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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, any help would be appreciated. In brief: I used the Dartford crossing in August. I tried to pay the £2.50 but their system was down for hours and I was unable to do so until the following day. I received a £35 fine. I made a representation and they have rejected it and said "our investigations show that thre were no known problems with our website at the time you stated you attempted to pay". The fine has gone up to £72.50 now. I am wondering what the best option is (a) just pay the charge and forget about it; or (b) appeal it. I am worried that I will have bailiffs at the door and cost hundreds all for a £2.50 charge and their system being down. Thanks
  2. My on-going battle with Dart Charge continues as once again I made the crossing on a Sunday when I got back the local Paypoint shop was closed. I tried 3 others in town and the surrounding area only to be told they had got rid of the PayPoint machines or they weren't working. Subsequently I forgot all about it until the Tuesday when I called Dart charge and told them I'd forgot and they said 'tough, you'll get fined now even if you pay'. I appealed on line after calling them today to ask if I could pay and avoid the fine (I knew it was hopeless but others tell me this has worked for them), only to be told there's no other way to do it, which is wrong as you can appeal by post. I can't understand how it is legal for a private company (Le Crossing) to issue fines, I thought only court, plod and LA's could do that? For what it's worth my appeal is below, I know it will get laughed at by Dart Charge but I'm making them work for their highway robbery: Once again I had to use the crossing on a Sunday and on returning I found that all the local pay points were either not working or closed, I tried 4 shops. Your call centre was down on the Sunday so I couldn't make payment until the next day. I work for the NHS so I am extremely busy and I am not allowed to leave the medical area while I'm at work and our phones can't dial your number. When I remembered I hadn't paid, I called your call centre on Tuesday to make a payment and was advised that I would still be fined. I believe there should be a longer period to make a payment and there should be easier ways to pay, as I do not have access to a computer (I'm in the library now) and if paypoints are not working and your call centre is down, how can I pay the charge? Also why does each crossing incur a separate fine? A journey consists of outbound and inbound, that's one journey so it should be one fine per day. I also question the legality of a private company imposing fines on the general public, I'm sure that only Local Authorities, Police and Courts can issue fines, what right does Le Crossing Company Limited (Limited means it is a private company) have to issue fines?
  3. Ill start with how and what it has come to for me to post on here. Around this time last year my nan went into end of life care at a pilgrims hospice in kent. At the time I was temporarily living with my mum who lives in Hertfordshire for work. There was no long term vision so I never changed my permanent address. I do have a dart charge account but before working there and due to other reasons I hadnt actually been to Hertfordshire often thus using the dartford crossing, overlooking the fact Id got a new car since the last time I had been there. As I also ride motorbikes and more often ride that and wouldnt pay dart charge manually. When my nan went into hospice for end of life care over the space of a couple of weeks there were five occasions i used my car and didn't pay the dart charge fee. My dad would open my post delivered to his address, but in the circumstances with his mum and my nan being so unwell and eventually passing away. The fines were sent to equita. This is where the trouble started... Originally the five penalties added up to a sum of £10, but through equita LTD they amounted to £190 each! Once I became aware of these I got in contact immediately and tried to resolve/explain the situation and set up a payment plan as id never had anything like this before. I ended up having five separate 'accounts' with them, I asked for have one set date a month for an individual payment to be paid by either standing order or direct debit to make things easier for both parties. But they insisted this they couldn't do this so on five separate times of each month a different amount would need to be paid. But being paid weeks, working long hours and with other financial commitments it was difficult. One week with no warning I had missed a £20 by a day, with no warning I had an enforcement agent at my dads door, demanding 3 of the 5 accounts in full plus his £235 fee. I ended up working nights paying him £100 a week. I even payed him £175 while on holiday which was a birthday treat from my girlfriend. After this and paying over £700 in such a short space of time, I called the office number, on hold for over an hour sometimes purely just to ask for a single payment date and a statement of all the money I had paid. With no exaggeration there has been over 20 times I have been hung up on or spoken to either rudely, patronising and even aggressively I have been told they have no record of what I have paid. At the end of November I called and made a payment which apparently cleared of my 'accounts' as the last two payments were made on the 25 and 29 of the month I asked if anyone would be in the office to pay on those dates in December, the lady on the phone told me there wouldn't but it would be fine to pay the end of the first week in jan. Which with luck was actually my pay day and all was well... Until Jan 3rd 2018 when I received a call from the same enforcement agent I had paid hundreds of pounds in the summer saying he had visited the address demanding the full amount plus £235. I had no warning, only recently I have received texts on the 24th and 28th as a reminder, but no one at equita was working!!! And i had been told friday the 5th would be fine. Since they have continued to hang up, will not discuss anything as its not their problem its the enforcement agents. I even have a couple of phone calls recorded proving this. Yet I still have an agent demading now over £500! Any ideas where I go??? Sorry for such a long threat but I thought it would be better to get it all in that reply filling the gaps later Thanks Also, A point I have missed. On four or five occasions asking for the statement and reciepts which they promised to send. Every single time I have only received what seems to be a generic print out of that I owe them money, with no statement or payments!!
  4. Apologies for my arguably over detailed 1st time rant !! Around 3 months ago (Oct 2017) I received a Notice of Enforcement (Compliance Stage) informing me that on the 4th Dec 2016 I had allegedly make a Dartford crossing that I had not paid the £2.50 charge for. Fees at that point were £190.50 (£115.50 Debt and £75 Compliance Fee). At this point I must point out that we had moved house and DVLA would have had our previous address details on file. I spoke with my wife and neither of us could account for the trip, I contacted Marstons and after numerous +40 min on-hold calls, eventually spoke to their "customer service". I explained the situation and requested further information relating to the alleged incident and any associated proof that we indeed made the journey in question. I also asked that NFA would take place until this was received. Less than 2 weeks later I was literally about to leave my house to catch a flight for a business trip (suitcase by the door) when one of Marstons finest knocked on my door. After the customary pleasantries he revealed, to my surprise, that he was attending for this very matter. As the vehicles registered owner was not I but my wife, he said that he could not discuss any details with me, yet still aggressively pushed the message that he was here to collect payment or issue distraint upon our goods. I explained that I had spoken with their office and was awaiting a response and re-iterated the doubt that we had even made the journey in the first place (we live 70 miles away and have no reason to ever make that trip). He then EXPRESSLY STATED that they had records of us making payment for one way and not the other!! Now this was new information to me and whilst I was sure that I still had not made this journey, maybe my wife had.... She was unavailable at the time as she was in regional meetings and I had a flight to catch, we should really have been at an impasse at this point. Unfortunately I had told the Enforcement Officer to wait outside whilst I retrieved the original Notice of Enforcement, to try and get him to deal with me in my wife's absence. Yep... you guessed it, when I returned he was in my living room (which I admit I did not respond to very well!!). This now changed matters as he had (in his words) gained peaceful entry (despite my request for him to remain outside). I of course should have known better, especially as I have advised many before me. Unable to speak with my wife to present this new "evidence" of us making payment for one crossing and not the other (and also running the risk of missing my flight) I was forced to make payment of just under £450 GBP to get him out of my house. Yes, that's £450 for an alleged missed payment of £2.50!!! Bear with me because the best part is yet to come.... Suffice to say, this payment was only considered and then made, due to the time restraints I was under, the fact I could neither confirm nor deny my wife's involvement given the new statement made by the Marstons officer that "they had proof that we had paid for one crossing but not the other and so we were definitely in that place at that time", despite neither of us having any recollection, and lastly due to the fact that he had "gained entry" and was not leaving until settlement was made. Here is the best bit....... I have now just had through (28th Nov 2017 & received on 2nd Dec) a 2nd Notice of Enforcement for the very same day!!!!! This is surely impossible, given the statement by the EO that "Marstons had proof that we had paid for one crossing already" and that a few weeks previously we had paid under duress nearly £450 for a missed payment for one trip on that day? Given that the statement made on my doorstep was the only reason I had even considered our potential liability in the first place, I will be damned if I fork out for a 2nd fraudulent claim. I immediately rang their "Customer Care" number, which strangely enough returns a "number not recognised" at the weekend? When I rang it again on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I was met with 40+ minutes of hold and "we are experiencing a larger than usual number of calls" (unsurprising given their "invention" of offences). I requested automated call backs, only for the phone to ring a day later and then the line go dead when I answer. Eventually I spoke to one of their "Customer Care" reps who told me to submit my response in an email. I then sent 5 emails, all of them resulting in a bounceback from Marstons servers. I eventually saved my initial email as a word doc and attached it to a basic email header that would fool their filters. This resulted in an automated "thank you for your email" response and that is all I have had to date. On the 2nd letter it stated that unless payment was received by 23.59 hrs on 11th Dec 2017, additional fees (£235) would be added to the existing £190.25 and a visit by an EO will be made to make claim upon my property. The automated response to my email also stated that proceedings would not be put on hold should I contact them. Advice? I have requested in my initial email a copy of the bodycam video from the first officers visit which will show them claiming to have evidence of us making payment for one of the crossings on the day in question. I have also requested any and all evidence used to obtain the initial warrant and a copy of the original CCJ and subsequent warrant served by the court. The first instance I was made aware of any alleged infraction was via the 1st Notice of enforcement from Marstons, received in Oct 2017 and relating to a penalty incurred in December 2016 (the previous year). I am dissapointed in myself that due to circumstances at the time I was effectively bullied into making the first payment but I CANNOT and WILL NOT in all good conscience make the second... Quick question.... In the course of enforcement for the original penalty, the EO claimed to have gained "peaceful entry" to my home. That fine was settled in full (albeit under duress). Does that now count for the second warrant, in the sense they can claim to have entered the property peacefully on a previous occasion, or did that right end when I paid the notice? FACT - Due to incorrect address details (we had moved house) I never received any notifications from either Dart Charge, the courts or any third party company involved, up until Marstons made contact at my current address by means of a Notice of Enforcement for the first incident in October 2017. Circumstances detailed in my opening post resulted in an "under duress" settlement of this initial charge (although this has now riled me up sufficiently to consider re-compensatory action against Marstons). They then made contact 28th Nov 2017 for the 2nd alleged infraction which occurred on the same day, 4th Dec 2016 , for which they had already stated I had paid. As far as I am aware, a "Warrant of Execution" can only be issued to enforce an existing CCJ, correct? It can also only be issued where willful ignorance of the original CCJ notification can be proved? In turn, the CCJ itself can only be issued when the court is satisfied that willful ignorance of the initial penalty notice has occurred? As I never received any communications prior to Marstons involvement, for the reason explained above, surely the Warrant of Execution is unlawfully issued, as they cannot possibly have proved to a court my receipt of the notification and subsequent ignorance, both of which are required in order to issue said warrant? In addition the CCJ was therefore unlawfully issued, for the exact same reasons? Given the above, should I now submit the TE7 & TE9 (Dart Charge) pdf's to transfer ownership of this claim away from Marstons and into the care of the TEC? If you made it this far my heartfelt thanks and appreciation! All advice gratefully received.... R
  5. Hello, this has been an on going thing since 2015 ! it's a long and boring story but i hope someone can give me some advice. i'll try to start at the beginning and explain the situation as best I can. At the end of 2015 I was selling a car that i personally owned, it was a cheap skoda that I sold for ~£500, this was around november/december (sorry I dont remember the exact date) the buyer requested that he keep the full V5 as he was driving the car out of the country to his home country that same day (Czech i assume) his english was really poor and it was difficult, but we agreed the price and made the deal, I wrote a receipt for both him and me, it was very basic just saying something like, this is a receipt for the vehicle XX that was paid in full by mr. X on X date for whatever amount, it was a cheap car and i wasn't too bothered but since he had the full V5 i wanted something, we both signed both copies. however he only wrote "wezdara" and made a squiggle (looked like a 5 year old's first attempt at a signature - but what can you do, can hardly accuse someone of not knowing how to sign their own name. Something else that I want to note, the V5 state clearly that is it not proof of ownership so I wasn't too worried about handing it over. A few weeks later I get a dart charge notice, now sorry for the hazy details, this was all over a year ago so i dont really know any details, but the letter first requested a dart charge (plus some sort of late fee) iirc it was around £50 or so the first time they asked (very unfair on a £2.5 toll i think) I called them instantly and explained the situation, they seemed very understanding and said no problem, we'll sort it out you dont have to worry. that's the end of it i though another month or so later i get another letter requesting the money again, i call them again now they weren't as friendly, i explained all that had happened, and said i have a receipt also. They asked me to send my evidence along with an explanation to them, which I did. Another few weeks later they send me another letter saying they dont' accept my evidence and I am still liable to pay. Honestly I know I should have sorted this out sooner but i feel really strongly that it's not my fault and that I shouldn't have to pay this, so i just started to ignore them, coupled with the fact this was a very stressful time for me AND i didn't have much spare time (was selling car to start a business) which I have been running since then. after that i didn't really hear much for a long time, then a few weeks ago I started getting letter's from Equita, the first said i can just pay in full their latest amount (something ridiculous ~£200) and they won't add on their own charges, I ignored this, now today I have received a hand posted letter. This letter that i received today is requesting a payment of £425 (115.50 debt, 75£ compliance fee 325£ enforcement fee.) It states an Enforcement Agent has attended my property today with the intention of removing goods "for unpaid liability warrant" Now, I know it's not necessary for the post but I feel it shows who I am, i've got perfect credit and never had so much as a speeding ticket, or anything to do with court, im still fairly young and never had any experience with a situation like this, it is quite distressing and i dont know exactly what to do. I have also spoken with citizen's advice, who were quite helpful but didn't really tell me much that i didn't know (go to court and fight it, or pay up - basically) From my understanding because it hasn't gone to court yet their "enforcement agents" don't have any special powers at all, and the only way they could get a thing off me at this point is if i willingly give it to them ? One more thing, personally I would be fine coming face to face and negotiating with one of their agents if they did ever come to my house, but I also live with an elderly relative who i fear would allow them in, and let them take/do whatever they wanted if he were to answer the door. Whatever advice people have would be appreciated. Also I really don't feel like this situation is fair at all, if I had done something or owed money i'd be happy to work out something, but i feel like companies who practice these underhand and dirty tactics to get people's money really need to be removed/restructured especially when they're providing public services like roads/maintenance. Regards, Matthew
  6. Hi all, went over the Dart back on 13th August and we forgot to pay until the evening of the 22nd, 9 days later! OK, yes hands up, stupid us, we simply forgot as we've been having a bit of a rough time of it lately and life simply got in the way. However, we paid as soon as we realised. But now this morning ive got a charge certificate asking fore £105 and saying ive ignored a pcn from them sent on 23rd August (the day after we actually paid) giving me 28 days to pay 70 quid. I never actually got that letter at all, it offered me £35 if paid within 14 days which Id happily have done but now they want £105 plus more action being threatened if i dont I cant find an appeals process, i cant afford 105, id happily pay the 35 frankly to get it off my back but dont know how i should go about this can anyone please help me? googling i found a site http://www.trafficpenaltytribunal.gov.uk/how-to-appeal/ which seems to imply theres a 14 day grace period anyway for first offences ? Quoted from the site "A spokesman said: ‘The first penalty charge notice issued for any vehicle for non-payment of the charge will offer the driver an extra 14 days to pay – and pay for any crossings they have made since. ‘This measured approach strikes the right balance between being clear to drivers they need to pay Dart Charge and giving them every opportunity to do so." So im at a loss here and hoping someone can help.
  7. Anyone have any e maill addresses for somebody at Dart charge who isn't a robot? I've just wasted nearly 2 hours on the phone to them as they have raised 3 penalty charges for my account (they mean my reg no) which they show as being £10 in credit but they refuse to apply the credit to the crossings I made. I have never dealt with such useless people (and I work for the NHS) who tell me 'the system may give you a refund it may not' and then expect me to pay again for soemthing I've already paid for! I also wish to complain about one particular call taker who was so rude it was unbelieveable and I want to request the recording of that convesration. Thanks to them I now need a new keyboard...
  8. Hi all, I apologise in advance for the long-winded post and hope you can bear with me as I explain my situation as I am confused about what I should do next and could really do with some advice! I live in the South East and occasionally have cause to use the dartford crossing which in late 2014 converted the toll system to an online system where you could pay within 24 hours of a crossing. I set up an account in April 2015 for my husband's car which I credited with £10 and authorised to take automatic top-ups as and when needed. We then proceeded to use the crossing several times over the summer when going on weekends away or day trips. At this point I was also looking after my new baby who, due to reflux and eczema, was sleeping very poorly and I was becoming quite sleep deprived. I was not on top of my usual filing of post etc and had let it pile up on the windowsill for 'when I have time'. I know this was foolish but genuinely wasn't expecting anything troublesome in the post! When I finally did open the post I was horrified to see 5 PCN letters from dart charge and came to the conclusion that there must be some kind of mistake, in my next foolish move I decided it was best not to mention this to my husband and that I could surely rectify it easily enough. Well, unfortunately by the time I put in my online appeals I was sent a letter stating that I was out of time to respond and that the case was going to court. At this point I told my husband what was happening (the car is in his name) and he was quite content that we would be able to explain the situation at court and it would be fine. we waited for the witness summons. The next thing we know we are being contacted by an EA who claim there was a court case at the end of June and they will now be sending bailiffs to collect the debt. My husband contacted them and explained that we were not aware of the court date and hadn't had a chance to explain that we had tried, in good faith, to pay for the crossings. The EA told him that there was nothing we could do now except pay up, we hoped that this was not true and so asked for copies of the court orders which we still have not received. Yesterday we received a visit (apparently at 6am although I was awake and heard nothing) from an EA who posted a letter adding £235 to our costs (over £800 on this one) today a further letter detailing more PCNs on a seperate reference totalling over £500 with a warning that if not paid by tomorrow the EA will visit on this case. My husband is adamant that we should not pay these fines when we have an account, in credit, with dart charge that should have covered the cost of the crossings. It has transpired that I actually input a 0 instead of an O when creating the account (sleep deprivation again) and dart charge have (since I created the account) installed software that prevents this type of error due to so many people making this mistake. I am now confused about what, if anything, we can do next?! My husband is adamant we should not pay but with three small children I hate the threat of the visits from an EA and am starting to be tempted to try to pay to remove the pressure, especially as the costs keep rising. Thank you for reading all the way through this and thank you in advance for any advice or suggestions you may have.
  9. Hi guys, I'm wondering if you can help. On 29/08/2015 I apparently entered some kind of toll road in London that's subject to this Dart Charge. It wasn't very clear to me at the time so I literally had no idea about it. They sent me a letter dated 16/12/2015 explaining that I needed to pay a PCN, which was £70, or £35 if paid within 14 days. The only problem is that they sent it to my old address (which to be honest is entirely my fault as it seems I haven't updated the DVLA. The only reason I have the letter is that the person living in my old house knows where I work and dropped it off yesterday) To be honest I'm expecting to just have to suck it up, but before I pay I was wondering if anyone has any success appealing?
  10. Hi folks, I hired a car from Enterprise on 02/04/15 for a trip the following morning from Kent to Leicestershire. As this journey involved using the Dartford crossing I went online on the morning of 03/04/15 and paid the Dart Charge toll, and received an email receipt (03/04/15 at 9:19am). Today I received a letter from Enterprise informing me that they had received a PCN for using the crossing without payment on 03/04/15 at 10:21am, and including a copy. They, quite rightly, passed on my details to the DOT and are charging me £35 admin fee as stated in the rental agreement. I have to wait for Dart Charge to reissue the PCN to me, and will obviously be challenging it when they do. Will I be able to claim a refund from them for the Enterprise penalty that they have lumbered me with? ta, B ps: the PCN is all in order (correct car, date, time etc., barring the small matter of my having PAID)
  11. Hi there, I received a Dart Charge Penalty notice whilst I was away on holiday. (end of April) The charge was for a crossing made two days before xmas. It appears that the payment originally made in December doesnt seem to have been debited from the card even though the customer services person said that the payment has gone through. Therefore an additional 7.50 has been paid- First by a family member dealing with the notice and paying 2X£2.50 then secondly by another member for £2.50. It seems that the crossing system is a massive mistake and the system is not very efficient, why they cant send a simple email confirmation or a text to confirm payment has gone through is beyond comprehension. Anyhow I have spoken with the Dart charge people and they agreed there has been a mistake and that the PCN should not have been issued. Thats all very well but the £37.50 could have unwittingly been paid when it was not required. (I wonder how many people this happens to) Not to mention time wasted dealing with these people's incompetence, I am looking to claim back the money paid and for time inconvenienced. I am not sure who exactly to write to: [email protected] ^^I have found The CEO for the highways agency [email protected] Just wondering if there is anyone else I should CC? Help much appreciated All the best BBYHB
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