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  1. Hello, I have a very serious issue with Parcl2go right now. I booked a Hermes collection and delivery through Parcel2go. There were 4 parcels in total. they delivered 2 out of 4 and have now told me that the remaining 2 have been deemed lost. This has been over 8 weeks ago. When i booked the delivery, i stated the weight of the parcels as they were quite heavy, however, parcel2go deemed them as ' Light parcels ' When the 2 delivered came, the boxes were battered with my belongings spilling out of them, the delivery driver also stated that they shouldn't have been refe
  2. Hello, I have recently been unfortunate enough to experience the bad end of when Hermes loses a parcel. A quick summary: I was returning a phone which was faulty back to Amazon DE for a refund. I had to pay return postage. Amazon said they will refund me up to around EUR 8 for postage. I then got a quote from P2G and the only service which would allow me to not be out of pocket was Hermes International. I put in the parcel details and the value. I did not choose to pay for their additional insurance as it was £30, in fact if I coul
  3. I am a small independent skincare maker. I purchased the service of MyHermes to collect and deliver 4 parcels of wholesale skincare goods to a stockist, and 3 were lost. * 2 parcels had their last scan at the Hermes depot Jun 1st '18, and haven't been seen since. * 1 parcel made it to the destination OK. * 1 parcel was said to have been delivered but was never received, and at some point I was told the delivery scan happened on the other side of town to where the parcel was supposed to go. MyHermes say they've conducted multiple sweeps of the warehouse and can't fin
  4. Hi, looking for some help here as to how I can get Hermes to cough up and refund me my money after losing my parcel. On the 7th January 2019 I sold a circular saw on eBay for £150.00, because of the weight I decided a courier was the best and cheapest way to send it to the buyer. It was dropped off at my local pick up point on Friday the 9th January for next day delivery. It was over a week before the buyer got in touch to ask me what was happening with the package, I was of the understanding it should’ve been with him by now. It was saying on Hermes website the parcel was at a local dep
  5. Hi, Here's what happened. I posted a parcel to acustomer, the parcel contained a hand made item and my customer paidme £572. I took out the maximum insurance of £300 with Hermes. They lost the parcel attheir Weybridge depot. After over a month andhours spent on the phone and writing letters and messages, they havesaid that they will only offer me the £300 plus my postage cost of£17.45 as I had agreed to their terms and conditions which limitstheir liability. This somehow doesn'tseem fair, they accepted my parcel and agreed to deliver it to mycustomer, t
  6. Hermes Courier broke window stay shoving a parcel through my porch window. The parcel wasnt for me but of 6 doors up and they didnt try delivering there or ringing my doorbell. Made a complaint and that is where it all went wrong. they mixed my name up with the intended recipient of the parcel. The manager who I spoke to and agreed that I would get a mate to replace the catch and he would send something nice as a gesture of goodwill. Well it didnt arrive and after a total of 12 more calls it turns out that the idiot didnt know what gesture of goodwill meant and so didnt
  7. Hi All. I recently started selling beauty products on eBay in my spare time for extra money. I chose Hermes as the carrier as they seemed the best value. Iam now regretting that decision massively. I have sent approx 200 parcels so far, all over packaged, and most of them i have taken photos of, and photos of them on the scales. After about 70 parcels i received an email from Hermes requesting an extra payment as a parcel I had sent was over weight. The parcel weighed 200g, but they tried to charge me for 3.25kg. After emailing i got the charge removed. (Not a good sta
  8. Hello I am posting this on behalf of my father who used parcels2go to return a zimmerframe which cost £89. He also paid for extra insurance on the web site in order to sent this item back. My father was unable to use his printer to print out a label and informed Parcels2go. Parcels2go sent Hermes to collect the parcel. The parcel was collected by a Hermes courier on March 15, 2018 and has been missing ever since ! After numerous chat sessions and emails no progress in finding the parcel whatsoever was made. Hermes admitted that the parcel was lost by them, but tol
  9. High Fellow Caggers, Please could you give me some advice. In August 18, I placed an order for a new chainsaw with Amazon and requiring it fairly immediately, I accepted their kind offer of a prime trial, believing that I would be entitled to next day delivery. In the event I received an email from Amazon stating that the chainsaw would be delivered on the day after the expected day of delivery. My partner and myself waited at our home all that day, no delivery was made. In view of non delivery and anxious to make the best of August Bank Holiday weather, I rang the importers of
  10. A friend sent me a birthday parcel from Germany containing clothing and household textiles worth approx 120 Euros. They used Hermes Germany, and tracking showed Hermes UK delivered it this morning. I was home all morning, all day in fact, and there had been no delivery. Nor did I receive a card, saying where they left it. I also checked with the neighbors, no one had received my parcel. myHermes international chatline is no help, they couldn't even find the parcel on their system because the tracking code only works on the Hermes Germany website. But anyone using the code can easily see
  11. Good morning, Booked via Parcel2go, Hermes lost a parcel I sent to Europe worth £150 - I did not buy additional insurance for this parcel because as far as I am concerned, it is within their duty of care to ensure the basic and functional delivery of an item within the £12 of postage I paid. Nonetheless, I sent P2G a Letter Before Action 2 days ago, to which they offered the standard response pointing me to their T&Cs: "The Limitation on the Amount of our Liability 6.7 If we are liable to you for any reason, we shall (subject always to clause 7) only be liable to refund
  12. Hi, I have gone through some of the numerous threads on missing parcels sent via Hermes. My question is, who is legally liable if a parcel, returned FOC via Hermes as per the sellers return policy is lost? The seller won't issue a refund until they receive the parcel. Thank you.
  13. Hi, Had to return a jacket from Scotland to Ireland via Hermes. Tracking the parcel got through a few steps and then went missing the day before it was due to be delivered back to retailer. Jacket cost 90 pounds, +10 delivery +Hermes charge of 12 pounds (total 112). Unfortunately I did not take out extra insurance, believing it to be unnecessary. MyHermes saying it's being reviewed, but will not accept my screenshot of receipt which clearly shows price of jacket and delivery charge. Now 3 months down the line and thinking I'll be lucky to get 20 quid back. If the par
  14. Good evening, I have a problem with a Hermes collection which is making me very worried and upset. I arranged for a parcel to be collected, the courier finally turned up and my husband saw the courier collect the parcel but on checking in the safe place there was no card. My parcel hasn't been received by SimplyBe so they made enquires with Hermes who deny there was a driver in the area on the day my parcel was collected. They have advised that I am liable for the value of the goods. What do I do? Is my issue against the courier or SimplyBe? I have read h
  15. In January I returned my daughter's Christmas present to the shop to be exchanged. I booked using Parcel2go and they in turn used myHermes as the courier. T he parcel was lost. My problem is this...I dropped the parcel at a drop off shop. I returned to the shop and they looked on the CCTV for me and it clearly shows my parcel being collected by the myHermes courier. The parcel was never scanned in not once. Parcel2go claim that they they have no liability due to their t's & c's. My understanding is that if the t's and c's are unreasonable then they can be he
  16. Not sure how to explain this ..... I ordered an item from Debenhams a few days ago, today the parcel was handed over to me by a close neighbour , close as he live in the flat that backs onto mine, The complaint I have is that Hermes left MY parcel in my neighbours outside cupboard and put the card in my neighbours postbox! I am just lucky my neighbour is honest or I would have had no idea that it had been delivered! I have reported this to Debenhams but they cant see anything wrong with what Hermes driver did!
  17. I am posting this on behalf of a friend, who sent a valuable piece of sports equipment through Hermes. Firstly he failed to pay extra for insurance as he did not see it at the time. He also made the classic mistake of not checking the weight thoroughly. It was just over 5 kgs. A case was opened on 2nd November when the parcel failed to arrive. The case was supposed to be actioned within 24 hours. On 5th November customer contacted Hermes chat with one of their agents, who informed him that the parcel was lost. Hermes promised to send out a Lost Claim Form. Customer informe
  18. Bought a Lacie Rugged Hard Drive on Ebay via Paypal for £139.99, postage included (beware...still selling at this price, I'm guessing I can't give details of seller here) Payment taken promptly. Estimated delivery dates provided via e-bay. I left NO additional information re delivery. One day prior to the estimated delivery date period, I returned home from work (no text or E-mail from Hermes) to find HERMES courier had posted a 'sorry you were out' card with hand-written FRONT DOOR as some feeble indication of what he/she has decided to do with my item once they'd discovered I was not i
  19. Hi I would like some advice please, the ex wanted a new TomTom and saw one advertised on QVC at a good price and you could buy it in instalments ( just under £30 over 3 payments ) and as he has no pc asked me to order it for him. The item duly arrived but he did not like it and asked me to return it, I filled in the return paperwork and had to pay Hermes to come and collect it from my house which they did on December 4th, it has a tracking code on it so tracked it to make sure it arrived bk to QVC, Now the tracking system has not been updated since December 7th which said on way
  20. I bought something from ebay at a very good price; one not easily repeated. The seller shipped it to me via Hermes. The tracking showed it as being with my local courier & out for delivery last thursday. It never arrived. I checked the tracking and everything was the same except the date had changed to friday. Still nothing (I was in all day) This happened for saturday & then monday; the date for delivery kept changing but still no actual delivery. Sometime on monday (yesterday) the tracking stopped working with a message that the tracking had been cancelled. I contacted
  21. Hello - I'm hoping you can help me out regarding a parcel I've sent with Hermes. The item arrived damaged (technically, all that arrived was a noticeably empty box) - and so was rejected by the recipient. I've contacted Hermes (who hadn't bothered to tell me that it had been rejected), who have said I need to pay for the return delivery to be able to obtain a photograph of the item to claim for it as a damaged item. Is this correct? Should I have to pay for return delivery for an item they've damaged/lost? Thanks Sam
  22. I have had my first contact with this company only in the past month, one parcel from Ebay and a parcel from Stemologica ( See other thread) On each occasion the driver/deliverer was knocking very, very hard and loud on my front window and also on the front door. There was also some shouting. It was like it was the Police or Fire Service trying to get in, very urgent, frightening, intimidating and rude. It seemed to convey the message that now that they had a parcel to deliver to me, I had better be in and to answer the door in a rush. I thought that the
  23. I wonder if someone can help me. My mum came home from work yesterday and sat on her doorstep were 2 large boxes for her address but with a different person's name on them. She opened her letterbox and there was a card from Myhermes saying that they had left 1 parcel in a safe place. She struggled to move the boxes as they were heavy, took them in the house and then called the number on the card explaining they were left on here doorstep when she wasn't there and that they aren't even for her so could they come and collect them. They refused to collect them saying that she needed t
  24. I ordered from the dorothy perkins website on June 10th. On June 14th, i called to enquire about delivery and was told it had been delivered on June 12th @ 9:26am. Well, hold on just a minute, i was at work at said time, normally leave home by 8:30am for work. Of course i asked around when i got back home that evening, no one had it. They promised to look into it and call me back. June 18, i called them again as i had heard nothing from them and i was told someone would get in contact with me by the end of the day, but of course no one did. June 19th, someone called me saying that they a
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