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  1. Sure Eric! Thanks once again for your prompt reply. Well I don't hold the season ticket. I been to the site to drop my wife. I've the copy of the payment tickets issued by the ticketing machine through a credit card for both the days. however, the print isn't clear, time is not visible, but date is visible though. After dropping my wife, I went to school to drop my son, then to Tesco fuel station in hayes (paid for the fuel through the credit card) and then to work in my car. There is a CCTV where they hold recordings for last 28 days only, so I do not hav
  2. Thank you very much Eric for your reply, much appreciated! In the meantime, I've decided to share my story with media house whilst APCOA are preparing for their case. You mentioned that "we will suggest a response" in case it goes to court - I've already started to contact my bank for some transactions details on that day. Is there any reference you can point me to your suggestion - so that i can start collecting evidences based on the suggestion. Thank you once again!
  3. Yes, I agree that the defense is that the alleged breach didn't occur, but the problem is how a person can prove that the breach didn't agree. Since the notice was sent to me after 40 days, by that time the crucial evidence the CCTV image at my work place parking has been recycled after 28 days. I've spoken to Tesco Fuel station they also store images for CCTV, later any such request will require involvement of Police etc. Is it not there (APOC) responsibility to provide sufficient evidence to prove that what they are claiming is accurate? Also, since you raised a interesting poi
  4. Thank you dx for your reply. Just a clarification if you can help - Can they issue a notice based from ANPR system after 40 days of the incident? is it legal? because Popla has ignored all those points on the basis that I was the Driver and the operator does not have to rely on PoFA 2012 to transfer liability from the driver to the Registered Keeper. Therefore, I do not need to consider whether the operator has met the requirements of PoFA 2012. Finally, why are they reluctant to check the images? any idea what is their liability in terms how long should they hold t
  5. Summary : I had been to a Car park which is adjacent to Rail station to drop by wife. There were road construction, and for safety reason I decided to pull the car into a Car park, and left the site in less than a minute. Exactly, at the same time, I been again to the car park, and left the site in less than a minute. The Car park has issued a Parking charge notice by picking up images of entry on day1 and exit on day2, claiming that my car was parked for 23 hours and 59 minutes and did not pay the parking charges. Parking Charge Notice issued by private car park accordanc
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