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  1. I joined the Swansea branch during 2014 and am certain that I went down to the branch, filled out the cancellation forms and cancelled the membership before I left. I've only just now been going through my financial statements and it turns out even after 3 years Harlands are still charging me the £9.99 a month. I am trying at present to cancel my membership once again through the online cancellation form on the website of xercise 4 less; but I keep getting runtime error. There is no way for me that i can see to contact either group through emails. I also cannot login throug
  2. Hi, I received a text from CRC this morning stating they had sent me a letter a week earlier and to call them about it. From looking on the internet i released its Xercise 4 less related. i contacted Harlands who told me my direct debit was cancelled in late July (by my bank) so from then up to now i've not been paying any subs to the gym. I received an email from Harlands on 22nd July, saying: "Harlands administer the collection of all payments due under your agreement with Xercise 4 Less. Your bank have advised us that your July instalment has been returned unpaid "refer t
  3. Hi, I have a problem with Xercise 4 less due to me cancelling the dd after the 1st month. I didn't read the terms and conditions of it being a 12 month contract which resulted in them asking for £65 of admin fees. What do I know do as they want £300 and are threating to add more. I have cancelled the membership with the excuse of being redundant which is true since I'm 16.
  4. Hello everyone, I am new here. Sorry if this problem has already been discussed before, but would really want some advice on the matter. I've joined exercise for less on the 18th of September 2017, and I wanted to join for a month to test out the gym, so the personal trainer there at the time said that I can join and cancel on the same day so that the charge would only be taken for September, they charged me 40 pounds, 20 for admin and 20 for the month. The contract I am on is a rolling contract. although on the terms and condition states that I shouldn't cancel the DD, but I di
  5. Hi my son has similar problems with CRS and cancelled his direct debit payments after 14 monthly payments had been taken . Does anyone know if by leaving it a little bit late and not cancelling after 12 months is he now liable for another 12 months like a sort of rolling contract ? He doesn't have a copy of his membership to check the small print . At present they want approx £200 + with CRS' additional fees .
  6. Hi, Just looking for some advice before I decide to contact/ pay Harlands. I took out a 11 month membership with Xercise 4 Less gym last year but didn't really use it so decided to cancel. My SnapDDA membership email states: The following payments have been taken by direct debit: I have made my 11 monthly payments and am therefore outside of contract. I cancelled my direct debit. I realise I should have contacted Xercise 4 Less to cancel the membership BEFORE cancelling the Direct Debit. I then received a letter stating: I have since als
  7. Hi, Just wondered if anyone could give me any advice. Joined Xercise 4 Less Jan 2013 - on a 12 month contract. Didn't go very much - in fact I hadn't been since July 2013. Realised April 2014 that they were still taking £9.99 month and cancelled the direct debit - directly with my bank. Didn't realise the problems this would cause! I have today received a letter from Harlands claiming they sent me a letter on the 22 April 2014 asking me to pay £9.99 outstanding subscription and £9.99 cancellation period - plus now a £25 default fee - because I didn't
  8. Hi All, I am new to CAG, and I just lost the previous message I wrote So starting again, I read previous post about Xercise 4 less and their customer policy. Just like to say, what you are doing is amazing. Getting to my story: We (me and my boyfriend) signed for Xercise 4 less membership in August 2015, before they opened on 28th August 2015. We knew it was 12 month contract, so we kept it for a year, even we didn't use it much. But we wanted to cancel as soon as contract came to the end. We went to the gym on beginning of September to cancel our mem
  9. Hi, Ill try to keep it brief. I was a member of xercise for less Milton Keynes on a rolling contract paying £19.99 a month, never failed a payment but realised i wasn't using it, i called them up to ask what the cancellation policy was and they said cancel your DD, simple as that! I later got a letter from CRS saying i had not paid and there was a admin charges on there, i discovered i had to do it online which i immediately did, as i had no DD in place i called the gym explained what happened and that i wanted to pay my notice period. The girl their that answe
  10. Hi everyone, I missed a payment due to insufficient funds in my account on the 4th of December 2016 for £9.99. I have been reading a number of the threads in this forum detailing similar issues of having a £25 "administration fee" placed on top of that £9.99 I owe them for a total of £34.99 to come out of my account today. I have since contacted my bank and cancelled my direct debit with Harlands. I am happy to pay the £9.99 that I owe them, but I am not happy to pay a penalty charge of £25 (which I have read in other threads is unenforceable). I have cancelled my Xercise
  11. My son has a membership with this bunch, he tried to use the gym a month ago and was refused entry as he had apparently not completed a health questionnaire. He had never completed one in the preceeding 11 months. He completed one on his phone in front of the receptionist, but because her system was not 'real time' so it would not show up for a few hours, she would not let him in. He told her that he wanted to cancel hi membership as it was over 12 months, and than cancelled his DD with his bank. Today, a month on, he received the famous Harlands letter asking for £
  12. Hi, I have read allot of threads and can see how bad this company is. I signed up to the Xercise 4 Less Burnley gym online 14/01/17 I didn't have any money in my bank on the 28th as i get paid last working day of the month (2 days short) "Your first payment will be collected on or just after 28 January 2017 for an amount of £9.99 which consists of a joining fee of £0.00 and the first monthly payment of £9.99." I accept that I will have to pay the £25 admin charge + £9.99 even if I haven't even been at the gym 1 month yet! With this type of gym and now seeing what t
  13. I signed up for a year membership @9.99 and have had membership for well over that time. I cancelled my direct debit now they are trying to charge me 25.99 and now another 25.99. because i never cancelled through their website. Can you advise me what to do next. Thanks Scott
  14. Hello. I do not know how I should proceed - I am quite worried as I am in the process of wanting to purchase my first home and cannot afford to have silly companies like the ones above impose court junctions against my name / affect my credit rating... Around May 2015, I had the usual nonsense posted on here that Xercise4Less wished to claim £126 from me, for "prematurely" cancelling a DD with no notice. So in result, they sent the Zinc hounds after me, to which after A LOT of harrassment, they accepted all the proof i provided to them and closed my account. This
  15. Hey guys I was at the Xercise4less gym in Bradford on a 14.99 rolling contract i signed up for it on 8/10/2015 and the last direct debit to leave my account was on 7/4/16 I cancelled the direct debit and thought that was it - which is what i had been told by a staff member but evidently this wasn't true. Since then i have been receiving letters for £222 from harlands, moving to CRS and now finally SprattEndicott who are considering legal action. Funnily enough out of sheer laziness i only ever used the gym in the first two months and paid 5 Months of gym membership
  16. My daughter cancelled her membership by sending a letter to her X4Less Gym, then cancelled her DD a month later. She recently received the Standard Harland's letter saying she owed a month's membership with their standard threats of Admin fees. She was outwith the main contract period. We wrote back to them, after looking at advice on this site, and told them she had cancelled and we wouldn't accept any fees. We enclosed a copy of the cancellation letter. Today we received a reply from Harland's, their reply was: "We can advise the Xercise for Less do not deal
  17. Hiya, I would really appreciate some advice on my specific situation. I have been a member of x4less since may 2015 and have paid my membership by direct debit with no problems until my latest payment (may 2016) I didn't leave enough money in my bank account and the direct debit bounced. My bad . Yesterday I received a letter from Harlands saying they are going to take £9.99 (instalment amount) and £25.00 (admin fee) on 2nd June. I have been reading through the forums and know that these admin fees are not enforceable. What is the best way to go now? I am think
  18. Hello, I'm wondering if anyone could help with this problem I have.. I'll start from how I first got to know about it, literally just as I walk in the house as I return from work and hour ago to a letter on the floor, There is more below about the options I assume you dont need to see that part but I can write the letter in full if needed. Now for the information behind the letter. . I signed up to Xercise for less in mid-2013 I believe, I stopped going after Christmas of 2013 but continued to pay ( dumb, I know.). l left a letter saying I w
  19. Hi All (hopefully Slick too) I have been reading the forum in regard to my dealings with Harlands and Xercise for less and want to clarify the advice for my situation. I operated a joint bank account with my partner for some time and we both signed up to Xercise for less Glasgow in August 2014 with what I believe to be a 12 month £9.99 membership plan. To cut a long story short, my partner and I separated and the direct debit was cancelled as part of shutting the bank account down in February 2016 which has resulted in all the usual letters that have been documented and now con
  20. Hi, I have been receiving letters for month now telling me I owe £222.47 to Harlands. I have been reading here that I should ignore the letters. I signed up at the gym for 14.99/month via direct debit. I went once and cancelled the gym membership a few months after by cancelling the direct debit. This was around two years ago. I'm sick of getting these letters, I have just walked into the one from Spratt Endicott telling me that failure to reply to this notice within 7 days may result in legal proceedings to recover the above balance unless you contact us to discuss your repay
  21. Hi everyone! I have read previous threads in this forum, but have began panicking and would much appreciate personal help! Long story short, my direct debit of £9.99 bounced on the 5th of August due to lack of funds, and I fully admit responsibility. I was on holiday until Tuesday, and returned to a letter dated 6th August saying that the £9.99 plus £25 admin charge will be taken from my account on the 16th, and will not be able to stop after the 14th (tomorrow). I emailed the company on Tuesday (after reading threads advising to stay off the phone) however h
  22. Hello! My first post to the page! Iv'e seen many things posted about Xercise 4 less and CRS (Credit Resoloution Services) so i hope you can help me out. First of all it started with a text message on the 10th of December saying 'Please call CRS urgently on 01444449165 as we need to speak to you today. Thank you. ' i originally thought nothing of this, i just thought it was a spam message and quickly forgot about it and went on about life. It wasn't until the 18th December that i recieved a letter from CRS saying 'we regret that despite our attempts to reach an am
  23. Hi, I desperately need some advice on how to deal with two letters I have received from CRS over the last month. I joined Exercise 4 Less during my time at University on a rolling contact of £14.99 per month. I left Hull in August 2014 to move back home after completing my degree, I didn't until November 2014 realise I had forgot to cancel my gym membership, after phoning up to try and cancel my membership over the telephone they informed me I would have to send in a cancellation form. I received the cancellation form at 15:17 on the 3rd of November 2014, which I printed off,
  24. Hi everybody, I'm new to this forum - spent a lot of time reading other threads on the issue of Xercise 4 Less/Harlands/CRS last night and now feel a bit more informed than I did previously! But I would like some help to see if I have a leg to stand on here before I go into battle! I moved to Scotland in April, and subsequently joined the local Xercise 4 Less gym on the 27th on a 12 month contract at 14.99 per month. When joining, I also paid a £20.00 joining fee - taking my first total payment to £34.99. I find it important to state now that I NEVER set foot in the gym after joinin
  25. oh dear I have received the same letter as kjm987. Having read the thread I am not looking forward to communications with Harlands. It has however been ver helpful to read this before I emailed them so thanks to all who posted. I have sent an email and will see if I get a response. I too missed a payment on 26/10/15 and they now say they will take £9.99 plus £25 admin fee on 6/11/15. I am cancelling my direct debit as I am on income support and really cannot afford such charges.
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