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  1. OK so I can just ignore all letters and phone calls. Any estimates on how long it will take for them to give up?
  2. Hello there guys, more news. So after going at it with the bank, I finally got the return on money. I also only reclaimed the total less 1 month to allow for the extra month's worth cancellation. The returned money has not been taken back out in around 2 months, however im still waiting on confirmation that it is in fact staying with me; in the meantime I'm just not touching it until then. The direct debit has also been cancelled. I am now receiving messages from CRS, but ignoring them. What's the next step? I remember reading about some sort of letter?
  3. Reporting back; Requested a refund for my directdebit, due to it going unnoticed for more than 12 months, the bank has not done so yet and has requested for me to call its helpline and to explain the situation to them before any action can be taken. In regards to any responses from Harlands; ive only received the obligatory threat of the admin charge for £25 for 7th of april. From previous threats I'm lead to believe is impossible to enforce? I believe in other posts of this nature there was also a letter that had to be sent off to Harlands as a means of cancelling the direct debit for their records? Thanks for the help so far guys.
  4. Hello and thanks for the reply; Yes I'm a total idiot when it comes to checking statements, after a few years i became physically afraid of opening any posts out of irrational anxiety - fixing that has not been fun. Since my post earlier I emailed with the branch manager - my account for some reason has been listed as "rolling" despite me as far as my memory is concerned - ever taking another foot in there. Yet my account on the portal can't be accessed and lists me as having no details. So evidently they've cancelled, deleted or blocked my account on there - assuming a rolling account still has access to it (though it in theory should? ) Furthermore I received a request from the manager to receive a notification email that i should have received upon cancelling my account - but that also did not occur. Bottom line is I don't have any proof that I cancelled my account and have not since returned. This leads me to worry that if I do reclaim the money back that I am owed through HSBC; then Harlands / xercise4less can appeal it against me - saying that I'm lying. Is this possible? Do they have a legal ground of which to take this on with? thanks
  5. Again, sorry to be so stubborn / unsure - but is it really that simple? I've really got no experience with these sort of financial things.
  6. Apologies, it is in my nature to read into all the details and worry about them. My worry is that if due to xercise 4 less' incompetence that they cancelled my account but didn't cancel the DD mandate; then should I still go into HSBC, cancel the DD directly by hand and then still request my money back? If this is correct then how do I go about asking HSBC for my money back - do I lodge a formal complaint directly, or do I speak to a branch manager - and if so what do I tell him apart from the scenario I'm in. Thanks for the prompt replies.
  7. After further reading I don't think it will be that simple. I've just been reading about their cancellation policy prior to late 2015 - and I flat out assume that my cancellation paperwork will have not found its way into being cancelled. I am unable to login to the member portal to see my account details to provide any proof otherwise. I am also unable to cancel it electronically. So I'm not sure that HSBC will actually even accept my complaint. NOTE: Due to me thinking I had correctly cancelled my membership I did not check my statements after and in turn have not even managed to cancel the DD through my bank; because I simply don't know what things would happen due to that. Any complete guidance is greatly appreciated on what to do next.
  8. I joined the Swansea branch during 2014 and am certain that I went down to the branch, filled out the cancellation forms and cancelled the membership before I left. I've only just now been going through my financial statements and it turns out even after 3 years Harlands are still charging me the £9.99 a month. I am trying at present to cancel my membership once again through the online cancellation form on the website of xercise 4 less; but I keep getting runtime error. There is no way for me that i can see to contact either group through emails. I also cannot login through the onsite portal to see my profile; as although my email address is correct; it still says I have no details relating to that email address. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I would love to get my money back considering I already cancelled but if I just did something wrong and had to cancel harlands payments through direct debit itself then fine - ill write it off as money lost. Just would love to get rid of them.
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