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  1. Hello Cagers, It is sometime since I have had to request the collective wisdom of this great site, but I find myself in a peculiar position and would be grateful for your advice. Some 9 years ago I was taken to the Small Claims Court by HSBC who were claiming repayment of £4,000 overdraft which they claimed was owed to them. I decided to defend this case myself as £3000 of this amount was made up of excessive charges, £1000 only was in my opinion genuinely owed by myself. When we got into court the Judge stated that she had read our depositions and asked if t
  2. Hi BankFodder and renegadeimp Thank you for your prompt replies. I am pleased to inform you that by escalating the request Amazon have agreed to a full refund. One of my problems was finding someone in the customer care team prepared to take my request up the line. I ended up with two people dealing with the problem, one really trying to help, the other being a company policy protector. With regard to the length of time to raise the issue, delivery was scheduled for 23rd August and this item was not shown until I received my credit card statement in early October. A message was
  3. High Fellow Caggers, Please could you give me some advice. In August 18, I placed an order for a new chainsaw with Amazon and requiring it fairly immediately, I accepted their kind offer of a prime trial, believing that I would be entitled to next day delivery. In the event I received an email from Amazon stating that the chainsaw would be delivered on the day after the expected day of delivery. My partner and myself waited at our home all that day, no delivery was made. In view of non delivery and anxious to make the best of August Bank Holiday weather, I rang the importers of
  4. I think we have probably exhausted this thread. Still not received a bill since last year at this property we are now in August the bill for water at the comparison property this year water only was £42 and I live in it. Would moderator please close this thread. Carningli
  5. Hi fkofilee, No there was no specific reference to CRAs within the order but the account was formally in dispute with HSBC and a LBA had been sent to HSBC. They also held collateral to cover this overdraft and my wife had HSBC Personal Banking. There was no danger of HSBC losing money in this situation. They were just determined to be as awkward as possible. Carningli
  6. Can someone please enlighten me? At the time of the issue of the Supreme Court judgement on Bank Charges I had a claim for excessive and unfair Bank Charges lodged with HSBC. Almost as soon as the judgement was made public HSBC wrote to me stating the charges were part of their core business and that they were rejecting my claim. At the time there had been no challenge to the judgement and not knowing what to do , I froze the accounts and moved to another bank. HSBC duly instructed DG (Solrs) in house collection agents to obtain a Court Judgement. I
  7. Thank you Silver Fox, I am following your advice. This organisation is showing all the signs of being in financial trouble and attempting to improve its cash flow at the expense of its customers. Caveat emptor. Carningli
  8. Six months ago I transferred my electricity account to a relatively new supplier in the UK Extra Energy. I understand this company has German parents. I have been trying to get a bill from them for the past two months to no avail. When contacted by telephone nothing is resolved not even a change of e-mail address. They are charging me by way of Direct Debit over double that charged by my previous supplier Npower, who are not renowned for their competiveness. I told them by e-mail that if I did not have a bill within 3 working days I would cancal my Direct Debit.
  9. Water Company's would not appear to have a duty of care.To the extent that even Trading Standards will not become involved in water disputes because they have no competition. The only thing they worry about is bad publicity which threatens their image and most of their generous actions are prompted from the requirement to keep their noses clean. All they are interested in is billing you for what they claim goes through your meter accurate or otherwise. If you need support in making a claim against a Water Company for some reason, reasonably out of your control make contact with the Wa
  10. I have for the past 7 years or thereabouts been doing exactly as suggested keeping a record of weekly usage shown and periods when absent from the property. When absent no consumption is registered on the meter. I have asked for the Water Company's advice and their attitude is very much to claim that the meter is reading accurately and that I have a leak on my side of the meter! The best is a toilet cistern, which is not flowing out of the overflow system but is due to it's symphonic action losing an amount of water during filling of the cistern after flushing. When I asked them for an estima
  11. I am sorry that nobody has responded to your query. I have only just read it. My wife was a premier account holder and we ended up very disappointed with HSBC's services and losing a lot of investment money. My advice would be to steer clear of Premier Banking, their advice to her was extremely poor and relatively expensive and premier managers were constantly changing. In essence I formed the opinion that HSBC was only interested in HSBC. Carningli
  12. Hi all, Thanks for your interest and suggestions. As I previously intimated, I have always felt it would be impracticable to accurately by means of draw off to measure a large quantity of water eg: 100 ltrs or so. The meter is about 11 years old and does not have a rotating spiral indicator, to show when water is flowing through it. I would be particularly interested to hear how Suzie Surf Girl resolved her similar problem. If I can prove, which I am unable to do at the present time, that the meter is over recording, I would expect it to be replaced free of charge. Carningli
  13. Many thanks to all who have kindly responded. A tap test would require measuring very accurately water drawn off in the house, I would imagine that the meter records cubic metres passing through the meter. Surely to do this one would require a calibrated receptacle capable of holding such a large amount of water, is this practicable? Water leaking at the meter would under record not over. Carningli
  14. Yes both properties are within the same water board area and basically the comparison is like with like, I am fortunate in knowing what the consumption figures should be and they are agreed by the Welsh Water Council, frankly they just do not add up. Volume is what I am trying to establish, but of course cost is involved too.
  15. Hi Caro, Many thanks for your response. To answer your question the term "over metering" is used to indicate that the meter is registering more consumption than is actually used. To cut a long story short, I own the property concerned and lived in it for some 10 years with my wife. Over that period I always considered the water bills to be high. Some three years ago we moved to our second home permanently and the property since has been occupied solely by a member of the family in her seventies. my wife and I consume the same amount of water as previously but our bills are 25%
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