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  1. Hello, I have just received this to gear up for mediation. It is important to note that Money claims asked us both to send a filled in N180 to eachother and Money claims. I sent mine to both , but never received a copy form Parcel 2 go. Mediation is voluntary and can only be arranged if all parties verbally complete the mediation requirements, email acceptance from you does not mean the appointment will be booked. Mediation Requirements Please read the following 3 statements: 1. For mediation to be successful you would need to
  2. Thank you for your prompt replies. @dx100uk are you suggesting that the witness should be just me and i should put 1? @BankFodder i selected mediation and it took them months to send me this form . The form is in preparation for the mediation process, they asked if i would like to go into mediation in A1. regards
  3. hello all, I received an email from Money Claims to fill in an N180 form . I am to send one to money claims and another copy to parcel2go by email by 20/01/2020 , so in 2 days ! I almost missed the email! Most things on the form are pretty much straight forward apart from Section D where it is asking for evidence and witnesses, not sure what i should put in here, your advices will be very much appreciated please. Please find the attached copy of the form here, I am looking to fill and send it off by tomorrow n180-eng.pdf
  4. Thank you so much ! I really appreciate you taking time out to guide me through this. I will accept mediation and take everything that you have said on board and update you as the case moves along. Thank you so much Regards
  5. do you reckon i should resubmit the claim and add the allegation about unfair terms? Will it make a huge difference as I still plan on discussing it during the mediation and in court if we do get there. will that still count or do i have to have mentioned it in my claim form? Regards
  6. Thank your response. It is very helpful. I will go with the mediation and i will make sure i dont accept any less than the declared amount, plus costs of the action, claim fee and any any hearing fee. As regards to not coming back here, i tried but couldn;t reply to the thread so i looked through and learnt through all resources on here as well as discussions on related forums on here and i used that as a guidance. I only just found out that the thread could be re-opened. I will be including unfair terms during the mediation and if/when there is a hearing.
  7. Thank you for your prompt reply. Please find attached claim form. 090MC692-claim-form-claimant-copy (1) 3.pdf
  8. hello, Wanted to give an update. I did go along with the small claims court. But i reduced the amount i was claiming so that it doesn't exceed the small claims limit. As expected, Parcel2go has defenced the claim and rejected it. They had several pages as usual. I have uploaded a copy here. They did however say that they are opened to mediation. should i take the mediation ? and what sort of points should i be making during the phone mediation process? I understand that i should never have used them in the first place, bu
  9. Hello, i will like to reply to this thread as i have some relevant updates that i will liek to add to it, however, i am unable to reply because the thread is old and i have been advised to flag the issue up with the site's admin. Please have a look at this for me as it is very urgent and i have to take action regarding the matter very quickly. Here is the thread i am trying to reply to please looking forward to hearing from you regards
  10. any update on this please? keen to see what the outcome was and whether or not parcel2go backed down and paid you your money. Regards
  11. Thanks for your reply . The actual value of the contents missing( that I have receipts for ) is just over £20,000. The parcels already received is worth roughly around the same . I understand £1,000 was stated as the value of each bag , but that was because their system wouldn’t let me enter the full value at the time of booking . I had a similar problem with their system whilst submitting the evidences. I know you said I have a better chance claiming just £1,000 for each box , but I am willing to take my chances and go for the full amount lost. They have handled this
  12. Hello, Happy New Year to you all. Update : I submitted receipts of the content of my parcel to Parcel2Go on their portal , just like they instructed. However , their system wouldn’t let me upload all the documents even though they were in their accepted formats . There was a glitch on their system. ( I made a video and took pictures of this ), I noted this down in the notes before I submitted them. They came back to me and said that they needed more evidence in the form of bank statement . However, on their portal , there is no where to submit these. They se
  13. Thank you for your reply. I know that trying to claim the full amount will be a major risk as I may not win. But I am willing to try. Claiming for only £1,000 per parcel will still put me at a loss as they might decide to defend themselves in court, the payout of £1,000 per parcel will still be highly insufficient. I am going to have to do everything in my power to make sure i either get my belongings back or get my muffler money back. I have already lost a lot and not afraid to go after them at this point. I have been pushed to the wall with this and I am ready to fight them back.
  14. Thanks for your reply. I already contacted the CEO. They said they can’t find the parcels. At the point , I haven’t got much to lose as they already lost what I have to lose. Those are belongings that took long to acquire. I get what you are saying and I will give it a hard thought. Thank you so much . P.S how can I delete this post please ? I don’t them snooping around. Would very much like to delete or atleast edit this post. Thanks
  15. Hello, I have a very serious issue with Parcl2go right now. I booked a Hermes collection and delivery through Parcel2go. There were 4 parcels in total. they delivered 2 out of 4 and have now told me that the remaining 2 have been deemed lost. This has been over 8 weeks ago. When i booked the delivery, i stated the weight of the parcels as they were quite heavy, however, parcel2go deemed them as ' Light parcels ' When the 2 delivered came, the boxes were battered with my belongings spilling out of them, the delivery driver also stated that they shouldn't have been refe
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