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  1. We bought it in 2013, it's a hotpoint tumble dryer. We had a fire in it and of 2015 and they came out. They then made the modification after the risk warning in January 2017. They came out again towards the end of 2017 as it was tripping the electric after working for a while. They came out again around feb/March 2018 for the same problem. Now it trips the electric after it is on for a few minutes.
  2. Hi, I have one of the tumble dryer that were highlighted as a fire risk. We did even have a fire in the dryer before the reported risk. The company came out and looked at it and changed something and said it was fine. After the risk, they came out again and replaced whatever it was. I have since had them out another 2 times as the plug and dryer get very hot and it trips the electric. Both times they have said there is a fluff build up causing it, fixed it and have gone. I am once again unable to use the dryer as it trips the electric. I rely on my tumble dr
  3. Yes, we have the new car. They keep messaging us saying they want their car back and they are not happy etc
  4. We have the green section of the V5, the MOT and a receipt for the purchase of the car
  5. We did a deal with a trader the other day, we part exchanged our car and gave them some cash for a new car. Everything seems to be fine but we have today received a call from the trader telling us that they have taken our car to their mechanic and the car should be scrapped, it never should've passed the last MOT, whoever did it was rubbish, and it's an imported car which they wouldn't normally take. They are saying that they want the car we bought from them back and they will give us our car and money back. Obviously, we don't want to do that. We certainly didn't know or t
  6. Oh how fantastic of them! I guess I will have to get over to hers and dispose of them myself?
  7. I wonder if someone can help me. My mum came home from work yesterday and sat on her doorstep were 2 large boxes for her address but with a different person's name on them. She opened her letterbox and there was a card from Myhermes saying that they had left 1 parcel in a safe place. She struggled to move the boxes as they were heavy, took them in the house and then called the number on the card explaining they were left on here doorstep when she wasn't there and that they aren't even for her so could they come and collect them. They refused to collect them saying that she needed t
  8. Ok, from the beginning. The van was advertised on the businesses website. My husband had used the company in the past so thought they were reliable. He called to confirm the van was still available and went over to look at it. He did all the usual checks with the salesman on the van etc and they offered him money for his old van to part exchange and bring the price of the van he wanted down. He agreed and was taken into the sales office where they filled what they call a Vehicle order form. This states the vehicle he was buying's details. It has Business to Business written on it and
  9. Thanks for the information. It was bought under my husband's gardening business as the company say they only sell to trade. He paid cash for the van. Are the rights different for buying as a business?
  10. My husband bought a van on Friday from a trade place. Within 5 miles the van broke down, he got the engine started and drove another couple of miles then broke down again. At this point he called the company he bought it from but was told it was 6 o'clock and they were closing for the day he would need to call again in the morning. 4 hours later he got home towed by the RAC. They diagnosed the head gasket had gone. Saturday we drove to the garage in our car thinking a face to face conversation would be better than over the phone. When the manager got there we was told that they wer
  11. Hello, I was wondering if I could get some advice. My husband is getting letter from the lovely MacKenzie hall chasing a debt of £321.06. He hasn't had a phone from carphone warehouse since at least 2006 and this debt does not show on his credit file either. Are they able to chase this? Should we ignore them? Would a statute barred letter apply to them if we sent one?
  12. I was wondering if you lovely people could help me. My husband has a debt with Welcome for a secured loan on his credit file. It's now being chased by MKRR so far only on the telephone. His credit file shows the last time he paid the account was 55 months ago and that payment was not made by him that was from the sale of the house. The have never put the as defaulted just just always shows as 6 payments late on his credit file. He was wondering what his next move should be really?
  13. Hi,I am looking to set up a really basic account for a new support group that I am setting up. It is a non profit group.I have bad credit in my own name and have been turned down to open a club account with Lloyds TSB who are my own bank. Has anyone got any ideas where I can go now as Lloyds TSB said that they can't help me. I need to get the account set up as soon as possible really.Thank you!
  14. I am wondering if anyone can give me some advice. I placed an order online on 30th November for a new TV bracket. The website states that it offers Next Day delivery which is the reason that I ordered from them. The goods were ordered on my Visa Debit Card. The 1st December I got a despatch notification from the company so I thought it would be with me the next day. The day after the bracket did not order I thought this was perhaps because of the snow so I left it for a few days. The 7th December I called the number on the website and eventually spoke to someone who told me t
  15. It is a desktop. Thank you for your help Andydd.
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