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  1. I parked at Nene Park, Peterborough on Friday 1st June 2018 for 50 minutes. My daughter met me and parked up as well. We paid cash for both cars at the same machine. We both received a parking charge notice on 18th June dated the 14th June. After several letters and emails, we have now received a Take Formal Notice letter from Equita stating that the matter has now been passed to Equita Ltd with instructions to recover the outstanding sum of £110.00. In my very first e-mail on the 18th June, I wrote I have today received a letter from yourselves. They are obviously igno
  2. Hi All, My first post - please be gentle this is a very stressful and difficult time! Back in Feb I received a PCN from Manchester CC. I can't recall why I was even in Manchester or anything about the circumstances. I was pregnant at the time and unfortunately lost my baby in April. From there everything went to pot. I couldn't cope with day-to-day life, I left my job and things that should have been sorted just, well, weren't. Fast forward a few months and I received a letter from Equita stating that they had a court warrant to deal with this. Having had nothin
  3. 1 Date of the infringement.( 05/07/18 ) 2 Date on the NTK [24/07/18] 3 Date received ( 27/07/18 ) 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [no] 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? ( no ) 6 Have you appealed? {no] 7 Who is the parking company? ( Park with Ease ) 8. Where exactly [Whitlingham Country Park, Norwich, Norfolk ] For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under. IPC A member of my family who is foreign, drove into Whitlingham Country Park in Norfolk stopped for 20 minu
  4. Hello all, Today, I walked out to my car sitting outside my address, to find this rather unwelcoming sticker slapped on my window. Before any questions are asked, I have absolutely no idea what/where/how this 'warrant' has landed on my lap... but I have recently moved address. I immediately rang the quoted number for equita, and spoke to two very unhelpful ladies. I explained (honestly) to the operator that I have no idea why this sticker has been stuck on my window. I asked for a full explanation of what the debt is, how it was obtained and more importantly how much. The opera
  5. Hi. Just need a quick advice. I got a parking ticket long time ago which I became aware of when Equita got in touch. I was surprised and agreed to a payment plan of £75 followed by two payments of £101.50. Unfortunately I am between jobs and I failed to do last payment on 1st May. Additionally I had my phone broken for few days. I got it back on today after 3pm to find an sms saying bailiff is schedulded to visit me today at 8pm. So all 4 hours notice. I called back the number and asked for a time till mid next week to pay it off but ofcourse it was a no go. I sai
  6. Hi, I'm looking for some advice, I have an old outstanding council tax bill, which was sent to Equita, I said I would set up a repayment plan with them and spoke to the local authority for them to clarify the amount as I don't agree with the amount they say. I informed Equita that I was speaking to the local Authority and in the meantime Equita sent a repayment plan of £900 per month, which I never agreed to and could never ever afford. Last week I received my new council tax bill and on it is the outstanding amount still owed. I straight away emailed equita explaining this, a
  7. Hi, I have fallen behind with this years council tax, due to unemployment, I emailed the council in July to ask if I could go onto a payment plan, to which they replied that I needed to call them, I have done this today and have been informed the debt has been passed to a bailiff working for Equita, and that I need to speak to him directly. Which I haven't done. I have tried constantly to get through to my local council council tax recovery but I am having no luck at all, I really want to stop the bailiff from calling as of yet he hasn't. Any advic
  8. Hello Hope anyone can help My son received an enforcement notice from the guys at Equita regarding parking with wheels on the footway. he has no recollection of this being an 18 year old and what they have to think about he's unlikely going to. he don't remember the incident and certainly didn't have a ticket on the car. The offence took place last June 2017, no correspondence the local authority have been received at all but this one from Equita a week ago. .The original debt was £118 its now £235, we are all in the wrong business!!! What i would like to know is,
  9. Ill start with how and what it has come to for me to post on here. Around this time last year my nan went into end of life care at a pilgrims hospice in kent. At the time I was temporarily living with my mum who lives in Hertfordshire for work. There was no long term vision so I never changed my permanent address. I do have a dart charge account but before working there and due to other reasons I hadnt actually been to Hertfordshire often thus using the dartford crossing, overlooking the fact Id got a new car since the last time I had been there. As I also ride motorbikes
  10. Sorry but not sure how to find correct forum?? I want to send a new thread regarding parking fines i received from Parking eye and Equita, here is my story. I received a letter on or their about's 27 September 2017 from Parking Eye. In the letter (see attached PDF) they explained I had been fined ref Asda Gravesend, I moved house to from Harlow Essex new address when moving to Gravesend i updated driving license but forgot to update my vehicle log book...( it is now been done) The letter from Parking Eye stated because of the mix up of DVLA addresses they would NOT charg
  11. Came home today to a letter shoved under the front door of the flat (I live in a house converted into self contained flats) from Equita. White window envelope saying "urgent - for immediate attention notice of attendance" "private and confidential" and "by hand" with two boxes "left by" and "on" left blank. Inside was a letter with correct name and address headed "delivered by hand" with client debt and court fee then a total outstanding scribbled in hand (which is £310 higher than the client debt). The letter is undated and is an enforcement notice saying they called today to e
  12. Advice please, received text stating I had to return home as bailiffs booked for 12pm. I have returned home and no one has shown up. Can I use this text to claim against my losses for coming back..the text reads "THE EQUITA REMOVAL TEAM HAS BEEN BOOKED TO REMOVE YOUR GOODS AT 12PM. RETURN HOME NOW OR TO PREVENT ACTION CALL ME ASAP TO CLEAR YOUR BALANCE. MR GREEN
  13. Hi all, the register keeper has received out of the blue a notice of enforcement for "entering and stopping in a box junction in march 2017". unbeknown to them and without any prior communication from TFL or equite, this Equita letter is demanding £278 which is made of £203 debt and £75 Compliance stage fee! the date on the equita letter stating the date of the contravention is also incorrect on the equita letter. tfl states it was in November last year. they are asking for the money within two days too, is that even legal? just seen the photos from 2016, looks like th
  14. Please bare with me as this is a long transcript. I owe my council £378.29, but I couldn't make any payment as I recently lost my job. My local council referred the case to the Equita who sent me a "Notice of enforcement" stating that I need to pay 453.29 (Incl. compliance stage fee £75) before 20/02/2017 or contact them to arrange a payment plan else the case will be passed onto bailiffs. I called them on 16/02/2017 and told them that I could pay the money by the end of this month as I recently got a job and so will be paid at the end of this month. I thought we had an agreemen
  15. Hello I had a dartford crossing penalty charge that I never paid as was in & out of my property due to domestic violence issues. Equita now have the debt. On the 7/2/2017 they gave me an enforcement notice after only having my debt since 27/1/2017, the notice stated I had until 17:30pm on the 7/2/2017 to talk to them before a bailiff was sent to my house. I was not at my property to recieve this letter to meet their deadline so it went unnoticed. I called equita as soon as I returned home to explain my situation & they just said it's in the hands
  16. Hello, this has been an on going thing since 2015 ! it's a long and boring story but i hope someone can give me some advice. i'll try to start at the beginning and explain the situation as best I can. At the end of 2015 I was selling a car that i personally owned, it was a cheap skoda that I sold for ~£500, this was around november/december (sorry I dont remember the exact date) the buyer requested that he keep the full V5 as he was driving the car out of the country to his home country that same day (Czech i assume) his english was really poor and it was difficult, but we
  17. Hi guys. Simply put. Parking fine - £82 Forgot to pay it. Went to a Debt Collector, who added their £75 on top. As soon as I got the letter and remembered the debt, I paid Stockport Council via their website The £82. I have an email proving so. This was October 3rd Just had a letter placed through the door tonight for.... The original debt £82 Compliance fee £75 1st visit £235 Total: £392. Am I missing something here? Clearly a lack of comms between the council and the bailiff. According to the law, do I have to pay the bailiffs' fees
  18. Hi all This is my first post and feeling pretty stressed My background , well was working in oil and gas for the last 20 years until i was laid off in October 2015 and only just started work again (first payday on 28th Oct) all my savings gone on bills but now behind on council talk and Mortgage but payment plans in place with them. I also have a step change management plan in place While i was unemployed i tried to claim on benefits but was turned down as not payed enough National Insurance this year !! My wife received a letter through the door from Equita today from a con
  19. Hi, Can someone please help me, My local council (Sefton) has passed my council tax arrears over to the bailiffs there are a few years worth as I got myself in a pickle as I work on a zero hour contract, totals around 4k they are refusing to speak to me and negotiate until I make a payment they want there fees £567 before negotiating, they just keep refusing to speak to me. I phoned the council who said they should be negotiating with me but there is nothing they can do and they wont recall it, I just dont know what to do now. Thanks
  20. Hiya I have an old council tax debt with Equita. I missed a payment over christmas and they forwarded it to the bailiffs. The guy came out and I explained that I live in my sisters house and own nothing, which I could prove. He went away I kept calling to find out what was happening and got no repsonse. I called Equita and they said I had to speak directly to him but he wouldn't pick up the phone. They then instructed a different Baliff who after speaking with agreed to re-instate the instalments, i've been paying him. I was away last month when the payment
  21. I stuck my head in the sand with council tax last year and ended up having my debt passed to Equita. It got to enforcement stage before I managed to get someone to agree to a payment plan with me. I agreed to 250pm at the time as I was in full time work. I lost my job in April and rang Equita before my payment was due to advise them that I wouldn't be able to pay the same amount but would be willing to carry on paying a much smaller amount until I get back into work. (I'm currently waiting on an award of benefits from the DWP and have been given a council tax reduction for this year based on n
  22. Hi there I am hoping someone can help. I got in from work on Tuesday evening, after going to the gym and found a letter on my door matt from a bailiff company threatening to seize my goods for non payment of council tax. It was an enforcement notice and referred to a liability order. This was the first I knew that my direct debit payments to the council had not gone through (i've checked now and they were returned). I did not receive any letters or liability orders in the post either. Surely I should receive some kind of notification before the council involve bailiffs!? For the two
  23. The Pranksters view.... http://parking-prankster.blogspot.co.uk/2015/12/parkingeye-shamelessly-dredge-up.html
  24. Looking through old papers ........ Back in 2013, council passed liability order of £642 to equita. I paid Equita £1039 within 3 months. I understand this was when they pre-loaded costs to the account. The repayments were arranged and paid for over the phone. By they did say they MAY Send someone out to do what was then the walking possession order ...... But that never happened. Ilooking back, I paid almost £400 in fees/charges I just wanted the debt cleared. Would I be able to challenge those charges .... Or is it best just forgotten ...... As always any thought
  25. Hi Woken this morning at 7.10 by loud hammering on the door , It was that loud my neighbours came out !! Looked out of window and saw 2 men with torches and enforcement officers written on the back of there jackets .i ingnored them they went around the back hammering on the doors and windows. They left a letter for my husband I have called tday to issue a warrent of execution for out client counc i parking fine . Iam authorised to remove your goods to satisfiy the amount 422 00 debt 112.00 compliance fee 75.00 enforcement fee 235. If you fail to c
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