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  1. Thankyou....relief its all over. Been a long 12 months!
  2. Sent the defendant a letter last week stating if the balance was not paid in full within the time limit then I would put a charge on his property and included a copy of the land register so he knew I had been enquiring. Payment received in full today. Thanks for everyones advice.
  3. Sorry for sounding numb. So even if the court authorise instalments against my will i can still execute by way of high court at any time even if he is not behind with said instalments?
  4. So i reject the instalments then commence execution but during this time the court could still overide and set instalment agreement if they see fit
  5. When you say go straight to execution you mean recovery by other means ie transferring to high court and involving court enforcement officers...or third party debt order ect.
  6. I have today after a 12 month small claims battle obtained judgement against a garage who failed to honour a warranty on a reconditioned engine they fitted which became faulty. Judgement has been obtained for £3700 and the defendant ordered to pay within 21 days. His solicitor asked to apply to pay in instalments however the judge said that would not be dealt with today. I know the defendant ( as he used to be a family friend) and know he is quite well off. He is a sole trader and his garage business is not a limited company. He owns an expensive house with no mortgage attached
  7. Been to see the store manager today. After a bad start telling us there is nothing he can do to reslove the matter I advised him I woild be rejecting the whole suite and cancelling the finance aggreement. And then sudden u turn. Said he was happy for us to pick another suite of our choice as long as we were willing to wait delivery again which will be after xmas. We are able to keep the existing suite for use intil then with no charges. I will be asking for all this in writing when we choose the new suite in the next day or so.
  8. All we have in writing is the order which says grey however dfs version of grey is quite obvioisly brown. We were told by the sales guy in store that the one on display looked brown because of the lighting in store and woild not look like that elsewhere We are rejecting it on the fact that tje 3 seater has turned up with just 2 seat pads. That is not what we asked for and the listing on their website only shows dimension diagrams of 3 seaters with 3 pads which is what we asked for.
  9. Hi. 8 weeks ago we ordered a new 3 pc suite from DFS. It was delivered today and we have a few issues we are not happy with. First one is that we ordered a 3 seater sofa and at the time were debating on a reclining one which had 3 seperate seat pads however opted to go without. we ordered a fixed 3 seater sofa which the sales man told us would be the same with three pads. Today it has turned up as a 3 seater with just 2 pads which is not what we wanted or ordered. When i checked online the dimensions photo shows 3 seperate pads and there are no 3 seater options wit
  10. UPDATE After pressuring the seller of the van on the phone it turns out he values his knee caps higher than his wallet. He has paid the outstanding balance of £3874 to Varooma and the issue is now resolved. One question I now have is I've been told that for the past 18 months I have not been the owner of the vehicle as varooma owned it. Would this has rendered my insurance cover void had I have had to make a claim?
  11. If they HPI the vehicle with the new plate then it will bring up the original plate on the results and they will then know it's the same vehicle. I will see Whether seller rings loan co tomoro as he has stated he will.....and see what they say regarding moving forward
  12. It's taken home each day by a member of staff. It comes to our premises in the morning to be loaded and is then off on it's rounds. Comes back twice to reload for 10 mins then is taken home again at end of day by staff
  13. What is the situation if I have had several thousand pounds worth of work on the vehicle. It is a hot and cold sandwich van and I have spent over £3000 on new ovens and fridges and inverters ECT. Legally I own these so how does this affect the situation of a repossesion.
  14. Possibly yes just a repo co. I'm expecting them at our workplace tomoro as they won't put the matter on hold. The van is has a different reg plate on it so hope this will sway them and although it needs to be at our premises for loading several times a day we will try and keep it away as much as possible until we can deal with the matter properly. I still have contact details for the seller and have spoke to him on the phone today. He is apparently going to speak with the logbook loan company tomoro.
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