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  1. Thank you. No it was my daughter's Christmas present, we don't sell to the public. I'll get on with the MoneyClaim then. Thanks again, it's a bit daunting so I admit I was hesitating about going to court despite feeling that it wasn't fair....but with yours and aburobert's advice I'll get on with it. Will keep you updated.
  2. Hi, thanks again for your response. I'm able to provide evidence in the form of receipts etc for the items in the parcel and I already have a letter from the shop stating that the items were never received. Please see below my redacted letter before action that was sent last week. I'm ok with risking the court costs as I feel that the way that this business is being run is unethical. We have businesses ourselves and have to insure against mistakes (public, product, employer liability). Like you say, how the courier companies have got away with putting the onus on the consumer to accept this ri
  3. Hi, thank you both for your replies-most helpful. I've only just found this website, or else I'd have definitely enquired before. My friend put me on to you after talking about this problem over the weekend. The value of the items is just under £800. I insured for £200 ( foolish I now know but I've never had a problem before) and like I said I would have taken it on the chin if I believed that all procedure had been followed but now I've found out that the parcel was never scanned this seems to me to be a gross lack of care with my parcel.The letter before action was sent last week and respond
  4. In January I returned my daughter's Christmas present to the shop to be exchanged. I booked using Parcel2go and they in turn used myHermes as the courier. T he parcel was lost. My problem is this...I dropped the parcel at a drop off shop. I returned to the shop and they looked on the CCTV for me and it clearly shows my parcel being collected by the myHermes courier. The parcel was never scanned in not once. Parcel2go claim that they they have no liability due to their t's & c's. My understanding is that if the t's and c's are unreasonable then they can be he
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