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  1. There is no defence. The balance is on the account as stated. The issue revolves around Source Of Funds. You will have to trust me on this part but I work in gaming in a Senior Roll of a larger competitor. They do not need source of funds as I am winning £15k from them. I refused to send them a copy of my contract which they asked for to support my spending. This isnt applicable as my first deposit was £100 and I am infront with them ever since. If they did defend, I would apply for a summary judgement as like I said, there is no defence.
  2. No, my balance was just over £10k so to keep it in small claims i claimed for £9000 and said I would keep the other £1000 in my account for when it was reopened. I knew that they would close the account anyway What are your thoughts on the confidentiality element?
  3. Draf Agreement.pdf Redacted N1.pdf
  4. Evening BF As of yet they haven't filed a defence as commented that they haven't even acknowledged the claim In regards the claim, as I have made an offer of a fee for confidentiality, can I share it in advance?
  5. Just looking and hoping someone could dot the "i"s and cross the "T"s for me on something I raised a claim against someone for £9k They have been in touch via their solicitor with the usual we don't admit liability etc etc but will settle for the amount. I agreed and they said they would send over a Settlement Agreement Now they have BUT they want me to file a notice of discontinuance BEFORE they pay me PLUS they want a confidentiality agreement. I have said I want payment before I file the NOD but I have also said if you want confidentiality then there will be a £1500 premium f
  6. Hi My BIL has received a letter today from a HCEO for £933.33 after all fees added. He googled and found that if you paid the creditor direct the amount of the qrit plus interest, then the Compliance Fee isnt enforceable. He is in a position to pay so would like to save the £90 Thanks
  7. Hi i have just had a heated conversation with a HCEO company. I asked them for a VAT receipt for the Compliance element of the debt (£15). They said, we dont have to provide one as it would be offering you a discount. I did lose the plot and ask to speak to the one who had the brain cell for the day which didnt help but Article 13 of the VAT Regulations 1995 (SI 1995/2518) a VAT registered business is required to supply a proper VAT invoice when requested to do so by a VAT registered customer. So am I entitle to ask for the receipt? Thanks
  8. Had email from council confirming that the £235 has been removed from my account and that the £250 per month was acceptable.
  9. Hi and again thank for your reply I work abroad alot in my job. When I get home and if my son hasnt opened it, there will be a pile of mail for me to read. I do not recall seeing anything about the LO BUT that is not to say it hasnt been sent. It will probably have got misplaced at home. I emailed Rossendales to set up a payment arrangement as I was in India and it would have cost more than the amount to call Re the Telephone number: " Maybe if they wanted people to ring them they should put telephone? " What I meant by this was that if they wanted the method of
  10. Hi I genuinely have not received this BUT I am not saying that it hasnt been sent as I am sure it will have been. As i said, my son has the same name as me and I am sure if he had seen one of these, he will have let me know as he did when he opened the second letter.
  11. Thanks for all the replies. @dodgeball It did say such, and the offer I made WOULD have been acceptable, the lady I spoke too said that Council Tax debts they allow 6 months to pay. Its only because it has now gone to the Enforcement Agent who now wont accept anything other than full payment. @london1971, I have emailed the head of the council, my three Councillors for my region and my MP. Is there a time period in law that they have to wait from first to second visit? Regards
  12. Query here I received a letter from Rossendales saying that I owed 1500 and to contact them or a Enforcement Agent will call. This was was dated 12/08/2019 ut arrived on the 14th August 2019 I emailed them on 20th Aug as I wasn't in the country and my son has the same name as me and he opened the letter and told me. I emailed offered £250 per month to be cleared before the next tax year. The letter said If I did not contact them, more fees would be applied once the bailiff had visited. I did contact them via email before he attended Today, I have received a visit where the bailiff sai
  13. Get a chair, this could be a long one I own a pub. We are next door to a beauty salon and the owner lives above. We have been having problems with our drains for some time now to the point yesterday, we had a CCTV scan and they thought the drains were collapsed £300 So today, we have had someone out to find the collapse. They have dug 4 holes in the pub (The pub closed for the day due to H&S and the smell). They started at about noon and I have just been told, that the drains hadnt collapsed but they were blocked ram solid with baby wipes. And I mean approx 2ft of them
  14. Sorry for the delay in replying The £2500 is simply "His Drink" as he puts it. It has to be paid in cash and no receipt is given. Its 100% a tax dodge.
  15. Sorry Andy, I might not be explaining my point well or I dont understand you. Probably a bit of both My point is this. If I continue on, the lease expires in three years. The new buyers want to carry that on, for the 3 year remaining. They are prepared to take it on in all its terms as we were under so he is in no worse a position as what he is now. He wont allow them to do this. He will ONLY allow it if they take a new lease, of 5 years a fresh AND pay £2500 on top of the rent which is payable. This is £1250 per year for the extra 2 years on top of the 3 I have remaining I bel
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