with me for a job. The job is of absolutely no benefit to me. I am already working part-time on a Saturday, which they know about. The job they have put me forward for is Saturday's only, clashes with my current part-time job, has more hours and pays less. It is also a job with no skill set required and no hopes of caree
  5. No. The issue is that this man is still trying to get revenge against me months later. I had moved on and thought this was all in the past. This man has different ideas. One of his mates posted my contact details on Twitter last night and I had to have it removed. I am not the one doing this now am I? What's the point of coming into this thread to insult me when you don't have a clue? Wrong. These people are showing no signs of giving up and, given recent events, I will be contacting the police for online harassment. I have not been taking part in any of it. I am only
  6. The hate crimes are racial abuse, but I had no part in it. I wasn't present when they took place and I have nothing to do with it. The person responsible is trying to shift the blame on to me in an act of vengeance. I doubt anything will come of it. This isn't the issue. My issue is with a restaurant owner, who has passed my details onto this person. Apparently there is nothing I can do as I don't have solid proof.
  7. All I have in the way of evidence is a roundabout wording. When I noticed that my personal information had gone viral, I promptly changed my name on TripAdvisor to a fake name in an attempt to mislead people. The American clown posting my personal details bought into it and posted somebody else's Facebook profile on the page. He told the person who started this campaign against me that they could acquire my personal information from this restaurant. They then told the American that they were already aware of the review, which he had mentioned, and that the person linked didn't share
  8. My name and telephone number had to provided to book a table. They acquired my address as they opted to send a refund in the post and I provided them with it. It was sometime after this that the owner of the restaurant decided to reveal my personal information online. The current situation is that somebody has committed multiple hate crimes. Out of vengeance, they are playing the innocent card and are blaming me for their problems. Gullible people have bought into this and it has gone somewhat viral. People from around the world are using the Internet to trawl through my personal inf
  9. Hi, There is currently a hate campaign against me online where somebody has attempted to acquire my personal information. The person who started this campaign have acquired my name, address and telephone number from the owner of this restaurant. Is he allowed to pass my information on to whoever he likes, or will he have broken the law? Possibly breached the Data Protection Act?
  10. It is less 'a plumber from Leeds' and more 'The person who works as a receptionist at JP Biggs & Sons in Blyth' for example. They have provided the exact location of my work, along with the role that I do there. I am the only person with the role. So there's little I can do other than continue to flag their response every time they post it? Revealing my place of work breaches TripAdvisor's management response guidelines, so it's not allowed on the site anyway. The alternative is to delete my review and leave a lower-scoring review detailing their subsequent actions. It would
  11. I have just gone out, but I am willing to contact the admin email address when I return home so that we can discuss this matter.
  12. I will not provide the identity of the restaurant as that will in turn reveal my personal information on here. I've contacted ICO over the phone and they are unsure about it. They've told me that I should attempt to resolve it with the restaurant first, who have told me that I will have to make contact through their lawyer.
  13. Thank you. I will contact them. Which section of their site would I make a complaint through? Handling? https://ico.org.uk/concerns/handling/ Or Internet Search Results? https://ico.org.uk/concerns/search-results/ They acquired this information through small talk upon arrival and have since seen fit to publish this information online.
  14. Hi, I have recently left an honest low-scoring review on TripAdvisor, to which the restaurant responded by providing the exact location of my work, along with my job title. As I am the only person with this job, I can easily be identified. I flagged the restaurant's response for this reason and it was deleted. However, the restaurant immediately re-posted and, as TripAdvisor approve anything and everything, they have allowed it on to the site once more. Are the restaurant legally allowed to reveal my personal information, which I have not given them permission to provide, online
  15. Here is a step-by-step full account of what happened: I bought a concert ticket towards the end of November. I noticed people saying online that they had received their tickets between the mid-December and early January. When I hadn't received my ticket around mid-January, I contacted the ticket seller. The ticket seller told me that the ticket was stuck in customs and they would let me know if I needed to do anything. I kept contacting the ticket seller and every time they told me that they hadn't received the ticket. Towards the end of March, which was a little
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