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Found 4 results

  1. I am very worried In October my partner was dismissed gross misconduct. He was accused of company theft stealing a large amount of money (he worked for Sainsburys) he was investigated by his employer numerous interviews with a witness in the room taking notes. CCTV was shown of him attending to his duties this is the point where he was accused of stealing (May I add he did not do what was accused) Eventually it was determined that they had to dismiss with immediate action gross misconduct. At the time of dismissal they stated that police would be involved. No police have been in contact with my partner since his dismissal in October. A couple of weeks ago he received a phone call from DWF the lady gave her name and reason for calling was to notify him of a debt collection for the sum of £1400 she said his employer had contacted them to recover the money. She even asked my partner on the phone if he did actually commit the theft which I think is extremely unprofessional and wrong. Are they actually allowed to ask such a question to him over the phone? He of course denied it as he did not commit the theft. She stated that a police officer had been involved with the investigation which is completely false, he told her this. We still have all his notes taking during the investigation with employer. No mention of police officer in the notes my partner has never met said police officer. At this point she became confused didn't know what to say. She said that she would have to call his employer to speak as things weren't adding up. She then added that he should expect a letter in the immediate future. It's been about 3 weeks since this phone call and still no letter. I have been worried to death it's been a hard time (Christmas) I have two children as well. I am frightened to death of bailiffs turning up at my address. Do you think we should contact the lady who called from DWF, still have her number. Any advice, guidance appreciated.
  2. Hi to all who read this. This is my first post, prompted by yet another day of hassle from HSBC. Some 6 yrs ago, I opened 3 accounts, Business, Joint and Personal. All had small overdraft facilities. Within the last 3 years the Business and Joint accounts always in credit had, with no reason given their facilities withdrawn also my wifes credit card which she had never used. My personal account has varied from £20,00 credit to £2,200 in debit, facility lmit £1,500. Latterly the limit has been exceeded fairly regularly. Inevitably charges and interest have been applied. I have sought meetings with Branch managers, been continually fobbed off, appointments made on bank holidays and on two occasions, people who stated they were the wrong people to see. I then decided on a letter only policy, my letters being passed on to Customer Service staff for reply. My questions are not answered and I am asked for duplicate information. All the time I am issued with threats. When the overdraft was cancelled on the joint account, I was forced to replace it with a Flexi Loan. Today went to check my SO and DD list on internet banking only to find that all my SOs and DDs had been cancelled by HSBC, without anyone having the decency to tell me!. I have not as yet taken any action regarding Interest and Charges, they must be considerable and I am using the Advanced Spreadsheet. Could any of your members advise me as to what I should now do?.
  3. Hi there, I'm a company director (no shares), and discovered late last year that the MD and majority shareholder were committing fraud (fraudulent invoices from ghost employees, tax evasion) for financial gain. Over teh Christmas break I grabbed all the books and now have concrete evidence. I have notified the police who advised me to call the HMRC hotline - this was done back on 29/12/14 and I'm still waiting to hear back from them. Returning to work on Jan 5th, I confronted the MD and shareholder, and they put me on garden leave. A letter from their solicitor the following day confirmed this pending an investigation into believed gross misconduct (this is totally fabricated). The company is very small - a total of 4 employees including myself - and I'm still on garden leave, with the last solicitor's letter saying they should be ready for the disciplinary hearing in about 3 weeks. Is this acceptable or should I be getting my solicitor to gee them up a bit, maybe starting an employment tribunal process? This company has been running for 3 years, the previous company (same customers and service) for 20 years - I have been an employee for that long. As I'm now 46, I feel the chances of me getting back into this trade are getting less and less as time goes on. Any advice is appreciated.
  4. Surely if a card account is closed,then there should be no way CPP could request further fees ? It is not clear from the report exactly who was at fault,but it raises lots of questions. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/saving/article-2198244/Will-victim-NatWest-customer-meltdown.html
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