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  1. Just a quick update The money has been sent to my dad's account. Thank you so much for all your help!
  2. I will now send them the bank details and wait for the money to go into the account. My dad is still in hospital but hopefully someone will take him a computer so that he can check his account on line. I am so pleased with this outcome! My dad wanted to throw in the towel on numerous occasions, because it was extremely frustrating using their on line chat. It seemed like the employees were reading from a script. I'm glad I didn't let him give up. I hope it encourages other people to stick up for themselves and not let these awful companies take advantage. I would
  3. quick update: wonderful news... Good Afternoon Ashley, I am contacting you regarding the above Court proceedings. Firstly, please allow me to apologise for the problems caused when using our services. I would like to settle this for the full amount on the Court Papers which is £126.16. In order to settle the said amount can you please provide me with your sort code and account number, I will then set up a manual payment with our accounts department. Once the payment has been received can you then file a notice with the Court that this matter has been settle
  4. There was only one phone conversation the rest of the communication was in the form of emails
  5. so this means they intend to defend the claim... unbelievable
  6. quick update: parcels2go filed an acknowledgment of service on 14/05/2018 at 16:02:13 what do we do now?
  7. quick update : have checked money claim nothing happening so far. Claim status: issued
  8. Hi there I do not know if anyone came to pick up the parcel.My Dad fell over and is in hospital at the moment. I spoke to him on the phone,but i didn't ask him about the parcel because he was high on morphine and wasn't making much sense. As soon as i can i will find out.
  9. Dear Bankfodder, P2go sent this email, dated the 10th of may must have come though after the trouble with his internet connection was fixed. My dad says he did not participate in any chat Why are they doing this ?? Does he still have a case? Thank you for your email. Firstly, please allow me to apologise for the inconvenience caused to you and your recipient. We would be unable to open this claim again Ashley. You were advised on chat to not hand over the package to a Hermes driver. Please below; Yes, for tomorrow. Incase Hermes do not
  10. As I said my father is having problems with his phone and internet provider the lines are down. I am afraid I just have to wait until he contacts me .
  11. Sorry Bankfodder I live in Italy and we have just had a very long holiday because the 25th is Liberation day and the 1st of May Workers /labour Day so I haven't been near the computer... just enjoying the free time . I certainly didn't mean to offend you and I am most grateful for your time and help.
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