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  1. Can insurers take the excess twice for the 1 claim? I have queried a settled claim and the insurers have decided to pay me a 2nd payment but deducted the excess again. I thought they could only take it once.
  2. On the 19/04 I transfered the above amount from my barclays currant acc to a building Soc in my name. The site was running VERY slow and I pressed send but nothing happened so I pressed again and then a message came on screen not to press again. I then found out that 2 withdrawels had been made instead of 1. I contacted my Build Soc who confirmed they only received 1 payment, so I mailed Barclays who are just fobbing me off and saying to contact the payee (who is me) despite telling them numerous times that I was the payee etc they still fob me off saying they cannot do anything al
  3. Received 2 NIPs from different police forces after being caught by speed cameras, one in one force area, the 2nd in another force area. Was continuing a journey on the same motorway in the middle of the night, temp roadworks - unmanned - speed not excessive but over the limit, but each one was within the speed thresholds. One force offered me a speed awareness course, but the other refused and instead issued me with the more severe *Conditional Offer Of Fixed Penalty*, i.e. £100 fine plus 3 points. I did the course, cost me £76. I contend that the other force should not have issued m
  4. Dear all, I have parked on 30th of March 2017 in Napier Parking in Milton Keynes and after carrying out the first transaction I saw no ticket coming out of the machine to display on my dashboard. Straight away and to make sure I paid, I made a second attempt and to my surprise I received two tickets, which means I have been charged twice. I didn't hesitate to e-mail Napier parking with pictures of my tickets and all I have received as a response is that it was my fault for not looking properly for the first ticket as according to them the machine was working perfectly, an
  5. Hi All, im looking for advice. On Monday 13th March a bailiff came to my door saying he had a warrant to enter and search my home with the intention of removing goods. I asked him why and was told that my son had an outstanding court fine for running a red light last summer some time and that it had not been paid so he was here to collect the debt in full or recover goods to the value of. He said he had a locksmith, removals van and the police on route but if I let him in peacefully and paid the outstanding amount he could cancel the police and locksmiths presence
  6. Summary : I had been to a Car park which is adjacent to Rail station to drop by wife. There were road construction, and for safety reason I decided to pull the car into a Car park, and left the site in less than a minute. Exactly, at the same time, I been again to the car park, and left the site in less than a minute. The Car park has issued a Parking charge notice by picking up images of entry on day1 and exit on day2, claiming that my car was parked for 23 hours and 59 minutes and did not pay the parking charges. Parking Charge Notice issued by private car park accordanc
  7. I've got a situation with an old debt that is now effectively on my credit report twice. The original debt was £50. The DCA have increased it to £200. But the weird thing is that there are two entries on my credit file for the same debt. One marked as closed and one open. Is there anything I can do about this as it kinda looks to any new creditors like the 2nd entry is a 'new' debt, which it isn't. The DCA is shown as "Debt Managers".
  8. THOUSANDS of British Gas customers may have had direct debit payments taken twice following an IT glitch. British Gas told The Sun online that less than 1 per cent of customers were affected by the problem. It supplies gas and electricity to over 14million homes, meaning some 140,000 customers could be affected by the fault . A British Gas spokesperson confirmed that a “small proportion” of customers have had direct debit payments twice and that any money taken in error would be refunded. https://www.thesun.co.uk/living/2262624/british-gas-takes-direct-debit-payments-twice-
  9. I recently received a Vanquis credit card, to help build up my credit, & also to help out during Christmas. My minimum payment was due today(28/11/16), I have already paid Vanquis twice. Once on the 10th of November & again on the 23rd of November. A refund of £28 was also paid on the 24th of November. I don't understand why they have tried to take money from my bank account, when I have already paid them twice in one month. I was told that I can make early payments, & I am aware that I have set up a direct debit for Vanquis. They have tried to ta
  10. Hi all, At the beginning of this month my partner and I took out a policy for both our vehicles (Multi car policy). Partner's van is insured with another company and that runs out on the 14th of this month. He phoned to tell them not to renew it as we are insuring elsewhere. The reason we did this is because my insurance ran out and so we decided to shop around and we found it cheaper to insure on a multicar policy together. I'm now wondering if it's legal to have the same vehicle insured by two companies? As the van is technically still insured until the 14th of this mo
  11. Hello all, We have submitted a defence and then received the DQ. This was returned to us as invalid due to my partner filling it in and asking me to deal with it on her behalf. We have resubmitted another one and they have rejected this as the surname is different to the claimant. We are married now so my wife is using her current name, they wont accept it as the claim in in her maiden name. Can they do this? I feel like they are doing it on purpose because now we are over the 14 day limit to have the DQ filed.
  12. A week ago I ordered a new Bosh washer from AO with next day delivery. From the first use it was obvious that something was wrong with it , it was making a very loud and not normal sound every time the drum was turning. I contacted them and they said I had to contact Bosh and use the guarantee to get an engineer to visit . At no point accepted themselves any responsibility as a retailer. The engineer confirmed straight away that there was a fault so I got a replacement. AGAIN from the first use there is the same and even louder noise. AO refuses to refund /replace without an engineer to visit
  13. Hi there looking for an answer to a thing that's bugging me slighrly I last claimed JSA from April to September last year when I was made redundant. I picked up some contract work for a few months then in the new year decided to take some time out to work on some private projects. I made a new claim online for JSA recently and received a letter yesterday saying I was eligible for payments until October. Slightly surprised as I've read you only get 6 months maximum for two years of ni contributions. Job centre lady more or less told me not to question it when I went f
  14. I applied to Littlewoods Catalogue via an application form way back in the 1990's. Although I have just a small debt of £160, this is now included in an IVA. The IVA has been enforced since June 2012; I've had no contact with Littlewoods since the IVA was granted. I wish to seek under I believe a section 75 request to see if there is any actual credit agreement with the catalogue company. The debt is still listed with Littlewoods and does not appear to have been sold on. Can anyone please provide me with template letters? Thank you.
  15. My dad has received 2 parking charge notices through from Smart Parking, he's the registered keeper but I drive the car! I parked in a retail car park on two separate occasions both times it was at night, they've taken pictures of the car entering and leaving the car park, and they have charged me £50 on both tickets and after 14 days it will go up to £85. I need a bit of advice on what I should do? I thought about ignoring them but because I have 2 tickets would they be more inclined to take me to small claims court? or should we appeal and state that we are unsur
  16. Hi everyone. Ordered asda groceries as always, they didn't turn up yesterday. 40 minutes later I rang up they said they said it had been cancelled reasons unknown. They promised the local store would ring me back to try and squeeze it in that day, as payment had gone through. Checked online banking and confirmed they had taken payment. Didn't ring me so I rang them, they apologised, said they would send shopping tomorrow. Got shopping today, however they have taken money a second time. Delivery driver said loads of orders got cancelled yesterday for same reason. Ph
  17. Beauty products from the skin of executed Chinese prisoners http://www.theguardian.com/science/2005/sep/13/medicineandhealth.china
  18. Thousands of Co-op customers who used their cards in the retailer's stores on Tuesday may have been charged twice, the chain has said. A Co-operative spokesman said a "processing error" had affected its food stores and petrol stations. Those affected will have their money returned directly to their accounts within the next 24 hours, he said. The Co-op has apologised and promised to reimburse people who have incurred charges as a result of the error. Not everyone shopping on Tuesday with Co-op will have been affected and customers who used their credit or debit cards have be
  19. Hello everyone. My query is simple and I'm certain has been asked and answered on here at some point. My partner went through a very acrimonious divorce six years ago when her husband upped and left her with a house and four children to contend with and no money. She subsequently got a job and has just about kept her head above water. Her one issue credit wise was a Lloyds Bank overdraft, in joint names for which she was chased as the husband disappeared off the face of the earth! After a lot of correspondence, Lloyds closed the account and defaulted the balance. The bank char
  20. Hi all, having read multiple threads about Harlands over the past few months and finally thinking that my problem was resolved, I have today come to the end of my tether with these cowboys. I joined end of 2013 and cancelled my DD in January 2015 as I hadn't been going for months as the facility was rubbish. I had completed my 12 month contract and wrongly assumed that I could just cancel my DD. I then received a letter from Harlands in March 2015 claiming I owed my Jan/Feb direct debits at £12.99 each, plus the penalty fee of £25. I didn't agree with this but I paid it to get them offs
  21. Hi, I have been charged two lots of £9.99 for 4 months, I raised the issue with xercise4less in April and have emailed copies of my bank statements as proof, the problem is that it has been over a month and I still have not received any refund. Each time I call I am told it will take 5-7 days, then it will take 7-10 days etc etc. I've sent several emails via their contact page but I cannot find a contact number for their head office, does anybody have one? Or any ideas of what I can put in a letter to get them to pay up? Thanks
  22. The home page of auction website MadBid makes a series of stunning claims. One bidder snapped up a Fiat 500 for just £193. Another grabbed “a week in the sun” for a mere £3.28. A third is about to take delivery of a brand-new Mini One for the staggeringly low price of £6.83. But a Guardian Money investigation suggests that successful buyers can actually end up paying twice the price for goods available on conventional retail sites, while the far more numerous unsuccessful bidders face losing £28 or more each. We also found evidence to suggest that the company, ultimately bas
  23. The home page of auction website MadBid makes a series of stunning claims. One bidder snapped up a Fiat 500 for just £193. Another grabbed “a week in the sun” for a mere £3.28. A third is about to take delivery of a brand-new Mini One for the staggeringly low price of £6.83. But a Guardian Money investigation suggests that successful buyers can actually end up paying twice the price for goods available on conventional retail sites, while the far more numerous unsuccessful bidders face losing £28 or more each. We also found evidence to suggest that the company, ultimately bas
  24. I have noticed for the last few months, one debt appears twice on my credit report, with two companies - Nationwide and MKDP - both applying monthly defaults. A screenshot is attached. I am guessing that Nationwide sold the debt onto MKDP. However, if MKDP are listing a default date of 8 January 2009 (when it was sold on?), why would Nationwide then state a default date of 3 August 2009? Furthermore, if the debt is indeed owned by MKDP, then why does Nationwide continue to apply monthly defaults? Also, having read another thread on here regardin
  25. Hi, in 2012 i defaulted on my barclaycard credit card, just over £3k, this resulted in said default on my account. Being naive, i buried my head in the sand and ignored it, today, digging my head out the sand, ive decided to clear up my debt, on checking my report, i see my debt was sold to a company called MKDP LLP, who have also added a default onto my account for the exact same debt?! Can they do this? Thanks for any help.
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