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  1. What annoys me is that the the banks have been aware of this for a very long while and should refuse any transaction from these companies. I shudder to think of how many people may be getting billed without regularly checking their accounts....
  2. I tried to start a new thread, but there was option to do so. I received a bill for £87 from British Gas, no gas used at all, it was for standing charges!!!!! I phoned up to complain but was told it came into force last October and that I must pay it regardless. I questioned the ethics of charging people for nothing, and the guy said that if the gas pipes etc were faulty they would repair/replace them and that this was the reason. I said it was like the mafia who would protect you if you were ever attacked by anybody however slim the chance. The guy laughed and then asked if I felt I had received good service from the call, I told him I was going to the papers..... I have since discovered Ebico with no standing charges and have applied to switch.
  3. Received 2 letters from my bank today, Barclays, confirming they have blocked all payments to cellapure and orbeaute......
  4. Hi, I suggest you read the other threads here. First off I would check the emails you received and look for a login and password, there should be 2 emails with the same login and password for both sites, http://www.orbeaute.com/ and http://www.cellapure.com/ These are the current sites. (Yours may be different) Login to them both and find the autofill tab and choose not to receive any more deliveries, save and then open tab again and make sure it has saved. This should stop anymore deliveries. Contact you bank 24 hour service, and give them the reference number of all payments taken regarding their products. Tell them you have discovered this is a [problem] known to the banks and you no longer authorise anymore payments to them or their subsideries. It may be difficult or impossible to recover the lost money, but you can try speaking to the bank (terms and conditions of offer is criminal in my view but like the rest of us you were scammed by the unscrupulous company) I would not contact them by phone as it is a premium rate number and they earn more from letting you hang on listening to music..... I gather it is more than 14 days since you received your samples, as these are also charged for if not returned by then. My view is that I lost money, and accepted it as a lesson. Get confirmation from bank that no more payments will be taken. You have a time limit to return unwanted parcels but from what I have read on the other threads is that they come up with excuses not to refund. The email addresses I used in my case were Stemologica support@cellapure.com Beautemer support@orbeaute.com I kept contacting them and used red large font in my replies, and after a few of them they got fed up of sending the auto response and I had a real person answer. I kept telling them I no longer authorise any more payments from my account.
  5. I certainly would not give a left arm to be treated in a very rude, intimidating and arrogant fashion such as I have experienced. I expect it would be akin to walking into a shop and bellowing at the top of your voice what you want to buy regardless of whether the shopkeeper was ready to serve you, with a high probability of being asked to leave the shop!!!!! I guess they have no training in customer service at all, hence the complaints above involving different types of accomodation, poor service etc. I actually have a bus stop in front of my home and there were people waiting for the bus when the My Hermes driver was making such a huge ruckus, they were all looking over with astonishment when I answered the door, very embarassing......
  6. www.stemologica.com/terms.php Terms and Conditions If only they gave a link to this before signing up....
  7. I have had my first contact with this company only in the past month, one parcel from Ebay and a parcel from Stemologica ( See other thread) On each occasion the driver/deliverer was knocking very, very hard and loud on my front window and also on the front door. There was also some shouting. It was like it was the Police or Fire Service trying to get in, very urgent, frightening, intimidating and rude. It seemed to convey the message that now that they had a parcel to deliver to me, I had better be in and to answer the door in a rush. I thought that there had been some kind of accident outside or other emergency that required my attention or that if anybody was in I or anybody else might be in extreme danger. I am not deaf and usually answer the door in a normal fashion, sometimes looking out to see who it is first if it is dark in the evening, but this guy did not even give a gentle knock on the door first. I expect he will be my regular My Hermes postman if I receive any more parcels sent through them, so next time my camcorder will be left running in my front porch to film how he delivers my parcels, and I will show it here...........
  8. I wonder if that Go Groupie link will reward the referer if anyone buys after clicking it? A quick google search gave me enough information to steer well away from it, I guess my experience with Stemologica is paying off. I may be wrong but my spidy senses tell me Once Bitten Twice Shy, too many people trying to get their money back too on mse forums.......
  9. If you return it as faulty you will be offered an alternative, tell them if you have no faith in that brand and if any others you may be offered do not have the same specs as you wanted in the first place, you should get a refund.
  10. You will have received an email with log in and password which is the same for the 2 sites, you need to log in and go to the autofill tabs in each account, as these have been preset to receive a new order every month at a total cost of around £97.85 a month. You need to tick the box indicating no more orders wanted, save and re check that it has done so. You need to return the 'samples' used or unused within 14 days with postal receipt and your name, address and email address on the package and on a note inside. If you do not return the sample in 14 days you will have £97.85 taken from your bank account. It is best to write off the two postage charges they have taken from your account and phone the 24 hour number for your bank and tell them that you are prepared to lose that money but no more, give them the amount and ref numbers of the payments on your statement and tell them you want to stop anymore unauthorised payments as you have learned that this is a well known fraud. The bank will do that and will acknowledge you for being alert to prevent the large amounts being taken. Cancelling your card will not stop them....... My view is that I have lost £7.90 but have learned a lesson about free trials and prevented £100's of pounds being taken from my account....
  11. Email received, Lets hope I hear no more from them.... Dear , As per your request, I have cancelled your account and thus all further automatic shipment of replenishment products to you. There will be no further automatic charges to your account. I also confirm that you do not have a subscription with us, so unless you reorder, you are not to receive further product, and no recurring charges are to be applied to your account, respectively. Kind regards, Customer Satisfaction Specialist Beautemer,
  12. To: support Sent: Sat, Nov 2014 21:07 Subject: Re: Your Beautemer Kit is Reserved! Order Confirmation () NONSENSE, IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE TO SEND A PARCEL IN THE SHORT TIMESPAN IN THE EARLY HOURS OF THE MORNING, NO DELIVERY WILL BE ACCEPTED CONFIRM CANCELLATION AND REFUND I WILL BE HERE ALL NIGHT WAITING URGENT DO NOT KEEP TRYING TO FOB ME OFF!!! -----Original Message----- From: To: Subject: Re: Fwd: Your Beautemer Kit is Reserved! Order Confirmation () Dear k, We were unable to cancel your order, unfortunately, as the parcel had already left our assortment depot. Please return the product by sending it here: United Kingdom: Returns Stemologica PO Box 7574 Milton Keynes, MK11 9GQ, United Kingdom Your name, address and email must be clearly written on the return package, both inside and out, or we may be unable to refund you. Once we have received your clearly marked return, we will inspect the contents and issue a full refund - so long as the product was returned in its original condition, and within 30 days from receipt. You may otherwise return used/sampled cream(s), with no liability to you, SOLELY WITHIN YOUR TRIAL PERIOD, i.e. 14 days from receipt. If you would want us to expedite your refund/NOT charge you in the first place, please send us a COPY of your POSTAGE RECEIPT, VIA EMAIL. Your electronic receipt must indicate: 1.) the WEIGHT of your parcel; 2.) the return DESTINATION, and 3.) the DATE it was posted. Kindly send your receipt copy to: Please let us know if you have any further questions. Kind regards, Customer Satisfaction Specialist Beautemer ----- Original Message ----- I cancel all orders and do not wish any products to be sent whatsoever, I do not authorise any payments to be taken from my account regarding the email below., please confirm. Mr I have cancelled within the hour since taking the survey after midnight on Friday November 2014 Please Confirm at once. -----Original Message----- From: J To: support Sent: Sat,Nov 2014 4:23 Subject: Re: Your Beautemer Kit is Reserved! Order Confirmation () I cancel all orders and do not wish any products to be sent whatsoever, I do not authorise any payments to be taken from my account regarding the email below., please confirm. Mr K I have cancelled within the hour since taking the survey after midnight on Friday Please Confirm at once. -----Original Message----- From: Beautemer To: Sent: Sat, Nov 2014 1:00 Subject: Your Beautemer Kit is Reserved! Order Confirmation () Hi , Congratulations! Your Beautemer trial has been reserved and will be dispatched within 2-3 business days. Once we have shipped your order, you will receive an additional e-mail confirmation with your tracking ID. *** PLEASE SAVE THIS EMAIL FOR YOUR RECORDS *** You can manage your account online 24/7 by securely logging in at: Username: Password: *** PLEASE SAVE THIS EMAIL FOR YOUR RECORDS *** May we suggest you carefully review the order details and ensure they're accurate. Order Date: 11//2014 Your Beautemer trial will be shipped to the following address: United Kingdom Your credit card ending has been charged 3.95 for shipping and handling. This charge will appear on your statement as orbeaute.com 080000000. We are certain you will be amazed with the rejuvenating powers of our product during your two week evaluation period. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Thanks for your order, The Beautemer Team --------------- --------------- * This is an order-confirmation e-mail and billing receipt only. To unsubscribe from future mailings, please click here.
  13. Manage AutoRefill Replenishment frequency that fits your lifestyle: Monthly Replenishment £4995 with Free S&H Once Every 6 Weeks £4995 with Free S&H Every 2 months £4995 with Free S&H Every 3 months £4995 with Free S&H Do not send AutoRefill (Not recommended)
  14. I got caught Friday midnight by email from Tesco asking to complete survey, then got free trial offer which I took. After some research I found lots of complaints all over the internet and cancelled by replying to an email I received about 1am. I received reply telling me that my order had already being sent. My 24 hour banking operator could not stop the 2 £3.95 payments until they appeared on my statement, which came through on Tuesday. The bank agreed to stop any further payments without any problem. Hermes awoke me Tuesday 10am banging on my front door and front window, I refused to take the parcel or sign for it and he was angry, I was intimidated into taking the parcel but did not sign anything and he marched away in a huff. bank statement showed cellapure.com £3.95 orbeaute.com £3.95 I understand I could be liable so the parcel will be returned within 14 days unopened, but I noticed that on other forums they will come up with an excuse and still bill you, but in my case they cannot take the £90 odd from my bank. After my initial request for free sample I received 2 emails with a link and log in password. IT IS IMPORTANT TO LOG INTO BOTH ACCOUNTS (SAME PASSWORD) AND YOU WILL FIND AN AUTOFILL TAB WHICH YOU NEED TO CHANGE TO NO REFILL WANTED, AS YOU HAVE BEEN AUTOMATICALLY AGREED TO RECEIVE MONTHLY DELIVERIES AT £49.95 OR MORE EACH AND EVERY MONTH.
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